Inactive [MECH] SilkierTouch v1.7.1 - Now with more blocks! [1.2.3-R0.1/R0.2]

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    WOW, very nice, so far working as intended, I was wondering what the spawner will behave like once picked then placed, will it be the respective mob or go pig on us? I'll make a video of it in action for you and post it on youtube for some exposer. thanks again
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    Nice plugin.
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    Updated for the latest recommended build CB 1.1-R3. The only change in this update is that SilkierTouch now takes advantage of the new Listener API, improving server performance.
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    Hey! id like it if you could attach this video to this thread? thanks!
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    Attach it as in embed it into the first post?

    EDIT: Water appears from ice blocks? Hmm, I'll add an option to the config for that.

    I've made it so that if you mine ice with Silk Touch water won't appear where the ice was, you can disable this change in the config. I haven't officially updated the plugin yet, because I'd have to rewrite the changelogs, and I don't have the patience for that right now, but if you re-download it now you'll get the new version.

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    I just installed the plugin and it dident work?..i got no errors and it said it was enable
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    I need more information than that, tell me what version of Bukkit you're running, what you tried, if you edited the config, and what did and didn't happen. Was your tool enchanted with Silk Touch?
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    I'm currently looking for ideas, if there's anything you'd like included in the next content update now's the time to share.
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    I'd like to see glass panes and glowstone be collected by silk touch. As far as I know they can not be collected . Is this correct?
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    I believe they can be, but if you test it and they indeed can't, I'll add them.
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    Yeah, also curious.
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    It didn't persist before, but I've recently been made aware of an almost foolproof way for tracking the spawners, so as of the next update they will.
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    If i download your plugin from the main download link i get the message that SilkierTouch v1.6 not 1.5 is enabled during server start and if I beak an spawner with Silk touch the spawner don't drop an Mob Spawner. Fire and ice drops work fine.

    I test this on a new server with out any other plugins installed and on my main server.

    Bukkit version: 1.1-R4
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    Thanks for the info, I'll fix it ASAP.
    EDIT: Seeing as the version should have been correct from the start, as well as to avoid confusion, I've solved this with a hotfix instead of a new update. Just re-download version 1.5 for the fix. Tell me if the Spawners still don't work.
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    The Spawner drop now Mob Spawners but all Spanwers drop Pig Spawners now.
    Thx. for the fast support.
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    You mean they don't keep their mobtype?
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  18. Is this working properly now? o.o
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    Should be.
  20. Mob Spawners don't seem to persiste, checking the config & permissions, everything seems fine =/
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    I'll take a look.
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    Could you update this?
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    I wasn't aware it was still in use. I'll have it updated by the end of today.
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    Lovely! I appreciate your work.
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    You could make it pick up block 97 (silverfish blocks)
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    Not as widely used as the others, but still not a bad idea, I'll probably add it in the next update.
  27. I have quite a bit of block suggestions to add, and I just tested all of these, and they do not normally work:
    Farmland (60)
    Snow (78)
    Snow Block (80)
    Boat (333)
    Double Slabs (43)
    Glass Panes (102)
    Silverfish Stone (97)
    Glass (20)
    Cake (354)

    It's quite a bit, but they're just suggestions. :)
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    So I made modification in your plugin and add glass block. It would be cool if you publish source code, but I get it without it ;) Don't be mad :D
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    I made a little fan video, I really like this plugin. :D You did a good job with it, as simple as it is.

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