[MECH/RPG] CursedLands v0.9 - Hell is infecting the Earth! [953]

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    Firstly, give me something to work with just saying an error won't help much.

    But chances are it's to do with the way this plugin handles permission (badly). Read the other two error reports a few comments ago, and see if yours is similar.
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    @Semirotta: Well, whatever. That was but an example.
    Here's another things I'd love to see: Worms.
    Each worm has a block sequance. The block sequance can be expressed as a string. A simple air worm's block sequance would look like 0,0,0:0. An water over lava (assuming y is the second cord, I don't really know) would be 0,0,0:11;0,1,0:9. To start a worm, either place a block or stand on a block or look at it or otherwise identify the worm's starting point (which is 0,0,0 to the block sequance) and either specify a direction, either look in the direction. Then the worm will look at it's availible segments, choose one (randomly), and compleat it. A segment is a seriese of blocks. For example, a streigt line segment (going north) would be a number of blocks (dependant on how long you want the segmants to be) in a stringt line. Segments can curve, twist, etc. The worm has a "head". This head moves along the current segment one block per tick (for a segment to be valid each block in it except for the start and end must be attached to exactly to other blocks). Each tick, it copys it's block sequance, using the head's cordinates for the 0,0,0 (origin) of the block segment. That's the basic part. Segments can split (making two worms, each of which progresses indevidually). Another fun thing would be defining how worms interact when they collide. Anyways, here's a final example.

    You place an dimond block, and look north. You've saved a block sequance of 0,0,0:46 as simple_tnt (all of this should be saveable, sort of like warps). You also have defined 10-block-long segments line, curve_left, and curve_right. You stand next to/look at/hit with wand tool thing the dimond block. You type /worm simple_tnt line,curve_left,curve_right [Or maybe just *]. The dimond block turns to tnt. The worm randomly picks line, and for the next 10 ticks (remeber, 10-block-long segments), it turns one block into tnt per tick (each blcok of tnt is one norther than the last). The segment ends, and it chooses curve_left. (I forget MC curves, this is more of a diagnal). So then next 10 ticks, it turns one block into tnt per tick, where each next block is one norther and one, um, wester than the last. And so on.

    I came up with this thinking how cool it would be to make tnt tunnels beinth my freind's cool piston creations, and greif eavrything at once. This could be also used (with air heads) to make pretty cool tunnels.

    Segments and block sequances are defined with some sort of tool. You build the segment/sequance, hit all of it's blocks with the wand tool, and type confim or something. It spits out the string represting it, you check it/add air and other unhitables, and then save it with something like /makesquance air_bubble <"code">. However head might be a better name for this than block sequances.

    Edit: This is probably the worng thread for this
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    I'm not using permissions

    I'm using the ops folder
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    Yeah, it says in the original post that it requires permissions, but while I was sitting around trying to read Glycan's huge (slightly off topic :p) post. I uploaded a new version of the plugin (not really worth giving it a new version name). That should have fixed the whole permissions thing. It will default to op when it cant find permissions. Sorry it took me a while to sort that out.

    So download from that link again and it should be all sorted. :)

    Oh I didn't mean for the spawner chance to have to be integer, I've now changed that to a double variable, so you can now have 0.x.

    You can now set the materials that the curse creates!

    Not as configurable as some where hoping, but it is a start. In the config file you can basically change the materials from soulsand and netherrack to something else. However you may want to be careful with physics based and irregular blocks. I have no idea how they will behave.

    Let me know if this causes problems.

    Oh you can also set what the protection block is.

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    @Exote: ....thank you? Mind answering the post? And worms would add... danger? to the whole idea, since they would go faster than the standered virus. Maybe a option to have then leave virus behind them...? And what about my infected animals idea?
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    Animal thing I like, but for the same reason as not setting them on fire in a similar way to players when they step on the curse, which was that having to track the movement of every mob just in case one of them walks on the curse would be very server heavy for little gain. I am not sure if I will implement it. However I will keep an eye out for a better way of doing it.

    The worm thing seemed very detailed in your ideas for it. But it seems like you would need a separate plugin to accomplish it. It seems a bit far away from what this plugin is at the moment for me to take it in that direction.

