[MECH/RPG] Toolblock v.2.4 - Require the right tools for the job! [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ktccd, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Meh, fine, I'll try and update it then XD, I'll just have to backup my stuff in case it takes a while for our server to update.
    Let's see, I think I could start working on this tonight at earliest, depending on how difficult it'll be, the update should be up at midnight or maybe tomorrow if I pass out while coding XD.

    To quote an oft quoted character:
    "Fat man please, this is getting awkward."
    I slipped and dropped my laptop, screen is all lines and colours now.
    I hooked up a new screen, but I will likely not be able to code like this at all. Sorry, but probably no more computer for me until I get a new one....

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    I agree...

    I configure my config, but ingame it doesn't work :(
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    Because I need this plugin working, I got the source and got it compiling and figured out what was wrong with it. It's *almost* right already, but I fixed it so it's actually right instead. Here's my working version, (massively altered) source included.

    http://pegasus.pimpninjas.org/minecraft/Toolblock.jar - v2.3 tested working on Craftbukkit build 1038.

    Anyone who cares, you're welcome.
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    Oh? Gonna take a look at this ^^.

    Anyway, today I got a brand new screen, so I can get back to coding!
    Even if I'm moving to a new school, I still think I'll be able to put some more work into plugin coding than before, due to having a lot more control over my schedule :D.

    Anyway, what does that above link do different? I'm working on a functioning update right now, should be up in a few minutes XD.

    Ok, updated to RB 1000!
    Also, I am going to update the source code, just give me a minute ^^.
    Done :D. Enjoy the fully working 1.7 update folks ^^.
    (And please do tell if you found any errors. I test it myself, but I'm still new at testing stuff in bukkit and might have done something wrong setting up my server XD)

    Also, I heard of this bukkitcontrib thing that's supposed to add more cool stuff. Anyone know any links to tuts on how to work with that? Would be pretty cool if I could include it into this somehow XD.

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    I don't even remember what I changed. There was something missing, though, and I fixed it. I've been working on SelfPlanting (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-self-planting-v1-3-self-planting-plants-1000.26709/) for the past few days and have completely forgotten whatever changes I made to your source. But you should be able to compare them.

    EDIT: BukkitContrib seems neat. I think it got renamed to Spout, though. If I understand it correctly, it just provides a way to send mods to clients on connect, so you can use custom packets and whatever else. There may be restrictions to keep plugins from stepping on each other and whatnot. mcMMO has support, and makes pretty good use of it. Seems neat, but I don't think it applies to this plugin, unless you want to make the blocks just not break (ala bedrock) instead of break-and-reappear.
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    Meh, I guess I could use block damage events for that effect or something. But onbreak events run less often and does basically the same :D.

    And tried spout, but it cut my FPS down to 10, so I left it alone XD.

    Anyway, I love being able to code again :D.
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    Do you lose FPS with Risugami ModLoader?

    EDIT: Also, send me a private message on here if you want to swap messenger info or something.
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    modloader is fine, but the spout client gave me 10 FPS at most.
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    That's sad. It's admittedly beta, but you should probably post on there about that. If I were writing Spout, I'd make the client-side half out of ModLoader. It works pretty well as it is, and it only needs a few tweaks to make it a full-blown realtime external mod loader.
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    How much work would it be to add in the option of people getting hurt trying to punch blocks that otherwise require tools? Possibly giving a message of "Ouch! Punching isn't working, I should use a tool!"
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    Funny, I was thinking about that exact thing on my server. Different message, though. I guess if ktccd doesn't like the pull request, I'll pop up a patch. :)
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    There is no pull request, but I could still make that an option. Possibly using a config file for configurable message as well as an option to change damage done.

    I'll try and get this done by tonight ^^.
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    Updated! Yaaaaay ^^.
    It has another config file, automatically generated. Just change the content of the values, they got very obvious names :D.
    And if the file exists, but not the correct values (Maybe you spelled it "mesage" or something), it should still use a default value ^^.
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    this is VERY useful, finally fences aren't quite as indestructible, wooden axe to fence as diamond pick to stone.
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    *bows before you*

    Thank you so much!
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    No problem ^^.

    Also, @noahwhygodwhy, what are you talking about? This plugin only works as to stop you from using the wrong tools, it doesn't speed up using the right tools :S. I made this so I could avoid players breaking obsidian without diamond picks, stone with mere fists and so on.
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    What is the future status of this mod? Will it work with 1.0.1 in its current state?
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    No, I stopped supporting this mod simply because college is taking my time now >_<.
    And IDK how to change this into an inactive thread :(.

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