[MECH] WorldBorder v1.7.2 - feature-rich world size limiting plugin [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Brettflan, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Great plugin, but I have one problem with it. Every time Sometimes when I reach the border of the nether, I get tped back to the overworld spawn. What's causing this?
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    My bet would be that you are using HomeSpawnPlus or similar. It's a known bug.
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    Hi guys, I decided to install this, and set the radius to 3500!

    It got to about 14% and I got booted of the server and it became quite unresponsive on console...I tried to stop the server it didn't do anything. Anyway I just rebooted the entire server and was hoping it would continue from where it left off.

    It did not :( back to 0% ...hoping this doesn't happen again...any reason it may not have started where it left off?

    it happened again it stopped exactly on 14.9% any ideas what could be going on?

    It said I had like 2300m of memory left so I don't know the problem
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    A cool Feature Could also be, that you can define a cuboid Region with a Stick or sth Else
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    From the first post:
    I'll be looking into alternate methods of handling knockback at some point, to hopefully take care of that. Also, I'll probably add an option to have it move you to the spawn location of the current world instead of the first one; I've been told that even Nether worlds actually do have a default spawn location.

    Cuboid/rectangular/ovoid border support is not planned.

    @josip1 You didn't specify what exactly got to 14% and stopped, but I'll assume you mean the fill command. I also bet that you specified a high frequency value, which has been discussed quite a bit in this thread as being problematic in Minecraft 1.0+ due to something they did between 1.9 beta and 1.0 final. Leave it at the default fill frequency of 20 and it should work fine.
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    @Brettflan It was fill and I left it at default! I just did /wb fill I assume this sets it to default.
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    In that case, were you doing anything else on the server which might have caused stress? Do you have the DynMap plugin and if so, was it left running?
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    I'm the only one on my server right now trying to build a basic starting area before releasing it to my websites small populus. In any event, I want to have the entire world without borders built so it's not a show as you go thing which can at some times cause lag spikes. So... it was suggested to me that I check out this mod.

    I looked over some of the commands and it seems the below one is what I want.

    /wb [worldname] fill [freq] [pad]

    I'm just not sure of what the appropriate freq / pads should be to have the entire world prebuilt. Hell, I don't even know if this will work without borders set, I don't want to use borders because I don't want to have worlds inside of worlds.

    Also, what kinds of resource spikes would my VPS be looking to and for how long with just me on it to achieve what I want which is to have the entire world / map prebuilt which I assume will leave me with a 50+meg file.

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    You cam simply leave out the frequency and padding values so the defaults are used. The frequency value really should be left alone now anyway; when Minecraft 1.0 was released, it included some unknown world generation changes which make the server choke and potentially crash if chunks are generated too rapidly.
    You will need to set a border, though, so that the fill process knows what area to fill in. Keep in mind that the default border shape is circular, so if you want a square area generated instead you should use /wb shape square.
    Also, if you use DynMap, disable it while running the fill process.
    If you don't actually want to have any borders on your worlds, you can then safely remove WorldBorder after the fill process completes.
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    Ok, but here's what I don't get... why do I need a border to generate the entire server map / world ?

    I don't want to set a border, generate the world and have stuff outside the border still "waiting to be explored".

    I don't even really get the whole world thing any way, I only have the one world / server in which I run and all I'm looking to accomplish is have the entire thing "pre explored / built" before I release it to my site. Sure, I could walk the entire map etc. but that would be insanely time consuming to make sure I got it all.

    Ps; I do use DynMap.
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    Worlds can be effectively infinite in size. There is no limit unless you use a plugin like this one to limit the size. You need a border defined to tell it what size area to generate.
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    I thought worlds had an "end" to them... I once asked the following question and never really got a good answer.

    What happens on a large server when everything gets mined out, do you just continue to play it and try to have fun ?

    That said... what would be the command to use to set an UNUSUALLY large world border and have everything inide it generated / built ?

    Ps; I thought worlds also had no end to them because I could have sworn I map wrapped once (kept goin east til I came out on west, like how you can do in Final Fantasy IX). That said, if maps do effectively have no end then that means that DynMap could what, get rather long scroll bars ?
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    No, worlds are infinitely sized. There is therefore no "mining everything out" on a global scale, just on a local scale. Of course, having everything useful mined out near the spawn can be a nuisance.

    Unusually large? I don't know, maybe 10000 radius (20,000 x 20,000 area).
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    Hrm, interesting... this infinate size actually peaks a few interests of mine on things I'd like to be able to do. That said... what would, on a fresh install of this mod be the proper commands to use to set this 10k radius / border and then the command to follow in which everything inside the border is discovered / built ?

