[MECH] NoRegen v1.1 - Disable health regeneration on peaceful servers [1000]

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    NoRegen - Disable health regeneration on peaceful servers
    v1.1 | Download | Source

    Tired of monsters spawning on one or more of your worlds? Don't like the health regeneration that comes with spawn-monsters=false? With NoRegen, you can enjoy monster-free world(s), and still be without the boring health regeneration!

    Note: This plugin was written by request from a user of my other plugin, MobArena. There is no other motivation for writing it, and I realize that other plugins have features that provide the same kind of functionality, but here's a light-weight alternative (less than 3 KB) :)

    • Monster-free world(s) without health regeneration
    • Multiworld compatible
    • No commands
    • Easy setup


    1. Place NoRegen.jar in the plugins-folder on your server
    2. Start or reload the server application to auto-generate the worlds-file

    The worlds-file:
    1. Open the worlds.txt-file (located in plugins/NoRegen) with a proper text-editor (Notepad++, gedit, TextEdit, etc.). The default worlds-file contains only the default world.
    2. Simply list all the worlds you would like NoRegen to work on. Say I have 3 worlds: "world", "world_nether", and "world_of_healing", where the latter is a world that I want players to go to to get regenerated (so I don't want NoRegen to work there). My worlds-file would look like this:
    3. Reload plugins or restart your server.

    Known issues:
    • None :)


    Version 1.1
    • Updated for CB #953

    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    Thanks alot
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    Sweet! I actually requested this as well, ages ago.
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    I have problems with the new recommenced build 928 the healt regen go on.
    Please fix it thx :)

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    The plugin doesn't work with version 928
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    Plugin not working with new build as everyone is saying. I would really like this plugin......
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    It seems, that it works no longer with Version Minecraft 1.7.2.
    Please Update!
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    Hi everyone !

    I've put together a new version of the plugin that's compatible with CraftBukkit #953 (MC 1.7.2) : NoRegen.jar
    The source code changes are here.

    I hope it'll be useful to some people !
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    @trivials @gait @Onehungrywater @honk611 - Updated to v1.1 for CB #953

    @sebyx31 - Thank you for providing a working version. For some reason I didn't get notifications for this thread :( I've updated now, and I chose a HashSet instead of a LinkedList for faster lookups. But it looks like it's the exact same general idea we've had :)
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    This plugin is fuckin' great. Thank you :D
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    Nice! Works with #1000 ty.
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    yeap, working perfectly with #1000
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    that's what I needed!
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    how do i download it just takes me to a random webpage where i cant download anything :S please help i need this plugin!
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    @TheCoon69_19 try again, he re-uploaded it to a new place :)
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    dark navi

    @ACStache So it may be conflicting with another plugin, but now it just slows down health regen, to about a half heart every 30 seconds. Any tips?
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    double check you spelled your world name right in the text file that's created.
    if it is, then:
    binary search elimination of conflicting plugins!

    1) remove either the top or bottom half of your remaining plugins. (not including this one)
    2) check if the conflict is still there
    3a) if it is still there, repeat steps 1-2
    3b) if it isn't there, repeat steps 1-2 on the removed plugins (and remove the ones you left)

    if it's still that not working right... it's possible it's a bug
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    thanks allot so coooooooooooooooooool! :DDDDD

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