Inactive [MECH] MoreAutoReloader v0.5 - reload furnaces, dispensers, brewing stands with redstone[1.2.3-R0.1]

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    This is an updated version of AutoReloader.

    I take no credit for this; the credit goes to Uristqwerty who created this awesome plugin.

    MoreAutoReloader on BukkitDev

    Version: v0.5

    MoreAutoReloader allows furnaces and dispensers to be reloaded from adjacent chests with a redstone current.

    According to the original author of AutoReloader:

    Place a furnace on a diamond block.
    Give the block a redstone current. Every time the diamond block gets a current change, the furnace will look on all four sides of itself for chests, and react depending on the contents of its inventory boxes(the ones on the UI in-game) and the type of block below the chest.
    If it finds a chest on an Obsidian block, and its fuel box is empty, it will get an item from the chest and move it there.
    If it finds a chest on a Lapis Lazuli block, and its input box is empty, it will get an item from the chest and move it there.
    If it finds a chest on a Gold block, and its output box is not empty, it will move its output to the chest.

    Because it can work with double chests, it is possible to make a bit of a production line, where the output of one furnace is used as the input or fuel for another.

    [​IMG] (Furnace on the right produces charcoal to fuel the furnace on the left)

    The original plugin also had code to automatically fill dispensers; it was disabled due to a problem in CraftBukkit. Apparently, the problem had been fixed and the code is now re-enabled. To use, put the dispenser on the diamond block and put the chest to supply the dispenser on a Lapis block.

    Version 0.4 introduces support for brewing stands: The ingredient is taken from the chest above obsidian, and potions are loaded from the Lapis chest and output into the gold chest.
    The left brewing stand produces potions which is used as the source potion for the right brewing stand.

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    In the configuration, you can enable or disable reloading of furnaces/dispensers/brewing stands, and change the blocks that indicate the input, output, fuel chests or the container to be reloaded. The configuration is located at plugins/MoreAutoReloader/config.yml. A list of valid block names can be found at here

    The default config:
        container: DIAMOND_BLOCK
        input: LAPIS_BLOCK
        output: GOLD_BLOCK
        fuel: OBSIDIAN
        furnace: true
        dispenser: true
        brewing-stand: true

    Download the plugin .jar
    Source on Github


    Version 0.5 (February 10, 2012)
    • Added a configuration file.

    Version 0.4 (January 28, 2012 -- Happy (5 days past its) birthday, AutoReloader!)
    • Added Brewing Stand support
    • Switched to the new Bukkit event system

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    Version 0.3
    • Uncommented the code that automatically reloads furnaces.

    Version 0.2
    • Updated plugin for Bukkit build #1000
    • Renamed to MoreAutoReloader
    Version 0.1

    • Initial release
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    Dude, I had lost hope for this plugin, but then you showed up, I'm speechless.
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    Actually, the plugin needed few changes; I only had to change 5 lines to make it work again.
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    if i once put the redstone correct and everything, i can't destroy it anymore :S
    please help!
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    Are you sure that other plugins aren't preventing you from destroying them? AutoReloader doesn't listen to any events that may interfere with block destruction.
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    Now that 1.0 has come out, I would like to know: Should I add brewing stand support to MoreAutoReloader? And if so, what would be a good behaviour to handle them, since, unlike furnaces, they have input and output on the same slots?
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    Heaven't been active with minecraft lately, but I'm happy that you still support this mod, even when its not widely used.
    Implementing this mod on potion brewing is a great idea, though I have yet to check out how it works in minecraft, but I'l let you know once I have a though or two x]
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    Would it be possible to check all the time, or at intervals for things to be loaded into the furnace, because every time a server is loaded my infinite redstone loop stops, so the furnace doesn't check for anything. I don't know about potion brewing, I have yet to make one, but I think it would be a good idea to incorporate it.
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    Ok, free from exams and back on minecraft server administration in full tempo
    so for the starters, I like the idea of making automated brewing stand, so blocks could stay the same for ingridient as fuel, and then inputs and outputs.
    Now to detect, when to put brewed bottles from stand to output, checking if brewing is finished with that herb could be enough.
    And when there are empty bottle slots, try to fill them from input stuff.

    maybe for the future some kind of transfer between the chests would also be nice
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    That's a good idea. I think I would just remove the bottles whenever a redstone current is received when the brewing stand is not brewing instead of checking if you can brew further with that herb, though, as I do not know of a good way to detect that.
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    I'm thinking a good idea would be a config file so we can edit the block that the chests and furnace/brewing stand has to be on since it would be a lot easier and nicer if we could choose what it has to be, making a large automatic production line much cheaper to make.
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    Thanks for the additions, though there is one minor bug left:
    Lets say I add to the chest 2 bottles, they get pulled in to the brewing stand. (but there is still one slot left free in the stand)
    So if I try to add more bottles to the chest, the 3rd bottle won't be taken, even when there is still one free slot left in the stand.
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    The reload only happens when the redstone turns on and when brewing is not in progress. Also, the plugin, for each slot, first removes the existing item, if any, into the gold chest, then attempts to load a new item.
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    can i change the diamond block to something else because in my server we mine and build things legit
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    I'll put in a simple config file this weekend if I have time.
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    Sounds great, thank you.
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    good to be helpful,only thing missing is vertical redstone
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    What do you mean by vertical redstone?
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    on the walls redstone
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    I don't know which plugin you're using for vertical redstone support. Currently, the plugin only checks when redstone wires are powered on, so as long as there is a normal redstone wire running into the diamond block, you should be OK.
    If you want me to add vertical redstone to this plugin: Sorry, I'm not that good.
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    im just searching vertical redstone :D

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