[MECH] PumpkinDiver [v0.16] [400-1240]

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    Pumpkin Diver
    • Wearing a pumpkin helmet extends the time allowed under water by 10x the normal length.
    • Chat prompt alerting users of air remaining at each 10% when wearing pumpkin helmet.
    • No Commands
    • No Configuration
    • No Permissions
    • No Hassle
    Known Issues:
    • Bubble GUI does not update correctly unless you use the Spoutcraft mod.
    Download Here
    Source Code

    • Version 0.10
      • Initial Release
    • Version 0.11
      • Fixed issues with air remaining chat prompt not firing 100% of the time
      • Improved efficiency by ~ 350%
    • Version 0.12
      • Fixed a rare null pointer exception when a player teleports in-between worlds.
    • Version 0.13
      • Conformed to meet Bukkit code naming standards
    • Version 0.14
      • Conformed to meet Bukkit code standards
      • Plugin Properly shuts down when disabled.
    • Version 0.15
      • Bug Fixes
    • Version 0.16
      • Minor enhancements/fixes
    Guide to Adding a Custom Pumpkin Helmet Texture to your client
    (Easy to do and totally safe!)
    • Find the pumpkinblur.png you want to use. I recommend this one by Glimmar.
    • Download it onto your desktop or some place you can remember.
    • Find your minecraft folder (in Windows it's C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin).
    • Open the minecraft.jar with winrar or 7z.
    • Navigate to the misc folder.
    • Drag the pumpkinblur.png you downloaded earlier over the existing one in the misc folder. Accept the prompt that asks you to overwrite it.
    • Close winrar or 7z.
    • Launch Minecraft, go to a server, and put on a pumpkin to see your custom helmet!
    Changed your mind, and want to go back to the old one? Go back the the minecraft folder and delete the "version" file. This will force minecraft to update when you launch it next time, and revert to the default textures.
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    Great plugin! Keep up the good work! I tried several alternatives before I found this GEM! I could not get Fishpeople or another one (forgot the name) to work. But yours is both Simple and Quick, with ZERO errors!
  3. If you had errors with my plugin, you should have posted them to me. That is the whole point of it being a forum.
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    Sweet mod. Any chance we could get a config option to tweak how much extra air you get?
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    Sadly, no. I want to keep this plugin simple. However, if you don't mind figuring out how to install eclipse, you can download the source and change the number extremely easily.

    I expect the mod to never break, so you're safe if you do.
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    didnt notice any posts so, is this plug ready to go for 953 ?
    Thanks Afforess keep up the good work
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    Read the last line of the post above yours.
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    thanks Afforess your work is solid man we appreciate your efforts !
    any chance you want to take on portable torches its an easy plug to keep up with ;)
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    Works fine with BC #1000, update the title
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    Any plans to update this to Spout?
  12. It should already be Spout compatible considering Afforess is one of the Spout developers.
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    It would take the apocalypse to bring this plugin down.
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    Joshua Neicho

    Hey there, I was wondering if its possible for me to use parts of your source code for a plugin I'm working on thanls
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    Can you put in a check to see if the player has Spoutcraft and disable the text if they do to streamline the visual aspect of this?
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  18. Wow, that's the first update of this in a long time.
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    Not really an update. Just an alternate build. I seriously added like 1 line in.
  20. Code:
    if (!player.isSpoutCraftEnabled())
    More or less?
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    Pretty much.
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    Doesn't seem to work in 1.0 (15xx builds) :( Is it working for anyone else?
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    Indeed. Having the same issues with this as well. Would love to get it working, but my java skills are rusty and I have no idea what the hell I'm looking at.

    To be more specific, I drown, regardless of wearing the helmet (pumpkin) or not.
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    Interesting. I bet the bukkit API is broken, not this actual plugin. If the plugin were broken, you'd be getting errors in the log.
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    Hm. Just tried it with the new RB and it doesn't work which is really sad :(
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    This plugin work on 1.0.0 (1493) ?
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    The 1.2 build is pretty apocalyptic to me.
  28. PumpkinDiver finally bit the bullet. The Bukkit 1.1-R5 event purge got it.

    According to the Github repository, Afforess doesn't seem to be too worried.
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    Someone else has taken to maintaining it here http://thedgtl.net/bukkit/, and this version works with 1.2.
    The plugin lives to see another day!
  30. Oh, Drakia. Interesting.
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    Long time no see Afforess. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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