Inactive [MECH] MultiInv V2.4.1 - Per World Inventories [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Pluckerpluck, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. Hello, if you share source I'd be delighted to help fixing the plugin for 1.6.
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    I don't think you guys understand, the plugin isn't broken, Bukkit is. Once Bukkit is properly fixed, MultiInv will work perfectly.

    I spent 4 hours last night trying to code around the bug and get MultiInv working - there is no effective way to do it because of how inter-world teleporting is working. Basically Bukkit teleports you to a random coord in the world, then to the proper location. Effectively there are 2 teleports per inter-world teleport. This messes everything up.
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    Thanks for the update, is this something they are working on, or someone making a pull request to correct it possibly?

    thanks for all your hard work :)
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    Pretty sure they are working on it- they know they screwed up teleporting massively.
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    Trevor Bradley

    Just piling on that I love this plugin and am very much looking forward to a 818 version.
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  7. Oh dear... I go on vacation for the long short a short while and when I come back everything has died...

    Well, from what I know I'm pretty free from know on. I'll be working on this too, is my plugin so I feel I should help :)

    Edit: No such time as "long short"
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    They say that is the fault of Bukkit not your plugin, but it will be nice if you can fix it on some kind of way.;)
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    Yikes! I will gladly wait!
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    Glad you are back, hope you had a good time :D Dunno if you saw my posts, but your plugin isn't broken, Bukkit's teleporting is messed up. Try outputting event.getTo() and event.getFrom() - its completely screwed
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    Don Redhorse

    well I'm using the 1.5.x plugin (need to look the version up) together with wxw and wx in a multiworld on 766... as far as I know it works... 2.x didn't work for me.. but we have just started using the new setup... I really like the plugin and my players get used to it :)

    well we have survival and creative and survival is only half the fun if you drag your diamond armor around
  12. Quick note: The halving of health is totally my fault... left in debuging message that sets health to 10/20. Just thought I'd throw that out there... now to see what's wrong with the teleport event...

    Also, source may not be 100% up to date... I re-installed my computer and have yet to install git, but it should mostly be ok (except it's in the MultiInvHealth branch which I need to remedy at some point...)

    One more thing: Should it default that nether and the main world be shared now that notch has added it? Just for future reference.
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    I would think they should be defaulted, after all that is what the nether is. Maybe make it so that '*_nether' is always linked.
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    I think it should be set to default; that's how SSP behaves, unless I'm mistaken. Well, if it can be manually disabled in the config, all the better.
  15. Yes. Have it so World and World_Nether share the same inventory by default, please :D.
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    Make it behave like this by default, with the choice to disable it, of course.

    Keep up the good work!
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    I second this. :)
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    Does somebody know if Bukkit team is working on this issue because it needs to be fixxed ASAP. I don't know if the Developers can arrange any contact with them?

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    They are very aware of the issue, considering they created it to get the latest RB out quickly
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    Do you know when it possible be finished so I can inform my users?
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    Last I checked Bukkit never gives an ETA for any release, but they let you know on many things.
    Usually I tell our users to give it time, were all lucky to have these great plugins so lets just wait and do what we can do now.
    Then a week later everything gets better. Usually!
  22. I have released a version that should enable inventory sharing/splitting to work. It's a work around until bukkit fixes the problem themselves and so there may be a few bugs but from what I've been able to test it works.

    Unfortunately my minecraft client keeps crashing (runs out of memory) which makes it hard to test... if anyone knows about this help is appreciated.

    Health regenerating on world change is bukkits problem...
    Ignored users are set in config.
    Commands may or may not work so I'll work on them later.

    Hope for the best

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    Are you using 32-bit java?
  24. Yes. I have no choice in the matter.
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    Trevor Bradley

    Trying out 2.1.0 right now.... All I get is config.yml... How do I configure this for different worlds?
  26. wait... all you get is config.yml! ARG... testint myself... or create a and edit with notepad

    format is:
    minorWorld = majorWorld
    where the minorWorld takes the majorWorlds inventory. I'll post a jar that creates it all now anyway... I'm sure it should. Or you can extract the example out of the jar which it should do automatically. Just open the jar file with 7zip or winzip or similar

    Edit: Does it say "Could not create/load configuration file" anywhere in the console

    Edit 2: I can't see why it wouldn't create actually I can. Log in then log out... now look...

    I check to see if everything is fully loaded by seeing if theres a player online (as all worlds would be loaded when the players join... that's when it creates the shares file)
  27. Tested, works. (Inventory of chaos world does not get transferred to Creative, and vice versa).
    Also really glad you put in a share health option :D Thanks.

    Edit: Shared health seems a little buggy, went from 5 hearts in Chaos to Creative, had 10 hearts in creative (may be because of a health regen plugin i use) then went back to Chaos to find i had full health.
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    Oh. In that case you might be hooped. I had far fewer client side crashes when i uninstalled 32bit java entirely and only used 64 bit.

    I'm about to test your new version as well. I'll wait for the updated jar.
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    Trevor Bradley

    Working in early testing. :)
  30. Yea, the health bug isn't my fault... if bukkit had it working then it would work... but they don't.

    At the moment any world changes boosts health to max (20/20) and that has nothing to do with my plugin.
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