[MECH] UnlimitedLava v1.9.1 - Make infinite pools of Lava [1.7.9-R0.2]

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    UnlimitedLava - Ability to enjoy unlimited lava!
    Version: v1.9.1

    moved to BukkitDev: Click!
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    @xGhOsTkiLLeRx request... if you make lava fall from the ceiling can you not have it make random sources of lava and create new ones if its 2x2/3x3 pouring down from the ceiling into a hole of 2x2 or 3x3 it would make lava sources in that hole? for example
    (Flowing into)

    Then when all the lava sources hit that hole it makes 4 lava sources from the flowing from the ceiling.. id like it for a Obsidian factory but lava sources spawn random "infinite" lava while the lava falls to the floor/down a wall and doesnt create sources like water...
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    Brandon Egnell

    ^ im with avous on this. Falling lava fountains would be sick
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    Yay finally.
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    thanks for your suggestion(s)!
    I'll look into it this weekend!

    (Also started working on the 2x2 pool)
    But I'm away 'til sunday.

    Please feel free to post a bug, a suggestion or something else!

    Have a nice day!
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    i think i thought how to put into words what im looking for :D

    What i want is imma have water falls ok? of lava and water i want them to create lava/water sources when LANDING if they are surrounded by surrounding incomplete sources of that type like... 4 other incomplete sources they turn into complete sources so when i turn or cut off the lava/water flow they stay in the pool still completed

    the problem is they cant make sources while falling or else the liquids will fly all over the place they have to check to be on the ground first or else it will just go everywhere and flood everything
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    Am I right:
    You have for example a 3x3 pool, which is empty (or a incomplete source) and if you put lava/water from above in the middle block, it turns all blocks in the 3x3 pool to a unlimited source?
    If not, please explain it again, I'm German so my English isn't the best :/
    Sorry, if I didn't get your point ;)

    Still on vacations, will be working on UnlimtedLava again, very soon :D

    Greetings & please post suggestions, bugs and so on!
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    exactly but not the 3x3 middle part it could be anything like 1x1 2x2 or 3x3 with any lava flowing into it fills it water too and your english is fine!
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    Okay, nice to hear :p

    I'll look into this point :)
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    I am not sure I like that idea :(. What exactly would stop any water/lava from spreading all over the place? You get a waterfall into a hole you dug, great, you got a pond. How would the lava/water decide there was a hole? Say, there was no hole, and it hit the lawn/floor/flat turf in a dungeon. What you suggest would have the lava fill up the lowest area of all dungeons, if it poured down onto a flat surface near your home, might overrun your house!

    I would like to suggest that if you do something like that, please make it so we don't all have to have it? A config option? I really like the simple change of making it act like water (with the added bonus of burning things up :D). I love the plugins with no commands, they simply function.
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    I wanted to add a config, to turn everything I add on or off, so don't worry please :)

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    Updated the thread with a new download option and my source code.
    I'm still trying to add a ability for a 2x2 pool, it's harder than I thought!

    But I will try my best :)
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    I have just reviewed this guys :

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    Thank you!
    For the video and the good rating :)
    Hope to see more of your videos!

    (Still stuck at 2x2 pool's :S, but I will work on it :) )
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    Im sure the 2x2 pool will be a challenge mate as you saw in my video taking a corner lets it flow so.... If possible could make a 1 x 1 square and when lava gets taken the block is replaced with another lava.?? And to get rid of lava perminately perhaps an admin could click it to make it dissapear??
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    good idea with the 1x1 square, but the challenge is, that this should only be affected in a 2x2 pool. That's the challenge, to seperate the 2x2 and 3x3 stuff!

    I thought also 'bout this point, to make a config (or maybe type a command like /stop unlimitedlava) to turn off the infinite source!
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    There isn't a way to find out how the water works with 2.2 squares? Too bad you can't look at that code and see it. Maybe soon once the official API is out for MC?
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    Why "can't"?
    .jar files are openable.
    I know it's against the law but no one would be able to proof anything ;p.
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    This plugin causes a nasty bug which the chunks doesn't load when you travel far or creating a new world.
    Try creating a new world with unlimited lava plugin and explore. Then try exploring without the plugin and see the difference. Can you add an ability to choose what lava pool should be infinite?
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    Oh shit, I thought I've fixed the bug :/
    I will post a fix later this day!

    Sorry for any inconvenience!
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    I have a house with big glass-lava-glass walls. If i enable the Unlimited Lava plugin my server uses 80-100% of CPU, sometimes even if nobody is connected. If I have UnlimitedLava uninstalled, my server uses only 8-20% with two players connected.
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    Thanks for the report, will check this :)
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    What about 2x2 pools?
    Any progress?
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    Sadly, I have to say no...
    But first I have to fix this critical bug.

    Please be patient. Thanks!
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    CPU usage usually increases when the chunks have hard time loading. Try walking through the "empty" space with BananaChunk plugin(it forces chunk to load where you stand.).
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    This plugin was running on my server before and the players loved it. I don't have it installed right now due to your recommendation, but is there a chance this will be working sometime in the future?
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    I would be like to have this plugin again. Can you make it like selecting the lava pool that will be infinite, so the chunk loading bug won't appear?
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    I have a dev build already, but atm I'm very busy and I still need to configure which sources should be unlimited.
    If anyone is interested in this build and wants to support and help me, please PM me and I'll give you a link. But I need your feedback.


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    So bump!

    I released version 1.0
    See the changelog for more information.
    The bugs are fixed, thanks for all testers!

    Have a nice day and remember: feel free to post something here!
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    i just got hit the moment i added and restarted with that bug that causes world chunks to not be visible any more. one thing to note i notice when i uploaded the jar. their was never a config file made and even after removing it my world is still having invisible areas but i can still walk on it. going to have to do a roll back

    I just did a roll back and those chunks are still glitched.....:mad:

    Update *after calming down from heart attack*

    it seems after closing minecraft and restarting client side fixed the invisible world, improper lighting and just random things being invisible like a tree i knew should be there and i cant bump into it but cant se it. for now this plugin is on my never never touch list....after having that heart attack when have my home was invible in the game

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