[MECH] WhichMobs v 1.0 -choose which mobs spawn[818]

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    WhichMobs - Choose which mobs you want to spawn
    Version : 0.2

    This plugin allows you to configure which mobs are allowed and disallowed to spawn on world.

    Download v0.2

    On first run it will make a file called mobs.properties in the WhichMob folder.
    To disable mob spawning, change the true next to its name to false. After that, use reload in the console to reload the config.

    Example: Stop cows from spawning:
    cow = false
    Version 0.1
    • First release
    Version 0.2
    • added slimes
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  2. Your config says "skeltion"
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    Do you own BuxVille?
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    :D I can't spell will fix inthe morning
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    I'm curious. Does this work, or do you plan to have it work for squid as well? It doesn't seem to at the moment. I do like this plugin very much though.
  6. Would be great, but afaik, Squids don't comply to any of this sort of rules, no idea why...can kill them with WE's /butcher even a few plugins like this claiming to block them :p
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    Looks like a cool plugin <3
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    Thanks <3
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    Working with 818 ?
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    why giving it the topic info "v 1.0" when it is still 0.2? and why supporting "[818]" when there are no anti-nether-settings in the properties file? would make sense, since MC has a multiworld multiplayer now.
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    could you please update this for 860? :D
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    is there a way to get this onto single player? if so... how?
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    Run a local bukkit server?
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    Hey, this is a great mod-immediately put it to use on my private server and the testing seemed great, but I noticed something: It says it does a 'check' every 20 seconds. Does this mean that, say, a creeper could spawn after that twenty seconds and exist until the next check which would delete it if it were denied?
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    Nope it just stops then when they spawn. doesnt do a check every 20 seconds
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    can u add other mobs at are missing ?
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    Nearly done that, just adding multiworld support, but getting a few errors to fix first :(
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    ok. hope u fix them :)
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    no chance against squid?
    My server has lag because of those .. (dont ask me ;o)
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    Ah, thanks. That makes sense; I'm just overly cautious. :p
    Do you plan to update this for 860 or 928? (Let me guess: I will look into it?) :)
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    :D it should work anyway. I will look into it is my normal reponse :D Nearly done multiworld and all mob types :D
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    Cool! Those darned squids are hard to get to work for mob-spawning plugins, I've been told. You can do it, though! :D
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    can u add ghast ok can someone tell me how to remove
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    Captain Kirk

    Does this still work?
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    Should do but im not supporting it anymore
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    Captain Kirk

    Yep works fine, ill use it as long as i can lol
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    awesommmmmmme thank's
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    could you make it so that it works with ghasts?
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    Can you make it so you can change how frequent(how many?)each mobs spawn? Some some are rarer and others all over. (I'm thinking zombie apocolypse)
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    check your config file. You spelled skeleton "skeltion"... also, add zombie pig and ghast support maybe? I'm using this solely for my zombie survival world though, I'll be fine :)
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    Slimes are still spawning in my world. Are you able to make spawns World wide?

    and it says v1.0 but i only see v0.2 DL link.

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