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  1. Signcart - The Plugin to dispence minecarts using signs: Version: v1.0

    Signcart is a plugin that is very easy to use. You create a sign with the text "[signcart]" on the first line. It doesn't matter what you put on the other lines. Then, when someone punches the sign, it spawns a minecart and puts the player inside it. If they exit the minecart it despawns. A minecart only despawns when it is created by Signcart. When someone is in creative mode and punches the sign it looks like he broke it, but the sign spawns again.

    • Signcart can dispence minecarts using signs
    • Signcart will despawn a cart spawned by Signcart if it is exited
    • Minecarts spawned my Sign cart can not be destroyed by a player, they can only exit it.

    1. signcart.use (default) allow someone to use SignCart
    2. signcart.create (OP) allow someone to create a SignCart
    3. signcart.destroy (OP) allow someone to use /signcart destroy

    1. /signcart destroy (the first SignCart you hit will be de destroyed
    Dowload version 1.0 from box
    go to bukkitdev page

    • add permissions support
    • fix a few bugs
    • add a feature to look for rails in the code
    • make a tut
    • suggestions?

    Version 1.0
    • Fixed a lot of bugs
    • added permissions support :cool:
    • add a check for rails
    • add a destroy command
    • now add [signcart] on the first line and it will change the text for you.
    Version 0.2
    • changed the text form [signcart] to punch sign
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    I agree ! It would be cool if we could set what we want for the "punch sign" text. Like a translation in our language :p
  3. I am coding right now
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    two points:
    isnt it "to dispense" a cart not to "dispence"? (im no native speaker)
    second and more important: i cant get out of the minecart!

    i can exit the minecart only by leaving the server and logging in again.
    then the cart-entity is destroyed - the minecart vanished.
    i suppose, there is a problem, deleting/destroying the minecart-entity.

    there are interesting things happening, when i try to exit a minecart by warping away:

    or..i can only exit a cart by warping away, but then the following happens:
    warping brings me out of the cart near the carts position, not to the warp-point.
    maybe this is also an issue of the warp-plugin.
    the cart remains at the location i "left" it.
    the minecart itself cant be "selected" or touched and if i break the block underneath the cart, the block respawns.
    only exiting the game and logging in again despawns the minecart.
  5. Strange, I don't know if anyone else is having that problem, what other plugins are you using??

    secondly, the warping out of a minecart, is as far as I know a bukkit bug.
  6. that will be perfect, thats exactly what we need, ill wait for the update, by the way i keep the old one cuz ppl need to understand what are they punching haha (ya well my english is not so good but im able to understand everything and hardly answer)

    Emm, i think some of ur plugins are doing that, but this one its working fine for me.
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    i ve now done an absolute fresh install of craftbukkit-1.1-R4 with signcart being the only plugin.
    craftbukkit itself created all new directories and files.
    the error, not getting out of the minecart created by signcart nor the minecart despawning at the end of the track, remains.

    with signcart-0.2 and craftbukkit-1.0 !!! this error did not occur.

    so there is no other plugin or my map involved in this error.


    the error was not a server-sided error, it was an outdated texture-pack!! strange but true :)

    thank you very much for your great plugin!!
  8. thx for replying
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    Hey, could you please update to R5? :)
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    Sorry I was being derp and building the sign inside the spawn area where only ops could build, lol my bad.

    An option to change what text is on the sign would be pretty awesome :)
  11. workin on it right now :p
  12. there is no R5 right??
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    hey dude, with the today minecraft update (1.2) it stop working, could you tell me how to fix ?
  14. I have tested Signcart with build #2015 and had no problems. I will try to update as much as possible, but I rather update when a 1.2 rb is out.
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    I love this plugin so much, but as my server implemented buying and selling system,
    if the plugin just give out a cart, players may get carts and sell them

    i wanna keep the cart selling system

    is it possible to let administrator to config, whether only signcart will be despawned?
    then i can let the buying system to handle the cart spawning stuff
    turn all signcart functions off, except let the cart despawn after the player exit

    i think this will be a perfect solution of a simple ticket system

    thanks !
  16. Can you give an example. I don't realy get what you would like. Do you mean that I create a plugin/add a function. That if some exits any minecart, the cart will be despawned? But that will cause ALL minecarts (so also carts crafted by players) to despawn uppon exit. I might add economy to SignCart, so if someone punches the sign, it will cost hime some money. However, I am new to economy and might need some time to add it to SignCart.
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    can u add support for chargeing the player to use the sign. so in a station they click the sign and it takes a few dollors out of there iconomy account t spawn the minecart?
  18. I will look into Iconomy
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    i had a Problem with this Plugin i think it doesn´t work in 1.2.4 because when i create a sign this Plugin say that i can punch on it to get into a minecraft. Ok but when i hit it nothing happen. and where i must place the rails ?
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    love the cart system (very easy to setup, ...), but why not adding a function so if someone takes a minecart with signcart, they will lose some money on the're iconomy bill ? whe're using this plugin now on our dutch minecraft server ( for all of our minecart stations, thank you for making the plugin !
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    Testing it out tonight... Will comment when I'm done!

    EDIT: AMAZING plugin, just 2 quick things, could you make it so that it spawns on the nearest rail within a, say, 10 block radius? Also, I was able to find a way to make the cart go by ITSELF ON A SLANTED RAIL simply by punching the sign. Anyone want me to post a video on how to do this?
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    Hi, Love the sound of the mod however not having much luck with getting this to run on craftbukkit-1.2.5-R4.0.jar on a linux server, Mod installs with no issue and when signs are created the text is automatically changed to "punch sign to get a minecart" punching the sign does nothing :( any pointer or anyone have any videeos?

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