Inactive [MECH/SEC] KeepItems v1.0.rc2 - Players keep items and experience on death. [1.4.5-R1.0][1.4.6-R0.1]

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    KeepItems allows players to keep their items and experience when they die, whilst optionally resetting their progress towards the next level as a punishment for death.

    With KeepItems enabled, when a player dies they will not drop any loot or experience orbs. When they respawn, their items and experience (optionally rounded down to the nearest level to prevent abuse) will be returned directly to their inventory.

    More information and the download link can be found on the BukkitDev page for this project.
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    Pro-tip.....add a bit more about your plugin here. And Specify that you have a pending BukkitDev project. This thread seems a bit to vague, even for a place-holding thread for a BD proj.
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    I'm not really sure what else there is to say - it's a very specific plugin that's designed to do one and only one thing. It's been approved now anyway.
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    Well if its good enough for the mods its good enough. Place-Holder threads ARE encouraged so i guess there is nothing wrong with it. I just like substance I guess!
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    And R4 please
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    Done. I'll have a dev build ready for R5 soon as well.
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    Is there any way you can make a config so that i could make tis not effect iteams ( I want them to go into chest, another plugin) and this justn effect experince. Thanks
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    I really need that will allow players to keep their level on death but not items. Any chance this could be added?
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    I guess I could add a config option for that, in the next version. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Is there any chance you can ACTUALLY add permissions? Cos you know, this would be good as a donator option or something.
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    Yeah, I'll get this sorted ready for the next version. I can't promise Vault support though since I don't use it.
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    I didn't personally use vault, useing it means NOTHING, it has no user-interface other than version check commands and ect. A good developer would read the documentation, all it is is calling the proper methods in the proper places, head over to the Vault GitHub and read-up on the interface documentation. That would also be a good way to do your permissions instead of the default Player.hasPermission(java.lang.String).
    Now, i'm not telling you must do this, im not forcing you to do anything, what I say should mean nothing to you, all im saying is: 'because I don't use it' is not a good excuse.
    Only put as much dedication and time into this as you want.
    //Yes i'm hoping back in this thread...get over it......
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    "Because I don't use it" is a perfectly valid excuse. I made this plugin for my own server; I'm only sharing it in case others find it useful.
    If you really think it needs vault support, you're welcome to fork the repo and send me a pull request. Until then, I'm sticking with superperms.
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    I would like the options to keep the EXP but not the items. I want to work to go get my stuff back. Kind of Like Diablo. You don't lose your EXP, but you have to run back and get your stuff.
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    Any ways to keep just one item of there choice or slot? or a plugin that does this?
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    This plugin is awesome !
    I still have some bugs and my players are sometimes complaining their inventory is empty after death.
    Where does that bug come from ?
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    Is there a way u can keep maybe a few items on death and keep all ur xp? Sorta like Runescape lol.
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    Yup. Check out the documentation on the BukkitDev page and let me know over there if you need any help.

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