[MECH] Safe Creeper - Control creepers, Enderman, TNT, Fireballs and more!

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    Tim Visee

    The Safe Creeper project page has been moved. Go to one of the two pages bellow to get to the Safe Creeper project page, with the newest download available:​
    You can view the orriginal page in the spoiler bellow. It's highly recommended to visit one of the above sites, to view the up-to-date pages.
    Orriginal Page (open)

    InstallationBasicsAdd-ons and Support
    DownloadsCommandsSupported Plugins
    Direct downloadPermissionsAdd-ons
    Bugs & IssuesAPIDonate

    What is Safe Creeper
    Control creepers, Withers, EnderDragons, Enderman, TNT, Fireballs and a lot more!
    With Safe Creeper you can control creeper explosions and other things like, fireballs, TNT, Enderman and a lot of other things, you can set if a creeper explosions destroys blocks. You can set if Zombie's can break down doors. You can also set a lot of other things, the possibilities are almost endless! A few other examples are that you can set up if players are able to use TNT blocks, if creepers will explode above the surface and underneath they wont, set if Enderman can place and break blocks, even if they can clone blocks, explosion sounds, smoke effects and a lot of more things. The plugins is fully configurable and it has multi world support. This is a must have for most server administrators.

    Example Video
    This is an video witch explains the config file system of an older version of Safe Creeper, it should work very similair with the current version. This video also shows you some features from Safe Creeper:

    This is a small list of features witch Safe Creeper can provide for your server. If you want to see the full list, and a list of planned features, visit this page: Page: Features
    • Added auto updater, to automaticly install new updates!
    • Added new, more stable, update checking system.
    • Added ability to 'Spawning.ZombieType' to make giants spawn in the ZombieControl.
    • Added 'CanCreateSnow' to the SnowmanControl to disable the Snowman from creating snowlayers.
    • Added feature to make mobs drop skulls inside 'CustomDrops.Skulls', players can drop their own head too. (Available for CreeperControl)
    • Added 'AlwaysAngry' to the PigZombie control
    • Added auto updater settings to config file to disable auto updates, notifications or update checks.
    • PlayerControl, SkeletonControl and ZombieControl)
    • Updated LikeABoss usage methods.
    • Changed default values for 'CanPickupItems' to false for most mob controls.
    • Fixed world config files not converting properly.
    • Fixed live statics returning wrong values.
    • Fixed issue in the config core which caused equipment don't work properly.
    • Fixed withers breaking stuff when they are stuck when DestroyWorld was disabled.
    • Fixed live statistics causing the server to crash.
    • Fixed flying blocks from spawning when destroy world was set to false.
    • Fixed errors caused by unknown mob types.
    • Build against Bukkit-1.5.2-R1.0
    Connections to the outside
    Safe Creeper does setup connections to the outside, to other servers than the server Safe Creeper is running on. In the current versions (v1.3.6 and above) Safe Creeper does connect to the following servers; The first connection Safe Creeper sets up is a connection to the update servers of Safe Creeper. This update server is a separated server hosted by timvisee.com (developer of Safe Creeper). The connections to the update servers are made on each start up, and each hour while the plugin is running. These connections can be disabled inside the config file of Safe Creeper underneath the node 'updateChecker'. Because of the update checker and the auto updater Safe Creeper does also setup a connection to dev.bukkit.org to download the newest plugin versions. Other connections are made to the servers of mcstats.org, this is a service Safe Creeper uses to add live statics, like the amount of servers running Safe Creeper, these statics are fully anonymous. Connections to mcstats.org and live statics usage can be disabled inside the Safe Creeper configuration file.

    Bugs & Issues
    Please go to the following page to see how to report a bug, this page also contains a list with all known bugs in the current Safe Creeper version.
    Page: Bugs

    Please donate some money so I can buy some coffee to make better plugins and even update my old ones :) , I really like it if you give any donation! You could go to a donation page using the button bellow or the donate button above the search-box.
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    You actually didn't help me, but just repeated what you have to do.
    I already know that you have to enable it with "true" or "false"
    I already know the global config is for all your worlds.
    I already know there is a world folder for different worlds.

