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    My first plugin release. After numerous threads, arguments, and issue suggestions and bugs, it's finally here.

    NOTE: version 2.0 in the works. Follow the progress here.

    PvP Control allows players to decide themselves if they want to fight other players. No longer will you have to worry about PvP griefers (and I have seen a few in my day). Whenever a player logs in, it tells him that PvP is off for him/her, and allows them to run the command "/pvp on" to turn it on. Only if the two combatants have PvP on will the attack work, otherwise it will cancel.

    This plugin WILL NOT WORK if you do not change the pvp setting in the to true. To reiterate: in make sure it reads pvp=true

    Downloads (to all my projects and source):

    Version History:

    NOTE: A version 2.0 is very soon to come. It will add much wanted features such as cooldown, killswitch, and even sparring
    • 1.6: Removed redundant source code hidden in the jar file
    • 1.5: Added ebean dependency and small details updated
    • 1.4: My hand was forced, and I changed from onPlayerCommand() to onCommand() (it was going to be a feature of v2.0)
    • 1.3: changed to onEventDamage() as per the newest build (also removed long caller). Make sure to use the latest build from or use 1.2
    • 1.2: changed package name to comply with EvilSeth's request (don't worry, v2.0 is coming)
    • 1.1: allowed arrows to be controlled by PvP Control
    • 1.0: fixed issue; now PvP cancel event is set to priority Low
    • h.1: first release, had an issue I wanted worked out
    NOTE: this only cancels bad PvP attacks, doesn't make good ones work. If another plugin prevents PvP in an area, or the PvP setting in the server settings file is set to false, it will still stop PvP attacks even if PvP Control is set to on for both combatants.

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    Your link is broken. Also, do you need to have pvp=true, or pvp=false in the file for this to work? Can players turn it back off?
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    1) no it's not. The download is next to the mandatory ad.
    2) pvp=true
    3) yes. /pvp on and /pvp off are usible commands.
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    Your link IS broken. White page when click on link. Nothing else is there. Direct link please. Will even host a mirror for you if link is posted. (Or can send me the file somehow)
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    It's @

    With NoScript enabled it actually pops the link fine; with NoScript disabled, the javascript advert breaks something -bad- cause it doesn't even show anything more than a white page.
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    It's part of the host
    I couldn't remove the ad if I wanted.

    updated the url to now load links before mandatory ad, and included source.



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    Death messages pl0x
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    ? If your requesting something, please elaborate.
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    um, the link still says 1.0
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    It would be awesome if all the players in the server were able to type /pvp to see who has pvp enabled.

    Edit: Would be even awesomer if their name appeared in red text above their heads, but this may not be possible yet.

    And since I'm on a roll... maybe add a configureable cooldown too. As in, once you turn pvp on it has to be on for at least x amount of seconds... AND once they attack someone it stays on for at least y amount of seconds.

    Lastly, in addition to /pvp to check to see who has it enabled, have the server announce something like "Player has enabled PVP" and "Player has disabled PVP"
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    I like the feedback.

    That would compromise the safety of PvP Control. I thought about it, but decided against it.

    Nope, but it would be nice.

    I thought about it, and still concitering it. In the end, I may find some way to merge this with if that dev allows, and when I do, I'll work on this.
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    I don't understand. The reason I suggested it was because then players couldn't just enable it when they're standing right next to someone and then kill them and run off.

    Also, thanks for looking at my suggestions :)
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    Both would have to have PvP enabled, so he couldn't exactly run up to anybody and kill them, and anybody who has it on should be aware that people are going to attack them. If it is announced that someone has it off, it is no longer a guess if that person can be attacked and you situation would be more common. I am working on adding some sort of announcement system as it has been requested more than once.
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    What about extending it to "mob attacks protection", saying if the player can be injured by mobs, or not ?
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    You think it should require permission to turn on PvP for yourself? The main reason I didn't implement it was that there is nothing in this plugin that anybody shouldn't have permission to do anyways :p.

    PvP Control, as the name implies, controls PvP attacks, and I don't plan on expanding this to other creatures. On that note, the source is at the link supplied, and if you create a thread on Plugin Request, it can be easily made. I, personally, don't really have much time as-is to work on a mob-control plugin.
  18. Sorry!! I should have said:

    I want it so pvp is by default on (can u add a config file?), and if you are a admin/mod, you can turn it off... That way mods can break up fights, ect...
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    Interesting Idea. The thing is PvP Control isn't a universal system. PvP Control allows players to control PvP Personally. One player doesn't just turn it on and anybody can attack each other, each player must turn it on individually to fight. What you are asking for is a sort-of extension to the setting in, which isn't what this is about. The main idea of this was that admins wouldn't have to deal with aggressive players, and players can chose themselves if they want to fight.

    If what you are wanting is what you described, this isn't the place to look. Repeating what I said above, the source code would only need alterations to work that way, and if you want it to, create a post in Plugin Requests.

    Sorry I wasn't much help.
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    i thought aidan was saying that they would like pvp to be on by default but have players be able to turn it off for themselves. Aidan also suggested, as far as I can tell, the option for ops to be able to turn players pvp flags on and off for them, such as stopping fights or executing misbehavers in game.
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    I had been asked before to make a setting to make it default to on, but the reason I don't is that you can not be killed, turn PvP on, and get killed, but you cannot get killed, turn PvP off, and not have been killed :p. I am working on a revamp of this, though, and v2 may include many of these wanted features.

    Thanks for explaining, though.
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    Any chance you can work this into Permissions v2.0? Would be nice if various groups had default pvp options.
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    Hi, I would like to know if there is any way to change the messages when you activate "/pvp on" as well as "/pvp off"
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    One thing this plugin dev neglects to do is make this plugin configurable. Seems like he shoots down ideas just because he wouldn't want them. But in the grand scheme of things if he added the ideas like global pvp messages when someone turns it on and off than just added a setting for the server admin to enable or disable that feature than his plugin would be to par with most other decent plugins. And yea I'm being a prick cuz you advertised on someone elses plugin after they said they will update.
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    Actually, I'm working with DylanG as we speak on incorporating our sources together, so we will get all the features that his plugin has and the operability of mine. Yes, he said he will update, but he told me he's really busy right now, and if I finish the combined code before he updates his, we'll just keep the one.

    lol true, but I had to get this plugin out there somehow :p.
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    Doesnt work with build 302

    /pvp on doesnt toggle pvp on for you.
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    I can't replicate the issue.
    The issue may be the fact that bukkit is working it's way from onPlayerCommand() to onCommand(), which may be your problem. I'm am completely rewriting the plugin as we speak, so that should be fixed in v2.0

    I am asking the owner of that plugin if he would let cross-plugin communication for that. Keep your fingers crossed.
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    can u add a global command to allow/disable pvp for like pvp hour or something like that
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    I am currently working on a killswitch. An admin (OP if permissions isn't on the server) can activate the killswitch and set PvP on of off universally for everybody, and set it back to letting the players decide at any time.

    It that's not what what you are asking about, please re-itterate, but v2.0 will have this.

    Edit: Grammar fail :p

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