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    Old Post (open)
    uCreate 2.1
    - Where creativity meets reality!​
    Old Post (open)

    What is uCreate?
    uCreate is a plugin that allows you to transform any world (or your entire server) into a game similar to Minecraft Classic. Each aspect of uCreate is configurable, letting you have every feature you want, and none that you don't.

    Features: (all totally optional)
    • Automatically activates Notch's creative mode
    • Drop disabling (fixes notch's silly bugs)
    • Weather disabling
    • Creature spawning disabling
    • Time disabling (day or night)
    • Flat map world generator
    • Homes
    • Teleporting
    • Item spawning (/i or /item)
    • Explosion disabling
    • Block physics disbaling
    • Liquid spread disabling
    • Fire spread disabling
    • Permissions
    • ..And more!
    uCreate won't lag your server.

    "But uCreate has so many features, it will lag!"
    Nope. If you don't want a certain feature, uCreate won't even register the listener. Meaning, any feature you don't want, you literally won't have.

    Screenshots, Videos, and Tutorials
    (Video) Tutorials (open)
    Videos (open)
    Wanna make one? :D
    Screenshots (open)

    uCreate 2.0 had it's config totally redesigned. It's a lot to take in, so to help you figure it out, I made this neat little chart:
    (as of 2.1, the config was trimmed a lot, due to Minecraft 1.8)
    noFireSpreadtrue/falseDisables fire spreading and damage.
    noLiquidSpreadtrue/falseDisables lava and water spreading.
    noBlockFalltrue/falseDisables sand and gravel physics.
    noExplosionstrue/falseDisables tnt and creeper explosions.
    itemSpawningtrue/falseAllows players to spawn items with /item or /i
    teleporttrue/falseAllows players to teleport to others with /tp
    homestrue/falseAllows players to set their home (/sethome) and go to their home (/home)
    wooltrue/falseAllows players to use the /wool command.
    clearinvtrue/falseAllows players to use the /clearinv command.
    defaultStackSizeAny integer (whole number)The default stack size players will get when using /i or /item
    worldsList of world namesWorlds that will implement uCreate features.
    flatMapHeightAny integer (whole number)How many layers the flatmap should be.
    permissionstrue/falseShould we check for permissions (true) or let everybody do everything(false)?
    noWeathertrue/falseDisables weather.
    noCreaturestrue/falseDisables creature spawning.
    stopTime'off'/'day'/'night'Stops time changing.
    noDropstrue/falseBlock drops (little items) will not spawn. (also fixes bugs in Notch's creative creative)
    breakBedrocktrue/falsePlayers can break bedrock(true)/players can't break bedrock(false)
    Default Config (open)
        noFireSpread: true
        noLiquidSpread: false
        noBlockFall: false
        noExplosions: true
        clearinv: false
        itemSpawning: false
        teleport: false
        homes: false
        wool: false
        permissions: false
        defaultStackSize: 64
        worlds: world1, world3, etc
        flatMapHeight: 3
        noWeather: true
        noCreatures: true
        stopTime: 'off'
        noDrops: true
        breakBedrock: false

    Syntax: /command OR /command [required] (optional)
    Using permissions in uCreate is totally optional. In the config (under 'settings') is an option called 'permissions' If set to false, no permissions will be used, so everybody can use all the features. If it's set to true, only people with specified permissions will be able to do certain things.
    Supported permissions: SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit, Permissions 3.x, Permissions 2.x, *PermissionsEX (*needs confirmation)
    ucreate.*Gives acess to all of the uCreate permissions. (default Op)(works with SuperPerms)
    ucreate.notchGives players access to the features of Notch's creative mode.
    ucreate.itemspawnAllows players to use the /i and /item commands.
    ucreate.homesAllows players to use /home and /sethome.
    ucreate.teleportAllows players to use the teleport commands.
    ucreate.adminAllows players to bypass teleport requests.
    ucreate.woolAllows players to use the /wool command/
    ucreate.clearinvAllows players to use the /clearinv command.

    How to make your worlds generate a uCreate flatmap:
    Just follow these instructions to make specific worlds generate a uCreate flatmap. This will not overwrite existing worlds, however newly generated chunks will be flat.
    1. Edit "flatMapHeight" in the config.
    2. Decide which worlds you want to be flat ('flatworld' for this example)
    3. Open your bukkit.yml file (in your server directory) with a text/yaml editor.
    4. Add this to your bukkit.yml (where 'flatworld' is the name of your world):
                      generator: uCreate
    5. Enjoy your new flat map!
    Download uCreate 2.1

    What happened to the old uCreate?
    With the release of Notch's creative mode, some features of uCreate have become obsolete. Some features like the insta-break blacklist are no longer available due to the way Notch's creative is coded. Go yell at Notch :)

    Version 2.1:
    • Implemented Notch's 1.8 creative mode
    • Scrapped obsolete features
    • Deleting your config and re-doing it is HIGHLY recommended, but not required.
    • Don't expect any more updates after this.
    Version 2.0.4:
    • Added /wool command
    • Added /clearinv command
    • Both commands have corresponding permissions and configs
    Version 2.0.3:
    • Added ucreate.admin permission. Currently just bypasses teleport requests.
    • Made the ItemInventory support up to 10 pages which are choosable by pressing number keys.
    • Implemented 2.0.2 config auto-updater.
    • Added SpoutInventory.yml file to configure the ItemInv. (Read more in the OP)
    Version 2.0.1:
    • Fixed Spout dependency
    • Fixed infinite item painting bug, thanks @Lathanael
    • Added config option "useSpout" under "spout"
    • Update your configs manually. AutoUpdate coming soon.
    • Improved startup efficiency
    • IF YOU HAVE 2.0 UPGRADE TO 2.0.1!
    uCreate 2.0:
    • Many many many features added.
    • Bug fixes (thanks @Lathanael for helping with the "wrong item bug") and for using Github the way it was meant to.
    uCreate 1.0-1.5:

    • Initial release
    • Awesome updates
    • uCreate stolen
    Want to buy me a soda a car?​
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    Amazing plugin!
    Works perfect, Thanks for making this.
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    Ha Cool, I'm probably now make a classic world :D
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    Cool :D but your missing the plugins category in the thread title.
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    eep, I knew something didn't look right.

