Inactive [MECH/MISC] RedstoneCommand v3.0.2 - Turn on redstone simply by typing in a command [1.2.5-1.3.1]

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  1. Maybe this page is outdated. Please see Bukkit Dev.

    Hello at all!

    This is my first plugin. It's very simple but useful.
    It creates after creating a special sign a redstone torch at the north site off the sign. You can toggle this redstone torch by typing in a command.

    You can give your users special Permissions to create and/or use such a command. It isn't required (you can enable it in config.yml), but recommend.
    Uses Metrics for sending completly anonomous data to for usage tracking. See and GitHub for more info.

    1. Copy RedstoneCommand.jar in /plugins/
    2. Restart/reload server
    1. Open config.yml
    2. Change permissionsEnabled to:
      1. false if you want OP-only
      2. true if you want to define permissions
    3. Change signPlaceDirectionModeEnabled to false if you do not want the torch to be placed in front of the sign (automatically direction selection). As default the torch will be placed north of the sign if this value is false.

    Create a sign: (Permission: RSC.create)
    1. [RSC]
    2. <command>
    3. <delay in sec (optional)>
    4. unused
    Then you can use the following commands:
    • /rsc <command>
      • Toggle the RSC
      • Permission: RSC.use.<command>
    • /rsc on <command>
      • Turn on the RSC (explicit)
      • Permission: RSC.use.<command>
    • /rsc off <command>
      • Turn off the RSC (explicit)
      • Permission: RSC.use.<command>
    • /rsc delete <command>
      • Delete the RSC from library and remove the sign and the torch
      • Permission: RSC.delete.<command>
    • /rsc list
      • List all RSCs
      • Permission: RSC.list

    What is delay?

    If you define 3 sec as delay, and type /rsc <name> it will turn on for 3 sec.

    Direction of the sign

    At first the fourth line of the sign will be checked if there is given a direction. If there is no direction defined, it will check if automatically direction selection is turned on in the config (See Configuration). If the automatically direction selection is turned on, it will place the torch in front of the sign (where the text of the sign is). Otherwise the torch is defaulted to the north of the sign position.


    • Add verboose mode toggle
    • v3.0.2:
      • Change updater (new server)
    Show Spoiler

    • v3.0.1:
      • Added option for turning off the auto update reminder in config.yml
    • v3.0:
      • Change class paths
      • Added option for settings the location where the torch is placed
      • Torch location can be selected automatically
      • Changed a lot of code
      • Faster
    • v2.7:
      • Usage data will be sent anonymously to with Metrics
      • Fixed bug with wrong "no-permission" messages
      • Now supporting PermissionsEx, Bukkit Perms, bPermissions and OP-only
      • Changed class path
    • v2.6.7:
      • Fixed problems when using RSC and NoLagg together
      • More stability
    • v2.6.6:
      • Ready for Minecraft 1.2 and Bukkit 1.1-R5
    • v2.6.5:
      • Chunk loading before toggling a torch
      • CB 1.1-R3 support
      • No earlier versions are supported!
    • v2.6.4:
      • PEX support added
      • Added explicit commands (/rsc on <name> and /rsc off <name>)
      • Renamed Locations.yml to config.yml
      • Fixed small bugs
    • v2.6.3:
      • Fixed issue when delaying a RSC with the console.
    • v2.6.2:
      • Fixed permissions order while creating a sign
    • v2.6.1:
      • Added rsc.*, rsc.delete.* and rsc.use.*
    • v2.6:
      • Full Console Support added
      • Fixed some spelling failures
    • v2.5:
      • Reintroduced /rsc list
      • Delayed RSCs:
        • [rsc]
        • <name>
        • <delaytime in sec (optional)>
        • <something>
        • Removed "Permissions" and added PermissionsBukkit
      • Bug fix with arrows
      • Smaller source code
    • v2.1.1:
      • A small bug with bad consequences: No use for the whole plugin. There was a failure in the multiworld management. Now hopefully fixed :)
    • v2.1:
      • No more bugs. (I hope so :D)
      • Bukkit #1060 compatible
      • Removed /list command because of bugs. Will be adde next update.
    • v2.0:
      • Bukkit #1000 compatible!
    • v1.3:
      • Permissions for:
        • /rsc list (RSC.list)
        • creation of RSCs (RSC.create)
      • Bug fixes
    • v1.0 Beta:
      • /rsc list
      • /rsc delete <command>
      • Bug fixes
    • v0.2 Alpha: Bug fixes
    • v0.1 Alpha: First release

