[MECH] SimpleGodMode v1.04 - No damage for ops + Permissions! [1060]

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    SimpleGodMode - No damage for ops
    Version: 1.04
    If you want to be invulnerable, you can use this plugin. It allows admins and moderators not to get damage. You won't be killed if you use god mode feature!
    It supports Permissions so you can make some groups invulnerable.
    You can use command /godmode on|off (player name) to make you or someone else god. And use /godmode without arguments to get information about god mode.

    • Really simple god mode.
    • Easy install.
    • Supports Permissions plugin, but doesn't require it.
    v1.04 (last release) for Bukkit 1060

    Permissions nodes
    • SimpleGodMode.isGod - for users who are able to make themselves gods.
    • SimpleGodMode.isGodByDefault - this group makes players in it invulnerable by default (when they join).
    16.09.2011 - v1.04
    • Epic bug fixed (thanks to GizmoTheGreen).
    28.06.2011 - v1.03
    • Lightning bug fixed (thanks to Asphodan).
    28.06.2011 - v1.02
    • Remove fire when out of lava/fire source (thanks to ACStache).
    06.05.2011 (not sure) - v1.01
    • Terrible bug fixed (thanks to Sydaell).
    06.05.2011 - v1.00
    • Initial release of SimpleGodMode.
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    just upgraded to CB 953 & MC 1.7.2, will let you know if I find any issues :)

    falling, mobs, and drowning don't kill me.
    fire and lava still get extinguished and don't kill me.
    it enables and disables fine for myself (default to on when I log on)
    so besides enabling for another person it seems to be working 100%, as I haven't tried enabling for another person yet.

    found a conflicting plugin I think... if using weathergod (which I've tested and works in RB 953) and you cast /wg strike <player>, it strikes that player with a lightning bolt and kills them. The thing is though, with that and this plugin installed, it kills me even with godmode enabled. That's not the part I mind, I figured insta-kill would still work. It's the fact I can't hit Respawn after I die :(

    I'll double and triple check this to be sure, but that's my findings as of right now. All thanks to me commiting suicide... sheesh. you'd figure you'd find bugs killing the peons of the server before killing yourself!

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    I am handling damage event, and nothing more.
    When I read your post, first I thought that I should handle lightning event too, but:
    1. natural lightnings don't kill me and even don't damage;
    2. it is really difficult to find information which player lightning killed/damaged.

    So maybe you should ask weathergod's creator?
  5. best godmode plugin :) sometimes i take fall damage though :p
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    i noticed that if I log in and I want to disable godmode, I have to type "/godmode off" 2 times.

    command              what I'm told
    /godmode off    |    Now you aren't god!
    /godmode        |    You are god!
    /godmode off    |    Now you aren't god!
    /godmode        |    You aren't god!
    as a heads up I have ( - '*' ) as my permission node, so I technically have both SimpleGodMode.isGod and SimpleGodMode.isGodByDefault nodes
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    I had the same problem (and maybe I have?)
    I updated my plugin to 953 and tried it on my localhost server without plugins... everything worked correctly!
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    ok, I'll give it a try when I get home then. thanks :)
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    New 1.03 version released, compatible with #1000 and with bug fix.
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    hooray for updates and fixes!
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    Perhaps I'm just being totally silly here but I can't seem to get the isGodByDefault node to work.

    I can manually turn it on (if I have isGod) but when I login, it is not turned on and I can receive damage.

    If it matters, I'm using PermissionsBukkit with the Permissions bridge.
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    SimpleGodMode.isGodByDefault is working on my vanilla server without Permissions. Try to use not only SimpleGodMode.isGodByDefault but SimpleGodMode.isGod too maybe...

    P.S. I will now check it on my main server.
    P.P.S. I checked it, and it works... but sometimes incorrectly... I will update this plugin soon with new feature: /godmode check (Player), and maybe I will work on this, but I'm not sure.
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    using PermissionBukkit SimpleGodMode.isGodByDefault works for me only if I add it as per user permission
    maby it's a misstake in my configuration, i will check it tonight

    i'm using PermissionBukkit, and only the command
    /godemode on
    is working

    i've given the user both permission
    and checked with /perm check if the user has both
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    I don't use permissions, and unfortunately there's no config file or anything in the plugin.yml that I can use to disable SimpleGodMode.isGodByDefault. As well, sometimes I have to use /godmode off two times before it actually turns off. Are some fixes possible? Thanks!
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    Yeah, that's very old and very strange bug. I will work on this today and I hope I will fix it...
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    I'm geting an odd bug on mine, I write /godmode on and it outputs /godmode on/off (player name)
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    You always get that bug? Permissions are correct?
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    Now does this prevent damage from say a player.setHealth(0); ? Or can you make it so it also prevents death and thus would provide protection from this anyways.
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    I have the same issue that godmode doesn't turn off until I call /godmode off twice (only after joining the server). Also I don't use permissions and I want to deactivate godmode by default (every time I join the server I have to turn it off). Could there be an option for that?
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    this doesnt work??!!?!??!
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    This plugin will be certainly updated (and all bugs will be fixed, really) soon, after 1.8 released.
  22. I think I know what the "sticking godmode bug" is!

    if you log in , and are goded by default, and relog, you ADD a godmode, not toggle... so
    lets say I've been online 4 times, then go to survival and have to toggle my godmode, I have to use /godmode off 5 times! then it is off!, so it goes like this...

    /godmode off -> Now you aren't god!
    /godmode off -> Now you aren't god!
    /godmode off -> Now you aren't god!
    /godmode off -> Now you aren't god!
    /godmode off -> You haven't been god!

    the last message means you did it one too many, but atleast you finally got it confirmed you are mortal.
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    Thank you very much!
    New version is released.
    If you have troubles with downloading 1.04, try this temporary link: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    P.S. This plugin will be moved to BukkitDev soon I think. And Permissions will be changed to PermissionsBukkit. :)
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    There is a glitch with hunger health degeneration, it ignores simplegodmode until four hearts left on 1185.
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    make the command /god on to /god and /god off to ungod
  26. is this for 1.8? and where do i put the jar

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