Inactive [MECH] PvP Control v1.6 - Allows players to control if they can be attacked [818]

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    My first plugin release. After numerous threads, arguments, and issue suggestions and bugs, it's finally here.

    NOTE: version 2.0 in the works. Follow the progress here.

    PvP Control allows players to decide themselves if they want to fight other players. No longer will you have to worry about PvP griefers (and I have seen a few in my day). Whenever a player logs in, it tells him that PvP is off for him/her, and allows them to run the command "/pvp on" to turn it on. Only if the two combatants have PvP on will the attack work, otherwise it will cancel.

    This plugin WILL NOT WORK if you do not change the pvp setting in the to true. To reiterate: in make sure it reads pvp=true

    Downloads (to all my projects and source):

    Version History:

    NOTE: A version 2.0 is very soon to come. It will add much wanted features such as cooldown, killswitch, and even sparring
    • 1.6: Removed redundant source code hidden in the jar file
    • 1.5: Added ebean dependency and small details updated
    • 1.4: My hand was forced, and I changed from onPlayerCommand() to onCommand() (it was going to be a feature of v2.0)
    • 1.3: changed to onEventDamage() as per the newest build (also removed long caller). Make sure to use the latest build from or use 1.2
    • 1.2: changed package name to comply with EvilSeth's request (don't worry, v2.0 is coming)
    • 1.1: allowed arrows to be controlled by PvP Control
    • 1.0: fixed issue; now PvP cancel event is set to priority Low
    • h.1: first release, had an issue I wanted worked out
    NOTE: this only cancels bad PvP attacks, doesn't make good ones work. If another plugin prevents PvP in an area, or the PvP setting in the server settings file is set to false, it will still stop PvP attacks even if PvP Control is set to on for both combatants.

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    Any plugin who's pvp-controlling powers are level.NORMAL or greater will override this plugin.
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    Anyone tested this on 670? Just curious, as this is an important plugin on my server ^.^
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    I've checked what has been changed, I'm fairly certain that nothing has broken. Everything I can test seems to be still working, but if you are having problems, just tell me here.
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    @LRFLEW can you please add config file, where we can edit plugin messages? I run Russian speaking server, so I translate all plugins I can to. Thank you!
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    looks like it's broken on craftbukkit 677
    cause I don't get any errors and pvp doesn't work
    even if in the properties files I put pvp on
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    Do you have any other plugins controlling any sort of damage? This one only turns off pvp if any fighter has pvp off. If another plugin is turning off the attack, the attack won't work even if pvp is on for them.

    That's a planned feature of v2.0 (I should get to work on that version :p)
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    Essentials would be the only one, does it count?
    Also, the pvp is on in the config of essentials
    If it's not essentials, then no I don't have plugins "controlling any sort of damage"....
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    hmm... then I'll have to test it to see what's wrong. I'll get back to you on it.
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    so if player is pvp off and try to attack someone it turn automatically to pvp on? ( like WoW pvp controll ) that very cool..

    pls ca u add this features also player can only staf /pvp off 2h per day or something similar
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    Hey LR, any updates for RB 733? I'll test this on my server when I get the chance and report back.
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    Not yet. I've run it with the latest test build (I have a script that does it automatically) without any load errors, but I don't have the time to fully test it myself. If you run into any issues, tell me.
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    Please, make the upgrade to be able to modify and enable / disable message on logon.
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    People in ops.txt or people with pvp.onoff.others node can turn other people's pvp on/off.
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    Please, make the upgrade to be able to modify and enable / disable message on logon end people in ops.txt or people with pvp.onoff.others node can turn other people's pvp on/off..

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    considered inactive
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    Is there another plugin with this functionality that is still being developed? or is this at least still working well?
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    There is SafePvP, but I know THAT one is updated less than this one :p.

    Don't worry. Once finals week passes for me, all my plugins will be updated and reactivated. This plugin has an impending update, but I may get some help finishing it up, so it shouldn't be much longer now. Just hang in there :p.
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    Thanks for the response..I'll be patiently waiting :)
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    One week later, LRFLEW? We miss you :(
    I will love the changes!
  21. Suggestion : Add config.yml - to set the text at login
    - to set text on/off

    Thx !
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    the best toggleable PVP plugin so far xDD
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    btw can you make it so that you start w/ pvp on?
    and for those who have pvp on, mabye have their name in a different color?
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    Love this plugin, can't wait for an update!
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    Can you update it to the latest CraftBukkit? Thanks.
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    This isn't abandoned is it?

    Hope not. Look forward to trying it when it's updated.

    One thing I'll suggest is a a /pvp status command or something of that sort.. simply to tell you if PVP is on or off. (maybe have config settings to disable it telling you your status upon log-in)

    The only thing I'd like more than a plugin like this is a plugin that allows you to have PVP areas. The 2.1 version of precious stones (outdated I think?) would allow you to place sponges to mark an area as safe and everything outside of that area would be PVP. (apart from other sponge-marked places)
    I'd love to find a reverse of that so I could set certain areas as PVP.
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    Someone update this please!!!
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    I second this, it would be awesome !
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    Finally I find one that works !
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    Wow, thanks alot man. I recently got a new server up and i am currently using this. This plugin is as easy as typing in game /pvp on /pvp off Thanks alot man! Now there wont be random killing, left and right. People CHOOSE if they want to BE attacked. People with pvp set on off, can NOT be harmed by any one. [monsters can ofcouse] :p
    Again, awesome plugin, easy to use, and simple. You rock!
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    How about updating for #1000?

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