    My problem:
    If I try to config in the "world" folder, nothing happens.
    Example: If I set explosiondamage to "false" in the config of 1 of my 3 worlds, nothing happens. Explosiondamage is still enabled in the server.

    Only global config works.
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    Hi mate, fixed the problem i had before.
    But i am missing one permission reward to disable and that is the new snowman mob.
    Because players can build them themself and its easy money.

    Or is there already a way to disable money rewards from snowman? (maybe some els know? please let me know!)
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    Tim Visee

    Could you give it a try with a non-changed config file, if you still got errors tell me. That would be really helpfull, if it does it's possible that some other plugin cause problems with it, if they do I'll try to fix it of course!

    EDIT: I probably know why it happend, this is an old config file and maybe the old plugin, download the new plugin with the new config file into it (which has a LOT of options) and give that a try, that should work! And again, tell me if you need help :)

    Well yes it should, but someone said 2 days ago that when you want to place water it would work with a bukkit but not with an block with the ID 8 to 11 (lava or water block), so I'm not sure if you could block water place using bukkits with the plugin. I hope you understand what I mean..! But in the upcommnig version this should be fixed of course.

    Sorry I still need to test his problem I'm really busy :(
    Btw, thanks for the great responce!

    Hmm, this could be a but, I'll check this out!

    k, great! I didn't added the option for snowman support yet I'll release the new version with support for this soon, sorry.
    Btw, great that you fixed this, I just send a reply to an older message with the non-working-config file, I suggest to just ready it but don't write an reply on it. (you could of course)

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    Hi mate, good to hear about the snowman support ;)
    And about the problem i had earlier, i figured out that the config would be old (i reused the old config instead of generating a new one) so now it runs fine and im SO GLAD seriously this mod actually makes things a ton more fun for my members (and me! :D) i cant go without it now! just love this 1-plugin-for-all-mobs(and more!) thanks for your replies mate!
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    Thank you!! :D •hugs•
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    Tim Visee

    Thank you for the great responce!! :D
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    Just wanted to give you a heads up that the TNT player damage prevention is working again in CraftBukkit #1638. So they must have fixed something between that and #1597. Just be aware that #1597, their "recommended" build, does not have the same TNT player damage method, and does not work with any damage blocking plugins I have found.
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    Tim Visee

    Thanks, so its working again? Great!
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    Yep everything is peachy keen.
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    This plugin absolutely rocks!
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    Tim Visee

    Thanks again!

    Thank you very much! :D

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    Ok nevermind it is still not working. I forgot that I had explosion protection enchanted armor on. TNT still kills me with no armor on.
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    Tim Visee

    k, thanks for noting this
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    kan je ff alle commands zeggen
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    WTF? Do you mean:
    If so, afaik there isn't any comannd.

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    Tim Visee

    Agree, there isn't any command right now. THere should be some in the next version, if thats right I'll paste them inside this forum threat. But no there are currently no commands.
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    Thx great plugin!
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    Tim Visee

    I'm rewriting the whole plugin for the new bukkit version. This should also make Safe Creeper a LOT faster and easier to use. (The whole code is also cleaned up). There are also a few new features added, there are probably added more features later if I didn't have enough time before the new update come out.
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    Ad.fly links are not allowed. I have removed them. dev.bukkit.org offers file hosting if you need it.
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    Could you also make it safe for ALL explosions? Incl. costum (with plugin made) explosions?
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    Tim Visee

    Well I couldn't make support for every costum explosion, btw there will be more explosions added. There is a thing you could do and thats 'OtherExplosionsControl' I thought, here you could set everything for explosions which are unknown by Safe Creeper, so if you disable world destroy here (in Other Explosions Control) and you have a explosion which generates a plugin it will be blocked. The only thing is that if the plugin doesnt use the default explosion system (I mean if it doesn't create the explosion with bukkit but the plugin itself) then it couldn't be blocked, if a plugin does something like this which is probably not going to happen there should be an option in the config file of that plugin to disable this.
    Hope this helps!
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    I've always used this its so perfect so non renewable like i had a version of this since 1.7.3 and it still worked on 1.1! i was amazed i love this and i did some settings i didn't know and now i don't need one more plugin cause it protects against that too i might need it though to protect from fire though but i love this plugin long live safe creeper!
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    Tim Visee

