[MECH] ObsidianDestroyer v4.1 - Allow obsidian to be blown up! [1.6.4-R1.0]

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    Ever wanted to make obsidian blow up?

    Have people with unraidable bases?

    ObsidianDestroyer helps you out! Allows obsidian to blow up. Entirely configurable!


    • Allows you to set certain explosions to destroy Obsidian.
    • Give Obsidian durability! (which means you will need a certain amount of TNT before it finally gets destroyed)
    • Obsidian can now be protected by water like any other block!
    • Configurable via a YML file.
    • Source code on GitHub

    Launch once to create a configuration file.
    It is then located at /plugins/ObsidianDestroyer/config.yml.
    Config help here

    Permission Nodes

    • obsidiandestroyer.help makes help command available
    • obsidiandestroyer.config.reload makes reload command available
    • obsidiandestroyer.config.info makes info command available
    • obsidiandestroyer.durability.reset makes reset command available

    All permissions default to Op
    • obsidiandestroyer (alias: od) - shows the help
    • obsidiandestroyer reload (alias: od reload) - reloads the plugin
    • obsidiandestroyer info (alias: od info) - shows the currently loaded config
    • obsidiandestroyer reset (alias: od reset) - resets all currently saved obsidian durabilities

    Me and squidicuz are maintaining / authoring the plugin because it went inactive.

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    Updated to version 2.7 with 1.4.7R0.1
    + Works with factions if TnT explosions are turned off.
    + Auto updater (can be disabled).
    + Fixed bug in dropping obsidian.
    + Allow enderchests and enchanting tables to be blown up.
    + Allow commands to be executed via console.
    + Remove extra, annoying messages.

    I just made a lovely (awful) video for it. If you think you can make a better one then I'd love that :)
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    Great plugin dude! Keep it up! I use this on my server and my players LOVE it!
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    Just uploaded v2.8
    + Adds support for anvils.
    + Individual support for each block we blow up.
    + When FluidProtect: false - it will bypass fluidprotection for all blocks just like everyone requested :)
  5. Good job. I will certainly be looking through the source, I have attempted this before but failed. It will be interesting to see how you did it! Great job!
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  7. Yeah.
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    Updating to a working 1.5 version with a dev build on the jenkins server for 1.5.1. Major changes include:

    + Configuring durability for each block we handle.
    + Check durability by hitting the block with a rose.
    * Save comments in the config.
    * Bypass other plugins cancelling explosions.
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    Updated to version 2.13

    * Optimization of correctExplosion method.
    * Correct ignoreCancel option
    * Correctly print config in game
    * Fix config updater
    * Fix NPE on update check.
    * Fix bug in durability failing

    I would also like to point out that sgtcaze made the bukkitdev project page beautiful :)
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    Finally got something we're happy with for v3.0 squidicuz


    • Corrected custom metrics?
    • Fix update checker.
    • Liquid explosion protection bypass for all blocks
    • Implemented config options for fluid protection bypass
    • Updated config. Incremented version
    • Added more "Cannon safe" blocks to check
    In version 3.0, if you set BypassAllFluidProtection to true, it will allow any block protected by a liquid to be destroyed by an explosion.
    By default, TNT Cannons will not damage themselves with BypassAllFluidProtection set to true. If you want to disable TNT Cannon protection, set TNTCannonsProtected to false
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    We updated to 4.0!

    If you had issues with lag or anything, or run a large server, this version is a dream come true! No more lag or abusing threads. Now heavily optimized, fast as heck, and more configurable than ever.

    Watch the new video that I posted below to see the new things and how to use them. I think I walked through them pretty clearly.

    + Complete rewrite.
    + Remove all timer threads.
    + Move durability settings to materials.yml.
    + Allow any block to be able to have durability set to it.
    + Durability can regenerate over time or all at once at the end of the timer.
    + Allow auto update downloading, off by default.
    + Rose works to check any block's durability and now works in creative.
    + Use instancing instead of throwing instances everywhere.
    + Save durability per block per chunk.
    + Only load durability if the chunk is loaded (thanks turt2live).

    Thanks to squidicc for doing a majority of the rewrite <3

    You can watch the video here:
    Show Spoiler
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    Update to version v4.1
    • Corrected Metrics
    • Corrected Radius handling, added BlastRadius to materials
    • Changed material durability check item from red_rose to potato
    • Changed permission nodes to: obsidiandestroyer.admin
    • Minor bug fixes and tweaks
    This plugin will not require an update once 1.7.2 for Bukkit comes out. It will work just fine on it. It will also work on any other version of Bukkit just fine because awesome ;3
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    Your link is down for downloading ObsidianDestroyer...
    404 page not found
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    It's on Spigot resources now.
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