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    • RealTime - In-game time matches real-life time:
    Version: v3.0.1
    RealTime extends the Minecraft day out to a full 24 hours, 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night.
    • 24 Hour Day
    • Slash Commands to Adjust Time
    • Multiworld Support
    • Bukkit Permissions Support
    • An API for Other Plugins to Hook into
    Permission Nodes
    • realtime.admin
    • /realtime enable - Enables Realtime for the current world
    • /realtime disable - Disables RealTime for the current world
    • /realtime sync - Synchronizes the current world's time with the server's clock
    • /realtime set days # - Sets the total days for the current world
    • /realtime set hours # - Sets the hour for the current world
    • /realtime set minutes # - Sets the minutes for the current world
    • /realtime set seconds # - Sets the seconds for the current world

    • Version 3.0.1
      • Added Smoother Sunsets and Sunrises
    • Version 3.0.0
      • Added Commands
      • Added Permissions
      • Added API Hooks
    • Version 1.5
      • Added Static Download Link to Latest Realtime.Jar
    • Version 1.4
      • Added Fix for Dawn/Dusk Light Problem
    • Version 1.3
      • Updated to support Bukkit RB 670+



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    Thanks for reviving the project!
    Great plugin! Configure in the yml file btw, no commands (that I could find).
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    Your plugin look like very interesting, and I really want a thing who do that in my server.

    I had installed it and It work perfectly, except for the passage between day & night :(

    The day and the night are twinkle !! :O This isn't realistic at all and It's not good :(

    So I have uninstall it. I hope you'll fix this, and we'll have a great passage between day'n'night :p
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    Thanks for reviving this, it's absolutely wonderful a server like mine where close friends play together in an RPG like environment.
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    Please update to 670
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    +1 :)
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    Awesome plugin, but I can't decide between MC-Time and Realtime :S
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    I'm curious if there's a way to control the light levels freaking out around dawn and dusk. Would it be possible to code the plugin to tell the server to maintain a certain light level during the hours of say.. 6:00AM - 8:00AM and 6:00PM - 8:00PM?

    As it is myself and my users really love this mod, but playing on the surface during the time when the server is drying to set itself to be dusk and the mod keeps adjusting it is almost seizure inducing. Not sure if this is possible, but just a suggestion anyway.
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    It was just like the template before, don't know what happened since the last time that I looked at it.

    My java skills are VERY limited. If I can figure more of it out, I'll do this.
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    lol this is nice... if only the moon and sun moves smoothly :(
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    Please, can you make an option for set the sunrise and sunset in normal mode ?! Because now, it's just awful to see the sun refresh all seconds when the day is passing to the night... PLEASe ! :'(
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    This is awesome, just how would it work with Gastronomic? :)
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    It works fine with Gastronomic, as we use both on our server.
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    You just configure the time?
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    Yep. By default the config file for RealTime is set to false. Just turn it on and it'll work fine. If you only want your players to have to eat three times per day, you'll have to set the config interval in your Gastronomic to coincide with real time.
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    thank you, glad to hear that.

    I assume you do breakfast / lunch / dinner?

    would you mind giving me the intervals?
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    I've been talking about this with my users. Some say, ehh. Some say, nah. Some say, no thanks I like MC time. But I say, YEAH LETS DO IT! Thanks for the epic plugin! <3
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    Depends on your server I would assume, if you have people from other side of world, than they will be stuck with either day or night :D
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    noticed the sun and moon twitch...fix?
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    That would require a client mod as far as I know.
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    could you fix GMTs?
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    The plugin runs of the server's (non-daylight's savings adjusted) clock.
    If you want the time for a world to be in a different timezone then use the offset setting in the config file.
    Note that this offset is not a true timezone setting but a number of hours by which the time ingame is adjusted. (Example: a server at 8:00 am with an offset of -3 would set the in-game time to 5:00 am)

    Also, I just tested multiple offsets to make sure it is working and it is.
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    I somewhat get it. So say its 6:00 pm and if I have an offset of -3 it would become 3:00 pm? correct? how would I tell what time it is?
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    You are correct. negative offsets or positive offests both work. As for seeing the time ingame, I'd recommend the TimeAnnounce plugin (if its up to date).
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    Thanks! Its gonna be a pain to sync together though :p. I think you should maybe mix time announce and your plugin together. It would be amazing, preferably add GMT too.
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    Plugin don't work for me at all. I set up the config file, and run it, it loads the plug in, but don't work, with an offset of 0 since I want it on server time. Also, after I bring the server down, the config file reverts back to the single line of text, and adds more words, which I must then delete and make the coding look proper again. Good idea, look forward to it working.
    Running 684, 1.4_01
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    Thanks for this!
    The jumpiness is a shame but one'll survive.

    Anyway, any chance we could have a message displayed at dawn? Like when it's starting to get dark it tells the players to start preparing for the night, or something? That'd be great.
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    thanks a lot sir!
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    Again I'll have to direct people to the TimeAnnounce plugin because it has those features.

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