[MECH] WorldBorder v1.7.2 - feature-rich world size limiting plugin [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Brettflan, Apr 4, 2011.

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    The only time WorldBorder has anything to do with chunk generation is when it's running the fill process, and at that time it uses Bukkit's built-in methods to load and generate chunks. So, it's not causing your problem.

    Release v1.5.2

    • Compatibility with upcoming CB 1.1-R5 and above: removed legacy Configuration code.
    • Improved "whoosh" knockback effects; use /wb whoosh <on|off> to enable/disable the effect, and try crossing the border to see it in action.

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    I would like to move from BorderGuard (Pretty old one but works) to WorldBorder.

    I have a question: The radius I will set in WorldBorder will the same size as I used in BorderGuard ?
    I mean if I use the same number (radius) from BorderGuard as in WorldBorder. Will the size of border remain ?
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    Would you happen to know why all 4 of my worlds show as the exact same percentage (98%) loaded, with the exact same number of chunks left to process whenever I run the command?

    Sometimes I'll get a "Too many files open!" error and crash, too. Any ideas?
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    The way BorderGuard and WorldBorder handle radius is indeed the same.

    That means two things:
    1. Your OS isn't allowing Java to keep very many files open.
    2. I really need to be more zealous in ensuring that all region files are properly closed after reading from them. That should be handled better in the next release.
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    Thanks. What about each world, when using the fill command, showing as 98% filled (when I know for a fact they are wayyy less). Any ideas?
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    From your description it sounds almost like it's re-using old data from previous world fill tasks, but that's in fact not possible; it creates a brand new clean task each time. So: no idea offhand, other than that it might well be directly related to your other problem.
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    Thanks for your great plugin.
    We're using it since one of the first releases. No Problems, works really good.

    Only cpu & ram usage on fill a round radius 3000 world is a bit high after some time and the Server is lagging,
    so sometimes i have to do a wb fill pause, wait 2-5 minutes and continue the process.

    But's no problem, I don't create r3000 Worlds every week :D
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    Threatening R5 is coming, will this plugin continue to work ?
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    Could it be because I'm using 1.5.2 while on R4? Or should that not matter?
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    1.5.2 uses CB 1.1-R4 as a lib, so no.
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    Released v1.5.3
    • Fix for fill and trim commands not working on newer 1.2+ worlds due to new region file type.
    • Fix for potential problems caused by player location changing while border checking task is referencing it.
    • Update "new location" method to accept locations at Y positions higher than the old 128 limit; vertical limit is now based on Bukkit's reported World.getMaxHeight() value.
    • Fix for chunk mapping method used by fill command not properly closing region files when finished with them, leading to leftover open file references.
    Known caveat:
    This is not a problem with WorldBorder, but CraftBukkit 1.2 dev builds might have some world generation problems which they've yet to address. Remember that if you're running a CraftBukkit 1.2 dev build, it's just that; it's not a stable recommended release build.
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    I have a Problem setting the WorldBorder to round.
    I created an Border 10000 in radius to me .
    When i jump to 10000 65 10000 the max x and y Coords are about 7000 ... That means in calculating the tangens of 45° multiplicated with 10000 it is still an square.

    I use 1.5.3 WorldBorder, the latest Dev-Build MC 1.2.3 and dynmap also the newes Build.

    Can you help me ?
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    I'm not sure what your question is. Are you indicating the round border doesn't seem correctly round to you? Please refer to the map images given in the first post for the Fill and Trim commands. Those commands use the same border calculations for generating/removing chunks, so you can see a visual example of the shape of round borders.
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    Does this work with 1.2.3?
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    Unless I missed something or dumb, this has no option for a physical border? I am worried about someone unknowingly planning a building near a border and finding out there is a big invisible wall when they go to build a part of it.

    P.S. I don't know a lot but would this work with a 1.2.3 minecraft server even though its an R6 craftbukkit build?
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    1. There isn't a physical border option. I plan to try to implement a simulated physical border when I have time for it, where the world itself isn't modified, but players nearing the border would be sent chunk updates indicating there is in fact a physical border.

    2. Read the post right above yours.
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    I read it but I thought he was referring to 1.2.3 R1 of Cbukkit. Thank you.

    And also, does it differ from mod to mod or, generally speaking, will most 1.1 R6 mods work with 1.2.3?
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    Generally so, yes. The main batch of breaking changes happened between 1.1-R4 and 1.1-R5.
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    Hi there!

    I just want to congratulate the coder for this one.
    I don't know how I missed this plugin before, but now it's a must have for my server!
    Very mature plugin with no issues even with beta CB builds.

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    First, I'd like to compliment the awesome plugin! It's really useful, saves a lot of lag while I'm playing.

    I've noticed that the fill command works great with default settings, it generates world very quickly and doesn't seem to impact people on the server.
    However, I've noticed the trim command isn't as optimised - for the same amount of terrain it takes twice as long and disconnects all the players.

    The java process goes down to 0% cpu (occasionally spiking at 0.1%) and writes at a constant 250kb per second.
    For comparison, while Filling it uses 50% cpu and writes 5mb every few seconds, which doesn't impact players at all.

    Is this an issue with the plugin or should I just turn down the rate at which it deletes?
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    That's quite strange, because the trim process should be an order of magnitude faster than the fill process. It's normally done in just a few seconds with no real impact to the server.
    Is there anything strange going on in your server console/log during the process?

    You can try specifying a lower frequency for the trim process, but it shouldn't be necessary.
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    just curious but how would this affect plugins like hawkeye and such monitoring block changes ?? when using trim/fill.
    Also this couldnt be previewed on dynmap by any chance to get an overview of the area to be effected
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    I don't know for sure how it would interact with other plugins which I don't use. The fill process uses Bukkit's built-in methods, so I would expect it to work fine. The trim process however directly modifies the world's region files, so other plugins probably wouldn't see anything changing there if they were indeed somehow monitoring for something like that.

    You will soon be able to see your border in DynMap. Once DynMap 0.36 is released so that circular markers are fixed (they're added in 0.35 but broken), I'll then be releasing an update of WorldBorder to add that feature.
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    thanks for answer and great on the dynmap, just installed this, dont really need hawkeye, so ill turn it of for now.
    got backups and snapshot working with worldedit anyway
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    yan I use the worldborder 1.1 version to generate 1.2 chunks?
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    update plz
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    WorldBorder is compatible with 1.2.3 and uses Bukkit's generation methods, so your question is off-base.

    Have you actually tested it in 1.2.4 or are you just immediately posting "update plz" without testing? It should work fine in 1.2.4, though I haven't tested it.

    EDIT: also:
    Apologies all, but I'm currently unable to spend much time at my computer so I'm probably not going to be answering many questions at all for the next few days at least.
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    Not working fully on 1.2.4 R 01 - appears the region files are being saved as .mca
    Previously they were saved as .mcr

    Running Win 7 64bit as a local server.

    The radius works, however the fill command does not (and I assume any other command that looks for the .mcr files?

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