    Any suggestions? Always looking to add more features.

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    A /item (i/give) command that only works in said worlds?
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    /food for give all food in inventory of players
    /war for give all armor and sword ...
    /wool for give wool
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    You're my hero, finally someone thinking straight :)
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    Bedrock can still be broken with this. Could you fix that? I don't want the players to infinitely fall in the void.
    That plugin is really great and better than most creatives plugins, and simple too. Keep up the good work!
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    Works great, plain and simple.
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    Please, disallow bedrock insta-breaking, and button / lever insta-breaking
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    I'll add an insta-break blacklist soon.
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    Great plugin, but the infinite items glitches with redstone wire and diodes: they're replaced with functioning items, but the wrong item ID (since some items have multiple item ID's, depending on if they're in the inventory or on the ground).
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    In addition to a instabreak blacklist, I believe it would be extremely handy to have a held item black and whitelist. When I say this I mean you can blacklist the compass from instantly mining, or you can whitelist the diamond pickaxe so that only it instantly breaks.

    Another suggestion from my server is that the auto replenish give you a full stack, or at least the option for how much it gives you.

    If you do add the ability to have kits and /i with this please have a way to disable them. I already have these set up on my server with essentials.

    Thanks for the awesome plugins. Keep up the good work!
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    @mavbear @marciocjr13

    Version 1.1

    • Added insta-break blacklist.
    • Update your configs manually. I haven't developed a way to automatically do that yet. :p
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    I agree with Katelyn's recommendation for alternate amounts. Reason is, when the server or connection is laggy, it can take a half second for the message to replenish to get to and from the server. On my own connection, I would like it to replenish to 5 or so when it's below 3, but I could see in times of great lag where replenishing to 15 when at less than 8 could even be useful. Actually, I agree with all her recommendations. I look forward to testing this plugin when I get home and I'll let you know how it goes. I do like the idea of not replenishing to 64. I think it's a great bonus over the last one I tried.
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    Maybe an in-game toggle?
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    Works flawless. Thanks!
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    Please make so blocks unregister (or however you call it) correctly, right now things like BigBrother don't work (also unregistering controllerblocks and other plugins like that won't unregister).
    Another plugin called CreativePlus (which I used for 1 hour, this is better for me) did unregister.
    For now I'll turn off insta-break and wait for a fix.

    Also, could you perhaps add something that only a specific item will insta-break things (the unregister thing is more important ofcourse).

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    I imagine unregistering correctly would likely affect things like dynmap too. I also turned instabreak off and am using the Superpickaxe mod (overriding WorldEdit's superpickaxe because it's loggable with BigBrother and the like). If the instabreak were assignable to a specifiable list of items (think, only gold items, or only pickaxes, etc.) and were loggable, I think this tool would be far superior to any other one I've tried. I definitely like the idea of some items not being instantly breakable, like buttons. Dr. A., you have the beginnings of what could be the best creative world plugin yet.

    I did put the plugin on my test server last night and things went very well. I liked it enough (and it worked well enough) to move to my main server. Good work and thanks.
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    Indeed, I'm also using the SP mod now.
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    @MasterMeNL @Flobi

    I had no idea it did not unregister blocks. Bukkit has a built-in method called setInstaBreak(). I used that to break blocks. I never imagined logging plugins and the like wouldn't detect it. I'll fix that problem in the next release.

    I'll add that in the next release too.

    I did some experiments on my testing server, and my plugins could detect when a block was broken and who did it. I'm sure other plugins could too. In addition, I looked into SuperPick's source (the one by DiddiZ, right?) and he uses the same method to break blocks instantly. I see no reason why this shouldn't be loggable.

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    Technically...I didn't test the logability, my post was extrapolating on the condition of if it was not loggable. I'll check BB later and find out if it is. If so, I'll put it in, I noticed Superpickaxe has the problem of not disabling when switching to a world where it's supposed to be off...it seems to only disable the ability to toggle whether it's on or off...
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    oh. I mis-understood. This _shouldn't_ interfere with logability, and I know for a fact that the insta-mine will shut off in other worlds, because of the way my code works.
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    I don't get it, do I have to enable the plugin or something? I set up the config and put my world name in it, and etc. When I join my server I dont have unlimited blocks or anything. Help?
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    Show me your config, tell me if there are any errors in the console, and tell me the world you tried testing it in.
    Also, make sure you reload the plugin after you edit the config.
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    worlds: world
    instaMine: true
    noDrops: true
    godMode: true
    infiniteBlocks: true
    instaBreakBlacklist: 7, 69, 64, 77
    No errors, and my world is named world. Do I have to use a command or anything to get unlimited or just spawn myself 1, or -1 or something?
    Great plugin by the way, the people on my server loved Creativ then it became inactive. Thanks so much for creating something like it :D
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    Hmm no. Any item you have should turn unlimited. Does insta mine or god mode work? Did you reload the server/plugin?
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    quote="DrAgonmoray, post: 497039"]Hmm no. Any item you have should turn unlimited. Does insta mine or god mode work? Did you reload the server/plugin?[/quote]
    Everything works but the unlimited blocks, I'll mess around with it, I'll let you knoww :D[

    Got it working, thanks for all your help :)

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