[MECH] SimpleGodMode v1.04 - No damage for ops + Permissions! [1060]

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    SimpleGodMode - No damage for ops
    Version: 1.04
    If you want to be invulnerable, you can use this plugin. It allows admins and moderators not to get damage. You won't be killed if you use god mode feature!
    It supports Permissions so you can make some groups invulnerable.
    You can use command /godmode on|off (player name) to make you or someone else god. And use /godmode without arguments to get information about god mode.

    • Really simple god mode.
    • Easy install.
    • Supports Permissions plugin, but doesn't require it.
    v1.04 (last release) for Bukkit 1060

    Permissions nodes
    • SimpleGodMode.isGod - for users who are able to make themselves gods.
    • SimpleGodMode.isGodByDefault - this group makes players in it invulnerable by default (when they join).
    16.09.2011 - v1.04
    • Epic bug fixed (thanks to GizmoTheGreen).
    28.06.2011 - v1.03
    • Lightning bug fixed (thanks to Asphodan).
    28.06.2011 - v1.02
    • Remove fire when out of lava/fire source (thanks to ACStache).
    06.05.2011 (not sure) - v1.01
    • Terrible bug fixed (thanks to Sydaell).
    06.05.2011 - v1.00
    • Initial release of SimpleGodMode.
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    Thanks for finishing my request.
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    I'm happy - finally more than 50 people who downloaded it.
    Does it work?
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    I will download and test this tomorrow, I believe.

    Was VERY much looking forward to a godmode plugin with this much versatility.

    Thank you :D
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    Seems simple enough... I'll test it out
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    it works and its amazingly simple all the other god mods didn't work for me and this one does its so easy
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    Wow!!! I was just searching one plugin like this, and this is my solution! Thanks. Works really good ^^
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    Its great!

    one qustion, if I use "/godmode off/on" every god will be a normal man right ?
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    No, just you. :)

    /godmode on enables godmode for you.
    /godmode off disables godmode for you.
    /godmode on Foobar enables godmode for Foobar.
    /godmode off Foobar disables godmode for Foobar.

    That's all.
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Source code maybe ?
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    Oh you think making this open-source is needed?
    I don't think code inside is OK because I've started programming Java some weeks ago. :D
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    I'm pretty sure it's part of the Plugin Release/Submission Guidelines to include the source code...
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    You have to
    I suggest GitHub.com
    Warn me when it's uploaded

    Will you put it in github ? @Yhehesh

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    Ok, later.
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    Mighty Mackinac

    Download link is broken
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    Updated to 803.
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    What are you developing now ?
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    Nothing now. I am too busy this week. My last project was AirDeath for Grefuntor. ;)
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    Hello, if this doesn't work, send me a PM or just post here and I will change it with updated version (but I don't think that it is needed).

    It's bugfix: #812 calls PLAYER_JOIN and PLAYER_LOGIN before player is added to world's list. (maybe it is just #812 fail and it will be fixed soon, but it also can be that developers don't know about this).
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    My server is testing build 814 and I get the same errors with your plugin.
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    Any chance for this to be fixed? at build 818 now.
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  23. Yeah please fix it for 818.
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    yeah fixxxxxx :p i wants it
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    It is finally fixed, guys!
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    Thanks man, I've already died quite a few times when logging back into the server XD
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    Mighty Mackinac

    Just updated, have permissions set up on permissions 3.1.2, CB 818. It was working for about an hour, then after a reload, it just stopped. No errors, nothing. i digging and suddenly, im not lava-proof anymore...Any ideas?
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    Might want to stick to restarting your server. But did you relog? Reloading disables all godmodes and such.
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    Mighty Mackinac


    Well that sucks!
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    you can use the SimpleGodMode.isGodByDefault permissions node so even if you relog you're god mode is on by default signing in.

    also typing just /godmode tells you if you're a god or not, use it to double check

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