Inactive [MECH] PickBoat v0.5 - change boat destruction behavior [1.3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by maczydeco, Jan 27, 2011.

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    As of CraftBukkit 493 the boat crash settings now work correctly again, with the same 0.3.3 plugin. It may have been fixed in an earlier build of CraftBukkit, but this is the first I've tested where it works.
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    Build 531, the boats break when fully immersed, at least seems so. (Can't use my water elevator to get out of the mine :p)
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    thanks, I hadn't noticed this. It's fixed in version 0.3.4
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    Thanks !
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    Is it normal for boats to sometimes disappear when I place them and then sometimes just pop back into my inventory a little while later? Usually, if I have a boat disappear when I place it then I place another boat the first boat just shows back up magically in my inventory... Also, boats seem to ghost through stuff a lot. I'll see the boat go through all three of the doors in my boat dock contraption I'm building even though they're all closed. When I open them though, it jumps back to the first door and moves through it. They also get stuck in walls a lot if I place them in small spaces. They turn completely black and slide all over the place within the walls. This is really my first time playing with boats, so I'm just wondering if this is normal behavior for Minecraft SMP?
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    There seems to be a disconnect between where the server says your boat is, and where your client thinks it is. Example: while building a boat-based timer, I've seen my boat leave its enclosure and go skidding across the countryside, but all the while it is still invisibly tripping the switches inside the timer enclosure. If I would drain the water in a portion of the enclosure, the boat would re-appear there.

    I have not had the time to troubleshoot this to find out if it is a PickBoat, MC or Bukkit issue yet. If you do, let us all know!
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    agreed. good plugin ty
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    Kevin Forte

    Does this still function on 600+?
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    [602] dropped a boat, smacked a boat, boat turned into a little boat.
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    Can you add these options.
    and like a if boat is empty for x then remove it.
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    Greylocke, I am almost positive that this is just MC. Without a plugin if a boat gets shoved into a space where it cannot be it normally breaks (or turns dark and pushes itself out). When the boat can't break it desyncs. This can also be seen in minecarts on ledges. Sometimes they spawn before the ledge does for you and on your screen they will have fallen. If you reconnect the minecart will be up on the ledge.

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    Tried this in 609, no errors loading, but when smashing a boat, it turns into the materials.
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    Daww... so basically you can't retrieve your boat anymore?
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    So, does this work with 609+? or not? The title says it should, but comment above states it does not, anyone else can confirm?
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    That's weird, I've just tested it on 609, 612 and 633, and it works on all of them, but 609 seems to be a bit pickier with other plugins. Are your settings correct?
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    I did some more testing, it was a config issue. I removed the config I've had on my server for weeks, and let it recreate and it works now. Something must have changed in the plugin, perhaps before the latest update this option was ignored before:

    # boat is killed when destroyed by a player
    boats_die_when_destroyed: false

    That looked like it was saying that boats are destructible by players (if set false, players cant destroy boats by punching them). Apparently it doesn't mean that, it means if you set it to true, the boat turns into sticks and wood when killed. Before 1.4 I had that set to true, and it worked just fine, giving a boat when you kill a boat with fists.
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    Thank you very much! For some reason, Shunshe's UnbreakableBoats wasn't working for me! <3
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    Tried and tested on CB670, still working well. :)
  21. Not working on CB703:
    22:30:50 [SEVERE] Could not pass event VEHICLE_DAMAGE to PickBoat
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    CB703 isn't a recommended build, it's a dev build. Plugins probably wont be updated until there is a new RB.
  23. Alot of plugins are already being updated so they are in working condition for the next RB. Its entirely up to the author whether or not to update now. I just sent a note informing that is was broken.
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    FYI same issues in CB711
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    is there anyway to change if the boat will break depending on what it hits?
    Ex: boat wont break when hitting wood (dock) but will break on everything else?

    awesome plugin planning on adding it to my server :)
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    Think you quoted the wrong post, because #711 still isn't an RB. :p
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    sorry ment to quote Sorken. I know its not RB but i think all the major changes are made already. I was just mentioning it as a point of interest.
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    Haha yeah I thought that. I do appreciate why people are posting about the bugs, I just felt the way the original post was worded implied that it should be made to work for that build. :)
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    Looking at the state of things a RB seems to be just round the corner :)
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    Certainly hope so. I've been putting off updating anything until an RB is released, but people are starting to get edgy haha. It's like a crack addiction.
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    I just upgraded to 714 and bukkit seems pretty solid so far, and I think out of about 10 plugins this is the only one that brings up an error, all the rest just worked from 677 surprisingly.

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