    However I like the idea, It would be terrifying to see a nether worm snaking its way towards you. Especially if it is always at the surface and follows players :p It is something I will keep in mind, but it will take a bit of logic work to sort out it's path-finding, so if I am bored enough at some point I will consider releasing that as maybe a plugin for my plugin :p
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    Tested with 1.6.6 on Craftbukkit 935 no errors

    used now the Spreading sand and its fun to see the trees convert to sand and fall to ground :D love it

    now it would be nice if you can set a option that the curse react to some blocks different like:

    material spread normal and converts dirt, grass to x
    and when it reaches wood/leaves then it converts to y

    and btw is the protection block buggy? atm if i place one its like freezing the game untill i remove it again :confused:
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    Thanks for the test :) Glad the sand thing works. I would be careful with sand though, not sure how it will respond when part of it falls to ground :p

    I will try to sort the custom list of transformations soon :)

    Didn't see bugs with the protection blocks, how much of the game freezes? just the curse or all movement etc? Could this be caused by some errors created by the sand physics?

    I did just fix an error, where I forgot to update seeds to check what the material for the curse is.
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    About the animals who carry infection (and thus infect the ground, too):
    Is there an event that gets called when a mob steps on a block? You could make that function of all infected blocks make the mob in question infected.

    Worms: The pathfinding (w|c)ould be random; That makes sense for something like tubes of water slide. For actualle strigth out worms, you'd want to check if a PC was within, say, 30 squares, then choose the segment that would move you closest to him. This works better with smaller segments.
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    i placed a goldblock far outside from the curse, and when i placed it the curse stopped everywhere and it started with huge lags. this also happend with netherrack not only the sand, when i remove the goldblock (or at least try because of the heavy lag ^^) then it went back to normal and all is fine.

    sry for my broken english
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    Thanks for the Fix :D it works well and destroyed the town of my friend :D i like it :D :D :D :D :D :D

    only one problem: my server stop running because it was to much for him i only make a radius of 50 :/

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  12. can you make this plugin to spawn certain block into a glowstone?
    btw i love this plugin :) works well, spawns work, no lags at all
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    Oh, Thanks!!!
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    a config that would let us set what blocks turn into with seeds would be nice, also... the option to give multiple things to cure, not just one item. This way flowers could work too.
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    We love your plugin on our server...we built a map just for it and made the following fan promo video:


    Feel free to use the video anywhere you want or if you want any changes...I can tell you, your mod is a MASSIVE hit on our server....

    I hope you like it.
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    i have a suggstion could you make it that trees change to obsidian and netherack and that portals release it as well and it dosnt stop spreading for like a hard core mode
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    Got another vid for ya...long weekend and all....good promo for your mod...we are still loving it!

    Big trick to all. Make it spread in an arena with a roof. Then its always night time. Our arena has a radius of 300 and the cursed area is 300. It goes from Bedrock to max height. Makes it freaking HARD!

    ha...even more fun. a few months ago I made a copy of new york city. Now we infected it, but only with zombies. Best part....we started the curse in McDonalds...lmao...

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    So, I have a funny little bug. I made a map and cursed it, of course on a home server quad core, it crashed a few times, lol. But for some reason, the gold blocks aren't protecting, and when the server starts up again, the curse stops. Right now I have gold blocks radius set to 15, and I have netherrack that spread to underneath a gold block lol


    Suggestion, have it set so that the curse checks on server start where the gold blocks are, and if there's nether in the curse area, and if there is, to start the curse up again. and then have it set so that if you use a seed on a nether block inside the curse, it checks against the map seed or something, and converts back, or it writes to a file about the blocks it converts, and then when the players "uncorrupt" a block, it gets turned back into what it was. I dunno. I had a few bits I uncorrupted become random blocks like cobble, when before they were grass.

    I suggest this because on server restart, the corruption becomes "uncurable"
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    same problem i have gold blocks cause just a huge server lag
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    Yeah, been looking into it and didn't do protection blocks quite right, when they interact with the new config file.
    If you set the protection block radius back to 2 that may help. But at the moment I'm sorting the whole mechanics so I won't put out a new update until I have that fully sorted. (Trying to make blocks go inactive when they can't spread any more, to reduce the load huge amounts)

    Sorry for the problems :(
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    Great plugin. I think that the main focus should be def on reduction of server process. Going through each block that is "corrupt" certainly is a pain. One way, on top of what you have already thought of is changing bigger groups. Change a 3x3 or a 10x10... this way your spreading occurs but with less checking since you can check a 10x10.
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    It's all cool. Was worth it to troll my server just to let a curse spread across a map. I'll upload to youtube and link the account with about two to four hours of just... corruption.

