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    Zach Hinchy

    QuickSeeds by rakiru and Zach Hinchy
    current release: 0.3.0 (tested on CraftBukkit 1.5.2-R0.1)

    Click here for the BukkitDev page for downloads, changelog, and more.

    A continuation of this previously abandoned plugin. I've recieved permission to do what I wish with it as long as I give credit to rakiru, the original author. All I've done so far to this plugin is make it work with newer versions of the Bukkit API.

    QuickSeeds is a simple plugin that allows players to plant seeds up to 9 times faster - provided you have enough in your inventory and the area is all farmland, seeds will be planted in a 3x3 area surrounding whatever block you right click.

    Supports permissions in case you don't want everyone to be able to use it (the plugin was originally written for a server with an RPG-style class system, for use by the Farmer class).

    Permission node: quickseeds.plant

    If you like this plugin, please consider making a donation. It helps me get by and is greatly appreciated.
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    I've been thinking about making a sort of a "essentials" plugin or a "jcommands" plugin, but not the same name or coding and I might implement this into the plugin!
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    Zach Hinchy

    Just give credit to rakiru and myself and follow the terms of the license (it's the Apache License v2.0).
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    Of course, I don't take work from others without their permissions.
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    I think I'll review this plugin. Will edit post once I post video. :)
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    ok .we got it .thanks a lot .[​IMG]
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    I like this plugin, but it cheats me of seeds. It actually eats up extra seeds. Which I suppose is fair if you are into something of a realism mode. Otherwise this is excellent
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    Zach Hinchy

    For the record, while I'm on vacation right now and won't be able to check if QuickSeeds works on Minecraft 1.3.1 yet, I don't foresee any issues as I'm pretty sure there hasn't been any breaking API changes in regard to what this plugin does.

    Wait, does it eat up more seeds than are planted, or that amount? If you plant in an open area surrounded by farmland, it'll plant a 3x3 area of farm and use up 9 seeds. That doesn't cheat you of extra seeds, it just enables you to plant those nine seeds FASTER. If using a 3x3 area of farm uses up more than nine seeds, then we have a bug. I'm not sure what you're trying to say by that though.
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    I am not sure what is going on Zach, but i disabled the plugin to try and figure it out, and I dont think it is your plugin. Your plugin is excellent! For some reason the game is being greedy and stealing more seeds from me than it should (when i harvest I dont get enough seeds back, with or without your mod enabled)
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    Zach Hinchy

    I'm back! Updated to add support for potatoes and carrots, and creative mode. Sorry for the wait!

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