Inactive [MECH] NoWeather v1.7.6 - disable weather/thunder globally [1.3.1-R2.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by xPaw, Apr 26, 2011.

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    I like to disable weather in nether and world, but not in monsterworld.
    my config.yml:
        disable-lightning: false
        disable-thunder: false
        disable-weather: false
        disable-lightning: true
        disable-thunder: true
        disable-weather: true
        disable-lightning: true
        disable-thunder: true
        disable-weather: true
    in world it's raining, what's wrong?
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    Same problem here. I tried disabling weather in one world and it flat out didn't work.
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    There seems to be some problem in bukkit i think.. im not really sure because code looks fine
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    Same problem I've receiving as well.
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    I really don't understand why it doesn't work... While i was testing in multiworlds it was working fine for me.
    If some good coder would help me solving this bug, i'd appreciate it.
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    I noticed with another weather plugin that I use that when trying to clear weather it does not register that the weather is on. Perhaps this is the root of your issue.

    With that plugin I have to first create a weather event (even though it is already raining) and then disable the event.

    I know it's not much but I hope it helps, would love to use this on my creative world.
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    I just made very minor change.. (v1.4)

    If it still wont work, can you tell me if you have any other weather related plugins running?
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    Not working at all.. I have weather disabled on all my worlds but they continue to, well, have weather.
    I use CommandBook for my weathery goodness, so I don't know if that's buggering it.
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    Okay, so, I just tested it out and I can confirm that there are still a few issues. I did it on a fresh test server with only Permissions, MultiVerse, and NoWeather installed. It's either weather in all worlds, or no weather in all worlds. Although, with some debug code I was able to see that no weather was supposed to be happening in the other worlds when one world had weather. Hopefully this helps. (This issue also affects my plugin as well)
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    My code is simple enough and it should work... its probably a bukkit problem :/
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    Please update to latest CB :D I don't like the thunder and lighting so it's awesome to just turn it off !
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    It should be working without an update ..
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    Oh, I will test it and report back :)
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    I've just updated to 1.6 and the biomes have returned, freezing over my spawn. I've only been on five minutes thus far, I'll be back and edit it again if rain is back, too.

    Only biomes have started up again. Just waited a while.
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    1.6 has changed abit. It now spreads ice even if its not storm, and there is no even that makes me able to disable that event. Sorry, but at the moment this plugin can do nothing towards ice spreading.
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    Well crap. Is it just physically impossible for any plugin to stop the ice?
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    Disable Thunder / Rain works with 1.6?
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    Updated to v1.5
    - Added the no snow accumulation flag which allows you to disable forming of snow. (config node is disable-snow-accumulation)
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    Trevor Bradley

    Cool plugin. Can a future version stop ice accumulation?
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    I definetely want to do that, but currently there is no such event in Bukkit it self, and i just can't do it.
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    Trevor Bradley

    Fair Enough! Do you know anything about ice formation? Ice and show seem to be spreading across my worlds like a plague in a recent update. I'm happy enough I can get the snow to stop!
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    I don't think anyone said that there was a way to stop it right now. I'm sure it won't be long before Bukkit codes a way for someone to control/inhibit ice spreading though.

    I need it as well. Most of the water within 1000 block radius of my spawn is frozen over.
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    Trevor Bradley

    "Winter is coming"
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    Im wondering if I leave accumulation of snow on but block storms will it still snow? I don't want lighting or rain but I want it to snow still. Any help would be great thanks.
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    Yes it will still snow.

    Also, Snow and Rain are the same thing called Weather. It is just different in biomes. You cant disable rain while having snow enabled.
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    Devin Dill

    would it be possibe to make ti toggleable. a town cought on fire and we needed rain to stop it but i didnt' know hwo to make it rain so it all burned down...
  28. There are many options here, if you have WorldEdit then "/ex [radius]" to extinguish, if you have BigBrother then you can "/bb rollback Environment r:[radius] t:[time]" or if you have backups you could use them, it may also be worth looking into options to prevent fire/firespread.
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    will this stop ice from forming?
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    Some people on my server complain about lag when it is raining. So this plugin would really be nice to use.
    I have one question though. What is the difference between disable-lightning and disable-thunder?

    And also, will i still be able to cast thunder with the commandbook plugin to punish players?
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