[MECH/SEC/MISC] NoDragons v1.0 - Prevents dragons from spawning (Pre-release for Beta 1.9) [?]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Juze, Oct 13, 2011.

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    NoDragons - Prevents dragons from spawning
    Version: v1.0
    Tested with CraftBukkit #?

    NOTE: This plugin doesn't compile yet. Dragons don't exist (yet). The source code is here ready to be compiled for first 1.9 Bukkit release.

    Annoyed by dragons griefing your enderworld? Well worry no more! This plugin prevents dragons from spawning completely!

    • Prevents dragons from spawning
    • Lightweight
    • No config, easy to use!
    Download (Latest version, wget friendly):
    NoDragons.jar (Mirror) - waiting for Bukkit
    Source Code

    Place the NoDragons.jar in your server's /plugins/ directory, just like any other plugin. Restart your server.

    • Nothing!
    • None known.
    Version 1.0 (Download - waiting for Bukkit)
    • Initial release
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    lol. you made this before it even is xD
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    I'll laugh if they make it like 'DRAGOn' just to throw you off ;)
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    Well, bold the title, and you might be interested to know Notch is speaking of adding two dragons, the Enderdragon, and the Reddragon. Say hello to a configuration and Multiworld :p
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    please add mySQL and iconomy support!
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    I though dragons come 1.10 and only spawn in ender realm?

    Thats what I thought was happening

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    ^ This.

    Also, could we have SuperPerms support? I don't want just anyone to not-spawn dragons.
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    True. I would like super permissions support. Mainly because i don't want ANNOYING players joining the server im on and turning the off! maybe we want dragons and some times we don't. Over all, Great job putting the plugin before the dragons come out. Thanks for it anyway[​IMG]:)
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    Don't forget we want a wiki for it, along with a complete API for other plugins to use!
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    This makes me laugh.
    Im pretty sure this plugin won't work, when the
    first 1.9 compatibel build comes out.
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    And we need configuration options of course to turn off specific features. This plugin is sooooooooo bloated!

    Proof or it didn't happen! :p
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    Please update to latest recommended build 1684!
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    "?" is not a valid RB
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    You really think it would compile on #1337? :eek:

    I have no idea if this compiles on 1.9-Pre5 Bukkits.
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    ... Then how do you know it works?
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    I don't. It works on slimes, but it may differ for dragons slightly, depending how dragons are named in Bukkit/Minecraft. :D
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    Should have placed this in WIP
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    True. Didn't realize.
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    I need this plugin!!! Like Immediatly for bukkit 1.0.0

    I accidently spawned an ender dragon in my main world...
    and supposedly if I restart the server it will duplicate!
    if I Kill it it will mass reproduce!

    or I need a way to destroy it! If I turned off mobs would it still be there???

    Can I kill it safely?

    oh ya and I can't go anywhere near the dragon without the server crashing
    or aka 400mb ram fail

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    The two only ways I know to destroy a dragon are:
    1. Kill him, he will not mass reproduce. Only drop much xp.
    2. Delete the world folder, don't choose this one :p
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    WorldEdit's /butcher command now kills them in the latest build.
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    you know whats wierder? when the server crashed the dragon teleported (Thank god...) to a different location in an unrendered spot of the world!!! I'll try this new worldedit release if I don't already have it :D
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    I didn't say "release", I said "build". I got it from sk89q's jenkins at build.sk89q.com
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