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    Regional Weather - Like 1.5, but better!

    Regional Weather is a lightweight plugin that substitutes the existing and boring Minecraft weather system with a dynamic front-based weather system. Now you can have rain in one part of your server, sunny in another, and a lightning storm elsewhere. Over time, storm systems die out and are replaced with new ones to keep things fresh.

    * Tracks multiple storm fronts
    * Fully Multi-World compatible
    * Currently supports Rain storms and Lightning storms with variable intensity
    * Entire worlds are covered by weather systems at minimal system load
    * Full configuration file support

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    Important Note: In order to make this work, I had to compile directly against CraftBukkit RB #1060. In my experience, it works fine on other RBs, but I do not guarantee this

    Command Reference:

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    Note: use the permission regionalweather.* to grant all RW permissions.

    /addfront (Parameters) - Creates a front with the specified parameters. Each parameter is optional and does not have to be included. No parameters at all creates a storm somewhere in the current world with random settings. Parameters are case-insensitive.
    Permission: regionalweather.commands.addfront
    [L (X) (Z)] - Centers the storm on location (X, Z)
    [T (L/S/?) - Sets the storm type. L sets it to a lightning storm, S a snow storm, anything else is a rainstorm.
    [R (Radius)] - Sets the radius of the storm
    [I (Int)] - Sets the storm intensity
    [V (X) (Z)] - Sets the X/Z velocities of the storm
    [A (Age)] - Sets how long the storm will last for, in ticks
    [C] - If set, the storm does not end
    [P] - If set, the storm will persist across server restarts
    [ S] - If set, the storm will be stationary (velocities both = 0)
    [H] - Sets the storm location to the X/Z of the player issuing the command
    [N] - If set, the storm does not tile as usual, and will only ever be located in a single spot on the world

    Example: /addfront H i 20 t L C p S N - This command will create a high-intensity lightning storm over where the player is, that will never move or die, and persist across server restarts. It also doesn't tile, meaning no other location in the server will have this storm.

    /delfront - Deletes the nearest weather front that the player is currently affected by
    Permission: regionalweather.commands.delfront

    See this plugin in action! The Let's Play Minecraft server community has graciously offered to showcase this plugin in action on their server. Many thanks go out to Mentioum for this :D



    Version 1.0
    * Commands! Persistence! Bugfixes!
    * Updated to CB #1060, but works on other RBs

    Version 0.4.6
    * Fixed storms spawning incorrectly
    * Updated to CB #766

    Version 0.4.5
    * Added per-world configuration support
    * Fixed a null reference error in WeatherTick()

    Version 0.4.0
    * Added configuration file support
    * Uncommented thundering-state code that was accidentally left commented-out

    Version 0.3.0
    * Initial Release

    * Snow Accumulation in winter biomes
    * Wind Storms
    * Weather Effects
    * Configuration File
    * In-Game commands
    * Fixed weather in areas
    * Weather Forecasting

    Default config.yml:

    To get the default config files, delete the RegionalWeather folder and the plugin will automatically recreate them.
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    Nice to have this working.... looking forward to future development :)
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    This does not appear to work on my server running build 740. I'll try to hunt down an error in the console but it appears to cause rain only in one area with IMMENSE levels of lightning without ever stopping or moving. I have wandered far enough to see where it changes and waited there marking the block. It doesn't ever move.

    -No console listed errors beyond a few insignificant ones from bigbrother
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    give us a pastie of your config and ill take a look. also when i run it I take out all other weather plugins first in order to remove the likelihood of any conflicts

    Video guide coming... just rendering it out.

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    @gareikn I can't say what effect the BB errors might have, but has this happened more than once or just one time? And as Mentiom said, could you share your config.yml?

    Anyways I was feeling pretty rough today, so instead of getting in-game commands done I didn't do anything. I'll try and get confirmed 766 support and in-game commands within the next day or two.
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    I really like this mod, it does exactly what I thought the weather should do in the beginning.. anyway, ofcourse I have something to ask since I'm writing this, the thing is, could you add an option to make the speed the "weather zones" configurable? Even when I've nerfed the zones to an 60-110 tile size it still rains for days, My biggest dissapointment with the original weather was that it didn't move. So, unless it's impossible for some reason, please add an optional speed. (Also, you should make the rain zones begin and end randomly and grow/shrink in size)
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    Do this! When I had this installed the rain never stopped.
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    the variable for velocity is coming.
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    Nice, this would really make the weather look good, people on my server have been questioning the value of this plugin, but if weather systems propagated it would be awesome.
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    The video is still coming... having some issues with some video codecs... having to re-record
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    looking at that plugin it probably will be compatible.... as far as constant storm... i cover how you might be able to that using this in my video review which will be up tonight hopefully... (uploading now)
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    Yeah I'll add in a couple of params for storm velocity in one of the next versions.