    On a slightly related note, since worlds can be infinate in size then I guess DynMap can obviously become rather large and what, have unusually large scroll bars ?


    Ps; Food for thought... if worls can be infinate in size then the whole cordinate thing for Reis map just confuses me even further.

    I don't know, maybe I'm just trying to process too much information too fast.
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    In-game, stand where you want the center of the map to be. Then:
    /wb set 10000
    /wb fill
    /wb fill confirm

    As for coordinates, the real "center" of the world is at 0,0,0 (X,Y,Z). Coordinates can be negative. Each block is 1.0 in size, as far as said coordinates go.

    But, what would I know. :rolleyes:
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    Thx, I'll give that a go and hope my VPS doesnt bog down too much lol.

    I figure with infitate in size maps, then 10k round / 20k edge to edge should be a good start... probably take a ong ass while for anyone to venture beyong that any way.

    Edit: Ishouldnt have to trim this right since it's being built out way farther than I've traveled so far ?
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    If you don't want your world size to be actually limited in any way, trimming indeed shouldn't be necessary.
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    Cool, well your gonna love this lol but I got bored and set /wb 125000

    It's at 24,018 0.0% right now... VPS seems to be handling it very well which is quite suprising.

    If I pause, logout and come back after lets say 4 hrs, will I be able to continue where I left off or will I have to /wb fill - /wb fill confirm again and go through all the blocks already processed ?

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    /wb fill pause does indeed pause/unpause the operation, like it says on the tin.

    I don't really have time to answer any more basic questions which are answered in the first post or are otherwise immediately obvious, so I'll leave you to it.
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    No it was disabled when I ran it. I don't think there should have been too much of an issue because it said 1.6gb of ram was free or so
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    Is there any way to check the current padding on a world outside it's border ?
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    I got curious about something and decided to try a fill again after my fill was completed. Well, it started running and giving the "x more map chunks processed" stuff. Well, why would it be doing that when all missing chunks should have been filled during the last fill which had a padding of 333 ?

    I ran it again sing just wb fill so it shoulds used default padding of like 200 which means since I ran the "real" fill with a padding of 333 I should have a safe zone.

    I would have expected this to say something like no missing chunks to fill.

    Hope what I said makes sense, Ty.
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    There isn't, sorry.

    It doesn't know what chunks actually exist in the map files, so it simply loads them all (generating them if necessary) in a spiral pattern. There's no method provided by Bukkit to determine if a chunk has already been generated or not.
    It is possible with a moderate amount of work to make it directly read the world region files to determine what chunks are already generated, and I do know how to do that now that I wrote the trimming code. So, that's on my "look into eventually" list to allow the fill process to skip past chunks which are already fully generated.
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    Thx for the update, because if someone ever wants to increase their border size and do a new fill it would take just as long as the original plus more time for the mising chunks. So ya, this could be very beneficial to check if chunks already exist,

    As for the padding thing... is that on the to do list ?

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    I would also appreciate if you check first if the chunk already exist.
    I'm actually trying to fill the increased radius and it's taking very long.

    There is also a bug with the chunks per tick. If I choose a value which is greater than the default it will not continue with filling when the ram is sufficent. It only gives the message but doesn't do anything.

    But anyway a great plugin!
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    Not planned, no. There would be little purpose to it. Particularly if/when I implement the ability for it to tell which chunks exist already and skip past those (except the ones on the edges which don't have chunks on at least 3 sides already generated, which therefore haven't been fully generated).

    Yes, there's a CraftBukkit issue introduced at some point between Minecraft 1.9 beta and 1.0 full. It will need to be fixed in CraftBukkit.
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    Anyone else getting weird results when added a WorldBorder to The End? Currently, ender portals warp me into mid air, then tell me I've hit the border, then warp me to spawn. The border is well beyond where the ender portal should lead me.
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    I'm wondering if I can set 2 borders or more, in one and the same world.
    For example, I have 1 major "playground", which I wanne make a border on, so no-one can leave it unless they find a certain portal(I got a mod for the portal system), which will teleport them to another smaller area that is outside the main border?
    NOTE: The smaller areas doesn't need to have a border, but when leaving the main border, and porting to the smaller area, I get teleported back to the main border...?
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    For some reason all my WB settings were wiped!

    Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Sorry, but WorldBorder only allows 1 border per world.

    Did you receive any errors in your server console/log at server startup?

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