Inactive [MECH] ObsidianDestroyer 1.052 - Allow Explosions to destroy Obsidian [1185]

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  1. ObsidianDestroyer by Pandemoneus
    Version 1.052

    Changes how explosions affect Obsidian.

    • Allows you to set certain explosions to destroy Obsidian.
    • Give Obsidian durability! (which means you will need a certain amount of TNT before it finally gets destroyed)
    • Configurable via a YML file.
    Launch once to create a configuration file.
    It is then located at /plugins/ObsidianDestroyer/config.yml.

    Options are:
    • Radius - determines how far around the origin of the explosion Obsidian can be destroyed (default: 3) WARNING: High values probably cause lag
    • EnabledFor.TNT - set true if TNT is allowed to destroy Obsidian (default: true)
    • EnabledFor.Creepers - set true if Creepers are allowed to destroy Obsidian (default: false)
    • EnabledFor.Ghasts - set true if Ghasts are allowed to destroy Obsidian (default: false)
    • Durability.Enabled - set true if you want to use the durability feature (default: false)
    • Durability.Amount - determines after how many TNT explosions in the radius the Obsidian block gets destroyed (default: 1)
    • Durability.ResetEnabled - set true if you want to reset the durability back to max after a certain time has passed (default: true)
    • Durability.ResetTime - time in milliseconds that has to pass before the durability is reset (default: '600000' (10 minutes))
    • Blocks.ChanceToDrop - set the chance to drop an obsidian block when it was blown up, set to 1.0 to always drop a block (default: 0.7 (70%))
    Permission Nodes:
    (OP only if Permissions are not enabled)
    • obsidiandestroyer (alias: od) - shows the help
    • obsidiandestroyer reload (alias: od reload) - reloads the plugin
    • obsidiandestroyer info (alias: od info) - shows the currently loaded config
    • obsidiandestroyer reset (alias: od reset) - resets all currently saved obsidian durabilities


    Offical supporters:
    Version 1.052
    • Added item drop chance for destroyed obsidian blocks (default: 70%)
    Version 1.051
    • Fixed NullPointerException in config
    Version 1.05
    • Durability can now restore back to max after a certain time passed (see config info)
    Version 1.04
    • Durability now saves when the server reloads/restarts
    Older versions (open)

    Version 1.03
    • Added durability
    Version 1.02
    • Added Permissions
    • Added aliases
    • Increased maintainability
    Verson 1.01
    • Added command to reload config ingame
    • Added command to show loaded config ingame
    • Added check to not mess with plugins that prevent explosions
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    THANKS ITS WORKING :) keep it updated tho pls :)
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    How do I make it so it takes 10 tnt/creeper hits to blow up the obsidian?
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    I keep running my server and for some reason its not making a folder
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    This is inactive... Doesn't generate a folder!
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    Could someone update this for 1.3?
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