    @Shadow771 You can try to use this with a single storm of size > 4096 and a really, really high intensity setting. No guarantees though, because the plugin wasn't designed for it.

    Updated to 0.4.6. This update fixes a storm spawn bug and updates to CB #766.

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    Hmm okay. But it seems that when settings intensity variations to 0 and the intensity to very high lightning seems to disappear completely. What kind of range would be a really high intensity?
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    Unfortunately, the plugin doesn't (yet) allow for selecting the storm type; likely you got a rain storm instead of a lightning storm.
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    Hmm... okay. One last question, it seems that mobs still burn in daylight, even if it's raining. Is this a bug, or intentional? And would it be possible to add the storm type selecting in the next update?
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    Mhh possible to have configurable seasons ? :)
    this is a very fun idea !
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    essentially the plugin turns off weather as far as minecraft is concerned and simulates its own. SO basically as far as the mobs are concerned its sunny. This is something which is planned to be configurable in future though.
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    I can add in mob not-burning as a side effect of rain/snow, sure. Seasons, however, no. Check back when I've implemented an API.
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    Preston Taylor

    Can't wait for the Snow to be added!

    So in my server, i run about six multi-world biomes.

    So how would i set the rain up to be a reasonable amount?
    Like what would a good config in the Desert be?
    What would a good config be for everywhere else? Just the default config?
    The configuration file leaves me at a complete loss. I cant begin to understand it.
    Also is there a control for the duration of rain?

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    Doing a Tutorial please be patient... My computer is just being absolutely awful at rendering recently... corrupt file after corrupt file.
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    Hey :)

    Do you think to release the source code or not ?
    I am asking, because my plugin (Vampire) seems to sucks while yours is enable :p ?
    I would like to debugging, but without Regional Weather source code, it's impossible.

    Thanks for reading me !
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    I have been looking for something like this for awhile, I am interested in this plugin very much but have a few questions.

    since this overrides all normal weather, can i still use any of the plugins out there that turn server wide weather on and off.

    If a player stands in one spot ( say a town or what not), how regularly will they see a weather change? any shorter or longer then the randomness of the built in weather generator.

    Feature request: region or biom be set to highly active with weather ( i would love to make my "evil base" have a high "up time" of thunderstorms)
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    Ok. Yes it happened every time the server started and while I didn't mind, the handful of players I had were irritated to have literal nonstop lightning storms above them all day <By coincidence I assume> the storm was over the area containing almost everyone's houses.
    My config is set up as follows:
        ## Size (in blocks) of weather tiles.  Tiles are always square.
        tiling: 8192
        ## Lightning-specific settings
            ## Hear lightning if your altitude is over this
            hearabove: 60
            ## Hear lightning if less than this many blocks below ground
            hearwithin: 8
            ## Number of weather fronts to simulate in the weather tile
            number: 1
            ## Minimum radius of weather systems
            baseradius: 300
            ## Maximum amount to add to system radius (Random 0..This)
            radiusvariance: 250 #
            ## Minimum storm intensity.  Intensity 0 storms will not have weather effects or lightning
            baseintensity: 1
            ## Maximum amount to add to system intensity (Random 0..This)
            intensityvariance: 8
            ## (DOES NOT WORK) Wash away redstone and un-build diodes
            wash: true
            ## (DOES NOT WORK) Extinguish fires
            extinguish: true
            ## (DOES NOT WORK) Solidify shallow lava in winter biomes
            harden: true
            ## (DOES NOT WORK) Accumulate snow in winter biomes
            snow: true
    ## Per-World overrides.  Worlds are keyed by name, e.g. "world1", "normal", etc.
        ## Example world with a greater number of larger, more violent storms over a wider area
    I set the fronts to 1 because I was worried about performance impact and didn't feel many were needed for our small server. Other than that all I changed was removing the world specific configs since they weren't relevant.
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    Wednesday you said that you'd have in-game commands within the next day or two. Are you still planning on having those out soon? Can I get an estimated release time?
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    Yeah they've been delayed because of real-life issues and Minecraft (how ironic). So, sorry for missing the deadline but I'll try and have them done. Note that at first only some of them will be implemented since other commands require parts of the plugin to be done that I haven't even started on yet.
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    can you please post default config in OT ?
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    Is there a way it could announce storms in advance or even a command that tells you of incoming storms (pref. not the 2nd one)
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    Yeah it might be neat to get a "you hear thunder off in the distance" or something to indicate approaching weather or "the sun/moon starts to peek through the clouds" (or whatever) at the end of a storm. Not sure if that could be broadcast only to players local to the storm though.
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    Thunder text messages for for people targeting Bukkit. I can send the sound itself to players who don't see the lightning directly :smug:

    As far as the sun/moon peeking through the clouds, nothing I can do other than a text message and I'm not fond of the idea.

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