[MECH] SuperForge v1.0 - Fast and powerful Lava-Furnace [1060]

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  1. SuperForge - Fast and powerful Lava-Furnace:
    Version: v1.0

    Have you ever had to cook big amounts of porkchop,
    or just needed hundreds of stone or glass quickly, and felt frustrated?

    If you answered yes to one of the previous questions, this plugin is the answer!

    You can just throw in what you want to cook / smelt, and from the bottom comes out the ready product!

    By building a SuperForge, you can smelt:
    • Big amounts of items
    • In small time

    Download SuperForge (for wget, just right click, and copy URL)
    Source Code

    Images (open)




    When, pigs hit the lava, they die. When they die, they (sometimes) drop porkchop. When porkchop hits the lava(SuperFurnace), you get cooked porkchop!

    How to use (open)

    To create a SuperFurnace, you need:
    • 1 bucket of lava
    • 1 sign
    • 16 obsidian blocks
    • 3x3x2 big space + some space above and below
    From the obsidian you must create two "rings" on top of each other. In the middle of the lower ring, put a sign with Furnace on 1st line. Above the sign put lava. (You can take a look at the pics)

    Ill leave the rest to you to figure out about using it.

    • Fuel system
    • Config(enable/disable fuel, etc...)
    • No known bugs so far
    Version 1.0
    • Initial public release
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    This is the next generation of farms.... I dig it.
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    very nice! this is amazing.


    message telling player item is finished cooking.
    sound effect when item is finished w/spout
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  4. Currently the "cooking" is instant, but one feature would be that it would be configurable to take time (config!). Im also thinking of you having to throw fuel there first...
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    Looks good. I agree, needs some sort of fuel or it make furnaces useless. Maybe the lava is eventually consumed or you have to throw in coal first. Maybe you could have a fire burning that you have to relight every now and then.
  6. This is what Im thinking right now:

    You'll have to throw some fuel in there, it would accept the same things a real furnace would. (Maybe if you throw in a lava bucket, it could drop the bucket!) Sign could tell how many item can still be melted. You couldn't use logs, because they turn to coal, but since logs and planks are the same "fuel value", why would anyone even do that.

    OH! Didn't realise this had been already moved to plugin releases from submissions!!!
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    I thought this plugin would be a carbon copy of Dwarf Forge I was wrong.... Still debating whether or not to use this on my server...
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    Will this be upgraded (if necessary) to 1.8.1?
  9. If this needs updating, I will update this as fast as I can. I have not had time to try all my plugins with 1.8.1. It might work as it is. If it doesnt, please tell me, and Ill fix it
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    Spams console with message "something was thrown into lava!"
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    As far as functionality I can tell it works.
    When it comes to the console...not so much. This thing spams "Something was thrown into lava!" and goes absolutely nuts if a player falls in it or steps in it with god mode.
    It actually led to a server crash and I was forced to disable it.
  12. Oh! Im really sorry, must have left one of the debug messages... I will repair it soon

    Seems that the download-link was pointing to a wrong file. It should be fixed now

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    Tested it today, works like a charm! Very helpful plugin! Will you update it to include raw beef (->steak) and raw chicken (->cooked chicken) ?
  14. Will update, when I have time, if I dont forget... Going for a long trip, but I could try making the changes with my laptop. Thanks for reminding me about those changes!
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    Will remind you of it so you don't forget ;). Thanks varesa!
  16. Can you try if it works with new foods now? I dont have access to a comp that could run minecraft right now :D
    On my server it somewhy show SuperForge 1.0, though I tried to change it to 1.5...
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    Yup, it works! Thanks!
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    could u add any wideo? :D
  19. Maybe later...
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    Very nice, love it
  21. If someone wants to make a nice video of it, it would be appreciated. I would give full credit to the author.
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    LOVE IT!!!
    Could you add this!!:
    apple=golden apple

    at last : i will make a video of this plugin soon (I'm working on it now actually)
    i would appreciate a response.
  23. That's something vanilla minecraft furnaces don't do, right? So far I have tried to keep the recipes the same. But if enough people want it, I might as well implement it (maybe possible to define your own recipes/ turn back "vanilla" recipes with config-files)
    I really appreciate you making a video. I would make it myself, but there are things like school and other projects and so on taking time. I do not plan to stop maintaining and supporting my plugins in case something breaks, but there will not be too much new stuff (unless something is really wanted, there's always some time).

    EDIT: If you want, you can put your credits like on the end of the video, or I can just put your name below it, or whatever you want... (-:
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    Hello again Varesa! As you might have noticed yourself it won't work with the new MC/Bukkit version, so here I go again asking if you'd give it another update? Pretty please :)
  25. Yeah, the new update broke almost all of the plugins. I'd like to update my plugins as soon as possible, but I am having trouble getting my dev-environment working:(
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    Long time no see varesa. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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