Inactive [MECH] TreeAssist - Auto-Replant and Auto-Chop Trees [1.4.2-RB0.1]

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    TreeAssist - Auto Replants
    Version: v5.0

    This plugin will replant trees when they are cut down (or burnt down), and will keep it the same tree type. Also has a custom leaf decay planter and tree removal.

    Checkout the BukkitDev page!

    Most Recent Video

    Here is a video of the 3.0 Tree Removal Feature (slightly outdated):

    Here is a video of the normal functions

    • Replants trees when the bottom log is cut down, or burnt down.
    • Break a birch tree? Replants a birch sapling. Same for all type of trees
    • '/TreeAssist Toggle' - lets a player turn TreeAssist features on or off.
    • '/TreeAssist Global' - Toggles TreeAssist for everyone
    • '/TreeAssist Reload' - Reload the plugin's config file
    • treeassist.autoremove - Should the player be allowed to break the bottom block and the whole tree comes down?
    • treeassist.replant - When the player chops down a tree, should a sapling replant itself?
    • treeassist.toggle - Gives player access to the '/TreeAssist Toggle' command to turn TreeAssist on or off
    • - Gives player access to the '/TreeAssist global' command to turn TreeAssist on or off for everyone
    • treeassist.reload - access to '/treeassist reload'

    Source Code

    See the full change-log here!

    • Suggest things!
    • Custom Leaf Drops
    Like the plugin? Help me keep my programming hobby alive! Please consider donating!
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    Can you make, instead of replant in the same place, make it auto replant the sapling dropped by the tree?
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    I already have this coded, I just need to add permissions support and then I'll upload it :D
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    Awesome:)! I was using the "SelfPlanting", but it dont replant the same sapling type.
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    is it compatible with 1.0.0 ?
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    Don't know, I'm waiting until a recommended build until I test/update.
  7. I've got a request for this plugin: auto replanting a sapling will take a sapling from the players inventory. This would prevent outrageous amounts of excess saplings. Thanks in advance! :)
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    This is do-able, I will add it in as an option for the next version (it will have a config file :D)
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    - put command to enable/disable for the player who gave the command (for 1 person)
    - put command when server console/ops give command, it will enable/disable (for everyone in the server)

    best if u put in 2 of these. thanks
  10. Great! :)
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    and what if you are making an open area by burning down the trees, but then they will grow back, so... do i have to remove the planted saplings or can you put in a command like: /treeassist enable and /treeassist disable (this is for each player individualy)
    thx can't wait until the upcoming features are done
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    Am I the only one seeing a link to a different jar file?
    The Download link appears to be pointing at a UnderWaterTorch.jar instead of TreeAssist.jar
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    I hope somebody told you this but damn.
    Why the hell am I downloading UnderWaterTorch Plugin?????????????????????
    Click "Download!" on your thread and you will get what I mean.
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    Click mirror for the right one :)
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    Great plugin. I'm looking forward to your To-do list! .) Protection of sapling sounds really great!
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    LOLOLOL sorry, my bad :D
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    Anyone else had a problem with the bottom log of the tree randomly turning into a sapling? I think it's a bug, but there's a chance it's someone doing it purposely :\
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    someone know if its work with the plugin Lumberjack ?
  19. So, any word on the next update? Or are you waiting for a recommended CB? :)
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    The plugin only places the sapling when a wood block of a tree is broken, and it is broken by a player, so you may have a player running about doing it. If you can get any more info that it is indeed a bug, then let me know and I'll be happy to look into it.
    This weekend (December 3rd or 4th) I will be updating my plugins to 1.0, whether its the developmental build or a recommended, its my last chance to work on them before finals.
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  21. Good luck with your finals!! :D
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    Oh ok, thanks for the reply. I'll go check the logs (Idk why I didnt think of doing that first)
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    Does anyone know or can anyone make a christmas plugin that adds 4 bulbs all diff colors one red blue green and gold , and if you could a angel (please dont release it publicly and taco if you make it id love it because you make great plugins)
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    Fancy Realtime Update! - I now have a functional MC 1.0 version with some new stuff, I just need to upload the file and make a video, and also go out and eat dinner. Stupid social obligations, I want to play Minecraft!
    Like, when a tree grows or you run a command it grows a Christmas tree?
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    Does this work with the plugin "Lumberjack"?
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    I have updated to Minecraft 1.0 (Build 1550)!
    I added a config file, the auto destructions of trees, and permissions. Watch the new video and reread the main post for more info!

    I also changed the download location, I think you'll like it a lot more :p
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    Nice update! This should fix my little "Problem"

    Is this compatible with plugins like McMMO?
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    with the new bottom block destroy, couldnt this possibly destroy a entire or a big chunk of a players house?
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    Yes it could, hence why it is still considered a 'beta' option, and I will work to refine it as I go, feedback like this helps me know what to fix.
    I don't know what McMMO is, but your best bet is to just try it after making a backup. (Same goes if anyone else wants to check compatibility)
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    any way we could get multi world support? this is great by the way!
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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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