    One of the biggest causes for server load actually wasn't the corruption itself, but the fire from burning down trees. Can you have it instead just break the tree, instead of torching it? Or limit the number of trees that torch at a time? The fire was the biggest issue (due to the way MC handles fire... LAGFEST >.>) We actually went about burning all the trees one at a time in a huge radius, and set the corruption on again. It lasted over three times as long (until it hit more trees that we missed) before going "CAN'T KEEP UP!" Of course, I host on a home made machine, Core2Quad 2.5GHz, 8GB Corsair XMS3 1333MHz RAM, and I have more plugins than I have fingers and toes. mcMMO was actually a huge RAM muncher till I hooked it to MySQL on the same machine, dropped my RAM load by almost a third of what it was using. After doing that, the corruption ran much longer before hitting the snags. Still, I have the most amazing map map for it, built a fort as an "outpost against the evil", and set about cursing the map. Watching it climb up a mountain, and coat a minimap edge to edge is just awe inspiring. This plugin has a LOT of potential, especially on role playing servers, or when you just want to have a mob slaying, gallivanting good time. Combine with one of the many plugins that gives armor (like gold armor or something) fire resistance, and you're just looking at the best questing you'll get in MineCraft =)

    Keep up the amazing work, add some persistence, fix the protection blocks, and smooth it out, and this will be an A+ class plugin my man! I look forward to seeing where you go with this one.

    P.S. anyone know any good video editing software? =) Need to clip and trim my videos before I can upload them.
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    Very nice, there was a plugin request for this a while back too :) So if I set the affected block to be only grass it would just cover the surface correct? Can you stop mobs on the nethrack for catching on fire? I saw a spider spawn in your video and it died due to all the fire. Of course zombie pig-men would be a solution for that. Would it be possible to make something akin to Creep Tumors from SC? Or maybe just some kind of block/ structure that once destroyed would halt/ reverse the spread.
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    ^^ This. Why didn't I think of this. Would make this plugin amazing. And it would help ease the server load, since you'd only have to check the spread of the creep buildings, instead of every nether block. Could also have the game try to generate more (within the confines of the cursed area)
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    yep I think it would be awesome to have and would allow players to more affectively combat huge infected areas, or maybe even allow players to help spread it farther (btw could there be a permission node to determine if a player is damaged by the netherack?)
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    would be cool if they genned underground too, and you had some kind of thing that pointed you to the closest one or helped detect them or something. lol wouldn't be any fun if they were all in plain sight... Oh we could have so much fun with this.

    The way I combated the nether flames was one of those plugins that made gold armor fire resistant. gave gold gear a use, and made the map more "RPG" like. Paladins facing against the Curse!

    Which reminds me, gotta look into a plugin to give gold gear more durability.
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    lol ya they should defiantly be hidden although I think easy access would be best maybe just under the surface
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    Loving the ideas guys! Don't worry I have a bunch of plans for loads of different game modes. Sorting out a way to reset everything back to original after game ends, and maybe some score system.

    But this sounds like an awesome team based thing. Cursed vs. Paladins. One has protection/curing blocks other has curse ones. I will try and find a way to add multiple modes.
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    Well, if you're looking to make it arena based (although I enjoy the thought of it being PvE), talk to the guy who made MobArena. He has it set so that the arenas are laid out and world protected, and it saves before every match, and resets afterwards, so you can have matches where you dig up the arena and build forts.

    Edit: Also, will have videos posted in a few hours. Just gotta narrate, convert, and upload them. =) Will post links.
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    Just updated to fix the protection blocks, well i hope that fixed it, worked in my tests.

    Main part of update was putting inactive blocks to sleep. From my testing it looks like the curse can spread to double if not triple the size that it used to be able to before it slows down server. Someone please give it a test and see if this is true :p

    Starting to think about different game modes now. :D

    I'll update my video soon... My server wont know what's hit them. ;)

    Really the fire? hadn't thought of that. hmm. well set all tree materials to be curse-able. Cursed trees look amazingly scary...

    That might make it run even further.

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