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    SignHeal - Heal by Right-Clicking Sign
    Version: v1.7


    You can make Signs, which heal yourself when right-clicking on it.
    The Plugin was requested by Lauritius

    • Heal by Right-Clicking Sign
    • Configurable amount of Health
    • Optional Permissions Support
    • iConomy Support
    How to Use:

    Write down "[Heal]" or [iHeal] (without the "") in the first line of the sign and the amount of health to be healed into the second one. In the third line you have to set the price for using the Sign.
    For further details please read the readme.txt ;)


    Download v1.7 (contains readme.txt)


    Version 1.7 (14.08.2011)
    • Added an alias for [Heal] -> [iHeal]
    Older Logs:
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    Version 1.0 (11.05.2011)
    • Initial Release of the plugin
    Version 1.1 (12.05.2011)
    • Fixed a Problem, Getting an error sometimes when right-clicking a Sign.
    Version 1.2 (14.05.2011)
    • Now with configurable amount of Health.
    Version 1.3 (17.05.2011)
    • Permissions Support!!! -> Message when (trying) to create a "HealSign"
    • Non-Case-Sensitive
    Version 1.4 (18.05.2011)
    • Fixed problem, where you can have more than 20 HP
    Version 1.5 (24.05.2011)
    • Added iConomy Support :)
    Version 1.6 (22.06.2011)
    • Permissions Support is now optional.

    You like my Plugin?​
    I mean you REALLY like it?!​
    Then please help me to keep this up and​

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    @Semirotta and the other:
    Sorry mates but i do not work with BOSEconomy and so I can not give you the guarantee that it works with it. I work with iConomy.

    would be possible but it would make the plugin much more complicated.
    Would be nice if you could give me an example for how you want it to look like then ;)
  3. Ive tested with BOSEconomy and it does not work, if u put price when using BOSEconomy -> it does not heal or take cash.
    Why dont u work with boseconomy?
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    Okay i will add BOSEconomy support in the next version.
  5. Example

    [gold_ingot] <<< The object you pay with
    6 <<<<< how much you have to pay, so 6 gold ingots for 5 hp
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    Could you PLZ change the [heal] with another thing that won't interfer with essentials ?
    I really need that kind of plugin but essentials create an error :(
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    I think will add an option to also use [iHeal] (non-case-sensitive) and then nobody should have problems with conflicting addons. (the [Heal] will still work)
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    #Realeased Version 1.7

    Check out the changelog!
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    thanks for the new allias :)
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    I found that i have to use:
    for it to work but even then it doesnt take the $10 off my iconomy money?
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    Hi, @Chewing-Gumm I was wondering if you could change the "iHeal" Alias in your plugin to "SignHeal" Or something like that because I am making a plugin called iHeal, and I just realized that you had that as one of your aliases. If you want to keep iHeal, I totally understand, because you were first, and I will just have to change mine. Its just that I set up my whole plugin with iHeal. And, I like the name. It would just be helpful if you could change the alias to SignHeal. Can we please work out a compromise? Thank you!

    ~ Nicholasntp

    Never mind. iHeal is not going to be developed.
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    Could you add food bar filling? To the same sign, or as an new sign?
    Also, tested on #1337, works, update to title.

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