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    Torchl[​IMG]ght v0.1BETA (Experimental)

    Based on Flashlight by tkelly.​
    Torchlight is a plugin where if holding a torch/lava/fire you will emit a radius of light around you, without needing to place an item. (useful for spelunking!)​
    To use, equip any of these item id's: 50, 10, 11, 51, 76, 89, 90, 91, 94, 327​
    Updated version:​
    • Certain items emit light
    • Anti-Lag feature built in so it doesn't execute every second.
    • Sometimes doesn't work if you can see the sky? Need to look into how to fix this
    • If it works outside, it may leave a block-light glitch. Resetting doesn't work and you need to manually reset the chunk lighting (place a block)
    • If used on water surface while night and you can see the sky, the light remains
    Version 0.1BETA​
    • Initial commit​
    • Fixed torch placing so it actually stays on​
    • Added anti-lag​

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    Known bug - see the end of the top post. Hopefully there's a way around this but the plugin is still cool regardless :D
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    Not a bad idea, what was the function that made it light?
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    I'm going to update this tomorow - sorry for the lack of updates, I have been having exams all week.
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    Um Will it work with build 860?
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    While using glowstone some blocks of snow( id 80) disapeared behind me like if they were broken , but it's the only bug i found, nice plugin
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    nice plugin, hope you update it soon i m waiting for it :D
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    not sure whether this is a bug or just the way it works, but the only light i get comes from the corners of blocks. when i walk in the dark on a flat surface holding a torch doesn't really help..


    EDIT: this is possibly just outside, haven't tested much
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    Working fine in RB860 for me.

    C'mon guys - the top post isn't that long. This is a known bug "* Sometimes doesn't work if you can see the sky? Need to look into how to fix this".
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    this is sort of cool:

    for whatever reason, i had a world hole. i was walking with a torch out and when i approached it (i love looking into them) the hole started disappearing when i was a certain distance away. so when the blocks were updated because of torchlight, the world hole was fixed. no more relogging to repair world holes (as long as you have torches)?

    sorry i thought that meant "if you look at the sky"

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    Nice plugin! I have one suggestion though. I think that if possible, you could make it so the torch burns while it is in your hand. That would be kewl! Also another thing, when I mine stuff like dirt with the torch, the light turns off until I stop mining. It would be good if you could fix that.
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    I kinda like it turning off - I wouldn't expect my torch to work if I'm shoving it into dirt :D
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    I though that was intended as well.
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    Excellent idea. Would use when it's out of beta though. :X
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    permissions or mutliverse support perhaps ? great plugin thanks :)
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    It won't work for me. Craftbukkit loads it without any errors, but torches emit no light when held. MC 1.6.6, Bukkit 860, Windows 7 x64
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    Looking forward to the next release of this plug-in.

    Request: If possible, please add a config. option that lets the admin specify how bright the light is.

    For example, I'd like to make it so that redstone torches gives off a bit of light, but not nearly as much as a regular torch. I'd also like to reduce the range of torch light a little for my purposes because I'm using the "MagicSpells" plug-in, and I don't want this to replace the usefullness of the "lightwalk" spell (for those that don't know, the lightwalk spell illuminates the block beneath your feat, so you can still weild a weapon while illuminating the area).

    Great plug-in. If Notch is aware of this plug-in I hope he implements it in to the next release of Minecraft. It just "makes sense".

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    nevermind.... it works, now X3
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    this plugin remembers me of terraria but could you make in such way that the torch has the same animation as the ones you put on the ground and could you make in such way that the torch when it;s dropped or destroyed emits light? Anyway it's a great plugin and i'll test it soon. :D
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    Have been waiting for something like this, but think ill hold off deploying it to our server until the main bugs are fixed.
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    Looking forward to testing. My only request at this point is to please name the .jar file "TorchLight.jar" instead of TL.jar so I can remember which plugin it is. Thanks!

    Works great, CB 860! Also, it's an awesome underwater tool.. even though torches probably shouldn't work underwater.. ;)
    EDIT: As an interesting experiment, swim underwater at night and use f5 to look at the light radius around you. Then swim to the surface and watch the light radius shrink to 1x1. Whatever causes that is most likely the same reason torches don't work out in the open...
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    I think the issue with the out door torch not working is that the light produced ( however it is curently being produced) needs a surface to "reflect" from...
    sorry if this is obvious or was already stated..... just a thought.
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    Am I blind or is there no sourcecode inside the jar? :D
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    I don't see it either :).
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    My suggestions, both of which have already been stated, would be to consume torches after a configurable amount of time and to create a config file in which one can define how bright the torchlight is and/or how far it can travel.
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    Indeed, I'd love to see some'a that code.
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    Awesome plugin but for some reason it makes my server lag A TON. It only lags when i have a torch out.
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    Will this work with the new Recommended Build #928?
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    whenever i hold something that emits light the entire server get extremely laggy
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    when i hold my torch out it lights the area but when i walk up to a wall the light goes on to the wall forever and then when i put the torch away it satys on the wall untill i mine a block in the light. idk if its just me but thats what i got.

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