[MECH] SlowHealth v3.2 - Auto Heal/Hurt Multi-World Permissions [1060]

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    SlowHealth v3.2.0

    Download: SlowHealth.jar
    Source included in JAR


    - v3.2.0 tested with CraftBukkit #122-1060​

    - Adds health (configurable) every second (configurable) to players on the server.
    - Can hurt player if you make regen-amount negative
    - Can set maximum amount SlowHealth will heal the player by
    - Can set minimum amount SlowHealth will stop hurting the player by (if you set regen-amount to less than 0
    - Can set the starting altitude that slow health with start working
    - Multi-world support
    - Permissions support

    - Save SlowHealth.jar to plug-in folder
    - Start and stop server to allow Slow Health to create the needed files.
    - Inside your plug-in folder there should be a SlowHealth Folder with three files
    - default.properties
    - world.properties (or whatever your default world is in your server.properties file)
    - WORLDLIST.txt
    - If you only have a single world just change the settings in your worlds property file.

    Adding Worlds to Slow Health:
    - For every world you have add the world name in the WORLDLIST.txt file. One world per line.
    - Run the server and let it create the properties file, then edit it to your liking.​
    - Any world not on the WORLDLIST.txt will use the setting in the default.properties file.​

    Customize Slow Health:
    All values must be in integer form (whole numbers)​
    - regen-rate:1
    - This value is how fast SlowHealth will heal you in second.​
    - regen-amount:1
    - This is how many 1/2 hearts SlowHealth will heal you for.​
    - Set this to a negative number to hurt the player :eek:
    - regen-max:20
    - Controls at what value SlowHealth will stop healing.​
    - regen-min:0
    - This is used if you are hurting the player instead of healing them.​
    - Controls when your stop hurting them. 0 will lead to death.​
    - regen-altitude:0
    - If a player goes below this depth, the will no longer be healed.​
    - Used if you want to make underground harder.​
    - sleep-heal:20
    - When players sleep through the night they get healed this amount.​

    If using permissions use the node 'slowhealth' for everyone you want to be affected by this mod. Permissions is not needed to use this mod, Slow Health will default to everyone getting healed if not installed.​

    To be added:
    - Fix the plug-in to work if properties is set to spawn-monsters=false.
    - An option to have slow health heal you after a set amount of time after you take damage​
    - An option to heal you only when you are standing still (probably will be mutually exclusive of above option)​
    - Heal only when light is above a certain level​
    - Console controls to edit settings 'on the fly' (will support permissions)​
    - Suggest more please...

    - Code modified from Silence's SimpleGod code and Protected's SlowHealth 1.0.
    - Also credit to feverdream, Drakia, Edward Hand

    Change Log:

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    Repeating what the OP says, but if you want to heal half a heart every 5 seconds, set

    - regen-rate:5
    - regen-amount:1
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    Trevor Bradley

    Just upgraded to CraftBukkit 860 and I can't seem to get this to work. It appears to work in some worlds and not others, with no correlation to the settings files as far as I can tell.

    Is there any good way to test if damage is working? If you configure a world to take ongoing damage, does it happen when the "rl" command is executed, when the server is restarted, or when players move into a new world?
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    On Bukkit 860 sleep heal isn't working for me. I have "sleep-heal:20" set in default and the world's file, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Currently running:
    Permissions 2.7.4
    BigBrother (490, I think)
    General (Chernobyl)
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    I too seem to be getting problems, some of my users were getting free healing without having the permission. not sure why :(
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    What a great plugin, it's really useful to get a better experience of gameplay.

    Thanks mate. ;)
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    This plugin Is causing my death messages to appear twice when users die.
    Am I the only one ?
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    i want to suggest.. when you die, your health will become half heart or 1heart.. RPG style(e.g. Ragnarok) :D
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    I'd say that is outside the scope of this plugin as SlowHealth just heals, it doesn't handle respawns or deaths
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    aw.. ok.. it's just cool when it combines here :)
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    I have a suggestion.

    Can you add the option to disable auto heal while spawning monsters are off?
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    Has the health regen quit working for anyone else on 935?? Is there an update coming for this?? Sleep healing still works, just not the regen.
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    Is there any way to make this work for a server that uses a map directory? There is no way to name a file "maps\worldname.properties". Does it take some other character as slash?
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    I have a suggestion.
    - If player stand still or crouch will have a different regen rate like 'regen faster' or 'regen more health'
    - Config to choose whether to enable/disable regen on walking

    You mean you don't get any regen?? and sleep heal is worked?
    I got opposite, Sleep heal does nothing but Regen work normally.

    I use 953.

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    I have problem. When this plugin is on, only to me (OP and permissions admin) generating the health. So give me permissions code please.
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    Give the permission "slowhealth"
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    It seems to work with RB 1000 pretty well, but the author appears to be away. Is there maybe someone who continues his work? I don't want new features, I like this slim and simple plugin, but would be cool if it is "certified" for the upcoming RBs.
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    2.3 runs on 1060, pretty sure 3.2 does as well.
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    This is a great plugin :) Just a request to add compatibility for PermissionsBukkit?
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    Cultist O

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    Looks like an awesome plugin, adding it to my server soon
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    Slowhealth is loaded.
    Permission system not detected, every one gets heals!
    How can I fix this?
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    Found a bug - when the player is already dead, slowhealth will still set their health to 0, which re-sends the death event.

    As a result, mods which react to player death (such as DeathControl and HeroicDeath), react a second time, with potentially incorrect behavior.
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    Hi, could you make it possible to configure the food bar too? Or at least have a possibility of disabling it? The reason why I ask is because I want my server like "peaceful" on 1.7 was. Now we can heal as 1.7, but it is really annoying having to eat, if I don't it is like constantly walking on a cactus without dying.
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    update this plugin pls
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    I have done some updates to this plugin to fix the issues with current Bukkit releases as i really enjoy this plugin. I have renamed my copy to Autohealth just to keep it separate. I have also added the ability to keep your food level at max and so far it's been working wonderfully for me. It can be downloaded here


    I am hoping to be able to make a DevBukkit page for it as well as another plugin that i am working on called SignPorter.

    If there are any issues please use the github issue tracker as I don't usually check this site often :(
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    Can someone add a 'incremental speed' rate where the rate starts slow... Then gets faster so long as you don't get hit?

    And I don't know if the plugin has a 'cooldown' rate before healing kicks in.

    I want to make it so when under a low amount of hp, like 5 hearts or value of 10, if you aren't taking any hits for 5 seconds, start regeneration.

    Then the possibility of 'stopping' the special regeneration to 5 hearts or value of 10.

    Like regenerate 1/2 heart per 1.5 seconds, for 3 seconds, then increase the speed to 1/2 heart per second, for 2 seconds, then 1 heart per second.

    Would be nice if health and damage of the game can be multiplied by 5 so the total health value is 100 and so you have a nice 'bits' of health to make fast paced regeneration seem attractive (when you see your hearts slowly then rapidly heal).
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    can you put:
    Is this plugin dead?
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    I have installed the Plugin on my Bukktit Server. But there isnĀ“t a SlowHealth Folder. And i cant change the regen rate etc. in the propertie file. Pls help me :D
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    Is this plugin dead?

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