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    PvPTime - The PvPTime plugin:

    Now using BukkitDev for new releases, tickets and support!

    Version: v0.1.3

    Lets you choose what ingame hours you want PvP enabled. Perhaps you want to give the players yet another reason to keep indoors during the night?

    • Configurable hours when PvP is enabled or disabled.
    • Can broadcast PvP time on/off.
    • Custom colors and message in broadcast.
    • Nice yaml design in config.yml
    • Can update your server config to enable PVP if you want it to.
    Extra info:
    This plugin requires that pvp=on in, and that no other plugin is disabling pvp. I have set this to priority low, so pretty much all other plugins can override this one if they want. The good thing about that is that you can have towns or regions where pvp always is disabled, and wilderness where it's enabled parts of the time.

    If you want anybody to be able to deal damage even during daytime, let them have this permission:
    - pvptime.override
    PS: This must be enabled in the plugins config.yml too!

    The PvPTime Plugin

    Old releases:
    Source Code (this is my second project in java, which tells you that I am no expert yet. Any advice is very welcome :) )

    Version 0.1.3
    • Able to give players override permissions that let them deal damage even during daytime.
    • Checks for commands to see if the time is changed.
    Version 0.1.2
    • Updated for 928 - Checked for correct world in OnEnable() rather than in OnLoad().
    • Option in config to change server pvp settings for the world specified.
    Version 0.1.1
    • Removed debugging message.
    Version 0.1
    • Released the plugin.
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    Thank you for the update - works awesome!
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    Erbros, I have a really weird request. We have a lot of people on our server that want to be banned from logging in during their normal sleeping hours, otherwise they don't sleep and get fired from jobs, left back in school, or punished by parents. Some of these people have real issue but are reaching out for help by requesting I find a plugin that can control what time they are allowed to log in. Since they're across all timezones, I can't just shut the server off during my night time, but if I had a plugin that would check a table or database or yml file to see if the user is allowed on during that time range (something like your pvp plugin, but for banning) I would be able to help these people help themselves. I'm sure this sounds rather stupid, but this could also be used as a way to timeshare an over crowded server, which would make your plugin one of the most highly demanded ones ever. People could make sure their 20 Australian users don't log in when their 20 US users happen to also be online, due to ensomnia.

    Please let me know what you think of this idea. I might try making it myself, but that would be a learning curve.
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    Thank you for wonderful plugin.
    Is it possible to have toggable pvp in default world while in nether constant pvp?
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    Hi. I have the problehm that the plugin doesnt stop pvp on daytime. The info etc work. I use the recommand build 953.
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    Kevin Robbens

    Awesome plugin. I've got a question..
    At the moment, my players can only pvp at night in world, but can always pvp in nether (using the permissions node to override).
    I'd like to have an area in the world that always allows pvp at day times, but outside the area its disabled again.
    What I mean is that your plugin wouldn't force 'pvp: off' in areas that have flag 'pvp: on', is that possible?
    If it's not, could it be added? I'm using WG Regions if that matters..

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    Sorry, the website gave me no info that ppl had commented on my plugins,..

    Is it fixed now? It's probably another plugin overriding my plugin.

    My plugin is easily overridden, so it will probably not be a problem.
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    Yeah it is fixed since build 1000.
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    Can you add the option to bypass certain WorldGuard regions' pvp flags?
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    I do think that would be a lot of work, and how to define what flags to bypass?
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    I'm not exactly sure. I believe you need to use the WorldGuard API.
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    - pvptime.override
    PS: This must be enabled in the plugins config.yml too!

    I am using PermissionsBukkit and enable what in config.yml?
    Also what means force "on": True?
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    why when is daytime, my players can still kill each other whit bow?
  15. works with 1060? :O
    everywhere else pvp on about all the time expect own houses would be cool
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    Great! But why when is daytime i can still kill ppl whit bow? :oops:
  17. did work, doesnt work anymore. Day : ppl still manage to kill each others.. used to work for while but now it just bugs, no errors or anything in console. It just stop working.

    Used: bukkit1060
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    Please update to 1.8.1, I've tested with CB #1130 but it doesn't work
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    Thanks @spunkiie: I'll start working on it as soon as we get a RC for bukkit 1.8 :)

    @spunkiie @Semirotta @SpiFioY

    I've uploaded a new version of the plugin and it should be working now. It's located on the bukkit dev pages (link in top of thread).

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    Thank you very much Erbros, gonna use this soon!
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    Awesome plugin just what I was looking for
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    Version 0.1.5 released with multiworld support! :)
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    Hey-O, I just want to say that my server uses this plugin and we love it! I hope you continue adding more features as time passes.

    Edit: Actually, we've been getting crashes now at random ever since we installed this plugin. Could you update it and make it more stable? (assuming the issue is the plugin, not saying it is!)
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    best plugin ever but we need it Faction friendly :) because we need it to make for factions and ppl fight at night and at day they could cut trees without dieing
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    Needs to update asap!
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    Yes please update I don't know any other plugins that have timed pvp ;[ and is arrow glitched for pvp yet.. like if pvp off can people still kill with arrow?
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    Need a update please

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