Inactive [MECH] NoFarm v0.3.5 - No more mob farms; Mobs drop items only when killed by player [CB 1.2 R0]

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    NoFarm - No more mob farms. Mobs killed by players only drop items:
    Version: v0.3.0

    Bukkit Dev Page:

    Damage done by things like Cacti, Lava and suffocation do not yield drops from the mobs. Prevents players from building mob farms by only allowing items to drop from those killed by players themselves.


    • Makes mob grinders useless.
    • Helps stop lag.

    Version 0.3.0
    * Updated and tested for CB 1561
    * Redid the whole entity listener portion from scratch.
    * Fixed: Arrows causing mobs to not drop items
    * Fixed: Skeletons killing creepers not dropping discs
    * Fixed: Lots of other fixes...

    Sorry This update took so long.

    Version 0.2.1
    • Updated for CB 1060
    • Also a minor tweak to damage detection.
    Version 0.2
    • Updated for CB 1000 Re-release :D
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release
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    Dis plugin goods.

    Stops fools from building laggie stoofs.
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    I love this plugin - have been using it unaltered for 3-4 months it seems.
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    Was this based off mine? Or All new?
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    Based off yours, yes, with lots of code rewrites and huge amount of cleanup and a few updates on changed bukkit functions.
    The plugin.yml lists you under credits. :)
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    Good plugin.
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    All good =D
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    :eek: ;)
    Version 0.2.1

    • Updated for CB 1060
    • Also a minor tweak to damage detection.
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    Excellent plugin, very useful for big servers !
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    Any chance of removing mob fall damage?

    That way players cant let mobs fall long distance then kill them with one hit.
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    That still means they have to hit it at least once and as far as farming not very efficient, but yes I can do that, I'll add it in an update.
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    Thanks so much, my economy is based of mob kills, so having players kill mobs on 1% hp for money is really annoying.

    edit: I wanted to edit to say thankyou again, you probably dont need this feature but its going to mean so much to my server to have it, so get a donate button because I would totally throw a small bit your way for ur kindness.
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    Excellent plugin. Now using it on my server with no problems.
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    Thank you ! Added on my serv :)
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    Is it possible you can make it so monsters drop items when they're killed by a bow and arrow if the arrows are fired by a player?
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    I switched to permissionsbukkit and now when I load nofarm.jar no config is created. Is there a config file for this plugin? If so, can you paste me a default copy
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    Thank you :)
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    This is an excellent mod, but could you please remove arrows off the "no drop" list? This both prevents players from getting loot from shooting down mobs, and it also prevents creepers from dropping records when killed by skeletons. In any case, love the mod.
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    Any news on arrow kills enabling drops?
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    love this. thanks alot :D You saved my servers economy lol
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    Is this inactive? I would really like a fix for the arrows not counting as a player kill...
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    Merci :)
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    So what with arrows problem? :)
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    I'm still working on the arrow issues. It's just complicated.
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    Nice to hear that. Good luck. :)
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    Any fix for the arrow kills yet?
  27. That it is ;)
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    Any word on that? One of my guy just built a drop-farm.

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    Any word on this and the mob fall damage?

    <3 <3
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    Fall damage? Mobs dieing from fall damage do not drop items, which is intended. Not a bug.

    As far as arrow damage, If anyone wants to help with the code, message me.(programmer)

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