[MECH] SPITEMS V1.3.3 Drop Items and Blocks w/ Spout [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Polyurethan, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Thank you so much. v1.2.1 works here. Like the new tab setup. Thx again.
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    Thx to everyone for reporting.

    Fixed Chat-Bug : pressing U in chat dont open Menu.
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    "Cool hes fixed default to ops! Logs in, nope still doesnt work grrr!! Hey wait a minute i forgot to download the updated version".....Doh.

    So yeah like the guy above me, i can confirm it works now without any permissions plugins installed and defaults to OPs.

    Thanks for making this Polyurethan. Much prefer the look of 1.2 compared to 1.1 (found the icons hard on the eyes).

    Would you be able to include an option to switch to displaying all items onscreen at once? as a couple people i play with say they preferred the original layout, not a biggie if you can't though.
    Keep up the good work!
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    alright me 2 :)
    let's try version 1.2.2 XD

    it opens the tab but NO items shown :(

    is there anyone is work?

    EDIT II:
    oh wait i forgot the Adminitemlist -.-

    Only the config.yml were created, i wish the Admin-File will be automatic created.

    ==>> now it works

    some items you must assign to the right tab. Or why is fish and others in Tools :D
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    If you remove | "items:" | "tools:" | "armor:" | "misc:" | <-(one must left) from Itemlist.yml then you have all Items on BLOCKS-Button. You see all Items only in FullScreen (too many).

    Blocks = Things to build world
    Items = Crafting etc.
    Tools = Consumables
    Armory = Weapons,Armors
    Misc = decoration , greens

    But eventually anyone have a better system to sort in.

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    mabe in a splitscreen?

    i would add the tab "food". In 1.8 there comes more eatable things and more variants of meat (rotten meat, cow meat, grilled rotten meat, grilled cow meat i think)

    eggs are in the minecraftwiki under food sorted too :)

    or why not the food with animalthings like leather, wool and so on :)

    MISC rename to vegetables
    <font color="rgb(255, 102, 0)">BLOCKS</font>
    <font color="rgb(255, 102, 0)">ITEMS</font>
    <font color="rgb(255, 102, 0)">TOOLS /ARMORY</font>
    <font color="rgb(255, 102, 0)">MISC (VEGETABLES) / FOOD</font>

    EDIT: i found one "bug"
    The MISC-Tab is set outside, so users with maximized window, the only see the 4 tab, but not the 5th.

    EDIT II:
    like theese, but you must modify the source code for the tabname:
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    If i use your Button-Idea then the bug are fixed. :) (4 Button)
    What screen resolution use those players with button-outofScreen Bug? 4:3?

    If you stretch the window to fullscreen with dragging the window-borders then it works.
    But if i doubleklick the mincraft title bar then the gui stretch.
    4:3 is the problem. Look what I can do because.
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    @my office pc i got a 5:4 ratio => now i using.
    @my gaing pc i got 16:9 :); i can test it there later

    in the Spitems.java there i have changed the tab name like in my config but i can't convert it to a class :)

    Edit: yeah, your temp solution works

    hm there is no optimization for the items and the itemfields.

    I change the GUI Scale to Large and to Small and then comes this :)



    the items must in dependence of the 'gui scale' scalable

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    Version 1.2.2 works for me now!!! thank you very much!
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    This is awesome, thanks!
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    Your yml files are still missing those blocks:
            id: 17
            cost: 20
            itemdata: 1
            use:  true
            id: 17
            cost: 20
            itemdata: 2
            use:  true
    Anyawy it's getting better and better, thank you :D
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    How come the items are oddly sized if I have my GUI scale on anything that isn't Auto. I use a 1920x1080 monitor.
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    Same here, i use normal and the buttons are looks scary.

    Please fix this.
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    why doesn't this work! Says that I have the admin config but I can't use it! Y!
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    Don Redhorse

    hi... could you take a look into register (?) support which will allow support of all economy plugins..

    atm I can't allow our normal people to use it because they would normally need to buy the stuff in a shop if they don't create it... so it is admin only atm.. which I don't like ;-)

    Thanks btw for this cool plugin
  16. The lack of multi-world is a problem. I only want my players to have this in our creative world, not survival. It seems like this plugin only checks permissions on login; for multi-world (or promotions, or any other situation where a player's permissions might change after login), it needs to check every time the menu is opened.
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    your plugin (inside lists your website as " http://yourwebsite.com/" you may want to fix this to at least point to your thread
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    SPITEMS v1.3 is awesome, just a few details:
    1 - U doesn't close GUI anymore, have to click the X. Well, not that bad;
    2 - Icons in tab Blocks are OK, but in other tabs they are all so small and it's bad :(
    Screenshot (open)

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    1.8 will not replace it, the item list is for creative mode not the regular survival.
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    I have added the X-button to close.
    Hmm, if you change the texture pack? I have make a little fix : can you test it? LINK (1.3.1)
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    could you remove the prices from the gui when the cost=0 ?

    and yes the U doesnt close the GUI :( , it's boring
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    Yeah, great, it's fixed now. :)
    Thank you :D

    P.S.: A little fix with an enormous result :cool:
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    thx for 1.3 :)
    the gui works now good but a lot of items will not show right.
    But only the items, tools/armory and food/misc

    can you reduce the tab-fontsize a little bit :)

    I got a request:
    Can you add an inventory preview to see how many slots were free? And the item slots drag & droppable to make useless items for spitems free?
    And then maybe you can you add an option to scale the item pictures and the item fields (for a better size with the inventory)?
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    @MrKrucible Sure, it will. Cuz theres a command for the console :O: gamemode <player> <mode> sets player's game mode (0 or 1)
    So u can set your game type.
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    @sh4dow : you tested v 1.3.1?

    But Spout will have custom blocks. That blocks dont show in normal minecraft. I think.
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    But could u code a trade plugin? That would be nice :)
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    I testet 1.30
    1.31 works now perfect. Thanks a lot

    btw: you got a pn
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    The way 1.8 pre client and server are now, you cannot set your game type unless you are admin or ask him/her for it, gamemode is a server console command. :rolleyes:

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