    Big thanks! Btw, the fire control should be added in the last version (I'm not sure if you said you saw this or you needed this) and I'm currently working on the plugin as you might saw, rewriting the whole plugin and adding some features. ;)
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    Does this support R6? anyone know?
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    I think it has problems on newer builds because it uses deprecated methods.

    It's a super simple plugin to write on your own though, good practice (I replaced it by writing my own as my first plugin)

    The plugin just needs to hook the EntityExplodeEvent, check if the explosion is caused by a creeper, and clear the block list within the event handler. Viola, no more terrain damage :) Give it a try, you'll discover the thrills of writing your own plugins and not having to rely on others for the small stuff :D

    Same basic concept for other explosions and damages
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    Tim Visee

    No, I'm working on it! (I'm almost sure I could release it today)

    I'm almost done with the patch, the problem is that it does support a lot of things and all of those things need to be updated. Currently I rewrote the whole plugin to make it even a lot faster and also added a few new features into it. I hope I could release it today!

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    Sounds good!
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    Tim Visee

    k, I'm done with the newest version for bukkit 1.1-R6 and this should also work with the versions above. I already updated the Safe Creeper page for the new version 0.5 on my own website but I still need to update this forum page and the dev.bukkit.org page. I need to go to dinner now so those two other pages should be updated soon, you could download the newest version on this page because this page isn't updated yet. Hope this helps! ;)

    UPDATE 0.5 - Rewrote plugin, no more lag and new event system!

    The new version of Safe Creeper is out.
    There are a lot of new things added removed and things are changed and fixed, the Safe Creeper plugin is even fully rewritten. You could see the change log for version 0.5 underneath here.
    • Rewrote whole plugin
    • Replaced old event system with the new bukkit event system
    • File system is improved and a lot faster now
    • Config files are now only loaded on plugin load/reload
    • Improved multiworld system, made this system a bit faster
    • Safe Creeper is a lot faster now with no lag because of the features above
    • Fixed that players where still able to place water with buckits when this was disabled
    • Changed the default maximum height to 256, for Minecraft 1.2
    • Added help command (/safecreeper help)
    • Added reload command (/safecreeper reload)
    • Added version command (/safecreeper version)
    • Set if Blazes could spawn
    • Set if Blazes could target a player/mob
    • Set if Blazes could damage a player/mob
    • Set if Enderman could teleport
    • Set if Enderdragons could destroy the world
    • Set if Enderdragon explosions make sound and smoke
    • Set if Enderdragons could spawn
    • Set if Enderdragons could target a player/mob
    • Set if Enderdragons could damage a player/mob
    • Fixed some other small bugs

    The global config file is also a bit changed, please replace your global.yml file with the newest one you'll find in the download. After you done that don't forget to set all the settings in your global.yml config file again.
    There are still going to be a lot of features added, because I rewrote the plugin its a lot faster than it previously was, because if the fact that I rewrote the plugin its a bit easier for me to add new features into it so I'm going to add a lot of new features soon too.
    Make sure you know that this version is a release for bukkit 1.1-R6+ because of it's new event system. This version will not work with older bukkit versions, so if you have an older bukkit version running you need to use the older plugin versions.

    You could find the download link on the top of this page in the first post.

    A great thing to know is that I'm almost sure that I'm going to release the Safe Creeper source soon!

    Quotes (open)
    I released the newest version of Safe Creeper which works with the newest bukkit version, there are also a lot of things added, removed, fixed and changed. Please check it out;

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    Tim Visee

    Really I'll check this out right NOW!

    This has been fixed! (the http:// was accentedly removed in the links)

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