[MECH] MobRider v0.47 - Finally a proper use for saddles! [1.4.6]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by mung3r, Nov 28, 2011.

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    I was excited to see this plugin fixed but I once again had to dump it immediately because it crashes and breaks the WorldBorder. If I posted the crash and perhaps went on IRC and worked with you guys documenting the error would it get patched? I believe the crash had something to do with an unrecognized entity.
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    Definitely - post on the crash on pastie.org or pastebin.com. I can be found on esper.net as mung3r.


    Quick update - I've submitted this pull request which will fix the issue with WorldBorder:

    Hopefully, that will be in the next release.

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    My error is that it says I reached the border and I can keep riding the vehicle past the border. THEN if I get off the vehicle I am sent to where I would have been knocked-back; however upon trying to pass the border again gives me the message "you have reached the border" but the knock-back is no more. I can then pass the border. I did not experience anything about sending the mob underground like reported in the pull. I hope my pastebin helps :)

    Thanks again for your help!
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    The pull request should also handle this situation as well.
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    well the rod its a little better but the mobs get like crazy like always, buts its better now I will continuo waiting for a version that makes the rod work = )
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    Found a glitch!
    If your riding a player and you have combat log if you use a ender pearl they will die but their items will duplecate! please fix
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    <3 Mung3r
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    Can I make mounting mob consume a saddle? or if it's already in config, sorry for that but I can't find one.
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    Not currently possible with the exception of pigs. Also, if you consume a saddle on a mob, other than pigs, there's no way to keep the saddle on those mobs so you lose the saddle after just one ride.
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    Yeah, I get the point. People currently ride some monsters and freely hit them while riding for free kill method. I didn't use any Economy plugin but I use Emerald, Gold...etc as currency so, I'm looking for something that charges people for a ride.

    If I can config an item as a cost for a ride, that's nice. If not, I would looking for a 1-time saddle.

    Thanks for reply.
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    New 0.47.1 release:
    • Added support for Towny
    • Added support for Factions
    • Added support for Citizens2
    • Added sound+smoke effect to spawn egg
    • Fixed issue with aggressive mobs not attacking on command
    • Fixed issue with mounting mobs through walls/blocks
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and code improvements
    Download available here.
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    I've got an issue.. The mob doesn't really to listen to me.. I got the controls working through spout (although it stops working after a few minutes... Don't know why yet), but it's still very difficult to control, because it moves left or right all the time. It there any way to keep the mob steady untill you command it?
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    Keyboard control via Spout needs some tweaking - not really satisfied with the way I implemented this feature.

    In any case, I've had the most success if you press the UP arrow key and hold it down while adjusting direction with the RT and LFT arrow keys.
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    Using Bukkit without Spout on my server. When the plugin was installed...it worked fine. It started not working. We reloaded the plugin. It worked fine for about 5 minutes and then stopped working. Any ideas?
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    Any errors in the server.log? What kind of "not working" did you observe?
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    everytime i edit the config and restart the server the config.yml file just resets back to default. is there a command to change it ingame?
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    /mob reload should do it.
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    what do i change to make it so mobs dont drop eggs when jumping off the mob. i don't see it in the config.
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    It's a permission:
    mobrider.spawnegg: false
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    thank you very much :D. sorry newb admin.
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    If this is ever going to be updated again maybe add a feature that makes mobs avoid cactus? Also it would be nice if the mobs where smarter. Most of the mobs are easily confused by corners.

    The Enderman's teleportation ability makes it possibly the fastest mob to travel with but it can also hinder. Enderman can teleport into underground caverns and become trapped.

    The spider can climb walls making it another useful mount but, i find it gets stuck easily if there is a ledge or an obstruction of some kind over hanging the spider.

    Great plugin! PLEASE continue development!
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    <3 mun3gr
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    Why ops can't use this plugin?
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    Love the plugin...but the commands intefere with SnowBallNextdoor that plugin i happen to have and need
    , please add other commands (like short commands like: /mb instaid of /mob ) LOVE the plugin though
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    New 0.47.2 release:
    • Added support for 1.4 mobs (see caveats)
    • Added /mr command alias to /mob
    • Fixed bug with players not able to kill their rider
    • Fixed CME bug
    • Miscellaneous code improvements
    Download available here.
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    does it work for 1.4.5?
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    Can you please update it to 1.4.5? Thx
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    AWSOME!!!!! AWSOME!!!!!

    it works with 1.4.5.

    well i think so

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