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    rsc.* should work as permissons bukkit supports that. what it doesnt support is the * on its own.
  3. Hmm but then it should work. I think I'll add rsc.use.all or something like that.
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    You can add a global node with subnodes and name it rsc.* or whatever. It's just that Superperms does NOT do that for you.
  5. Hey guys!
    I had to fix the problem manually. I think it should work now. Enjoy it :D
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    Hi there again! ^_^
    Is it possible you could modify your op function? When we don't want perms used, but op, users can't place any signs >_>
    (check for the presence of [rsc] at the top, please)
  7. Woah shit! That's such a stupid Bug I don't understand.. I found the error source but I don't understand why anybody hasn't found it earlier. Thanks. Will fix it tomorrow.
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  8. Bug fixed in v2.6.2. Thanks for error reporting :)
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    this basicly works the same as wireless redstone plugin???
  10. No. You execute a command and then somewhere will be placed a redstone torch.
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    oh right ok, i proberly wont use this but it sounds great and i might use it at some point!
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    I'm using RSC in quests and when command is used as reward delay doesn't work.
    I checked it, and when i type "rsc my_test" in server console it toggles torch and not delays. When I use it as op everything is fine.
  13. I read your post and I got the error. But I didn't have enough time to fix it. I'm working at it.
  14. I updated it to v2.6.3. Now it is working. Have fun :)
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    Can you add a config node to toggle chat notifications when enabled/disabled RSC?

    Also explicit status control would be cool:
    /rscon <command>
    /rscoff <command>
    I use Scriptblock and at some poit I don't know if a sign is turned on or off when I run the RSC command.

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    can you make it so non-ops can be able to make these signs?
    i tried both config settings but no sh*t will happen. can you help me?
  17. Just use permissions.
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    It says: "You don't have the nessecary permission!"
    What will i do? Any help?
  19. Don't you know how to use simple permissions???
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    the truth is no, because i don't give much attention to perfect settings, i just use the ones that don't cause huge problems in my server.
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    Can u make that working wiht PermissionsEX too?
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  22. homerbond005

    Can u fix the place where the torch its placed?, cut it just spawn to one specifit direction
  23. I think I'll spawn it where the sign is placed...
  24. The torch appear just in one direction, like the torch just appear in the north of the sign so if u set a sign in different places the torch spawn everytime in the north and thats annoying =/
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    homerbond005 hey dude, when triggering the redstone torch (whether on or off), could you have it load up the chunk first? :) Apparently it hasn't been doing that since 1.1 :|
  26. Sorry for my long inactivity. Much to do in "real-life" :/ I'll start working now. Chunk loading isn't that difficult but placing the torch in the direction of the sign is difficult.


    I released v2.6.5. It loads the chunk before toggling a torch. The torch direction has to wait. It is a bit complicated...

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  27. well, ill wait till that one, i think the plugin gonna be perfect if u do that, is the only issue from now, good luck =)
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    Maybe it is easier to implement the spawn direction with a command. When you place the sign, the torch gets sawned as normal (north). Then the direction thing could be done with a command like
    /rsc <command> west
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    Getting this error.
    CB recommend build 1.1 R3 1846
    Spout 737

    i get this when ever the redstone tourch disappears
  30. This error is not caused by RedstoneCommand. It couldn't. Maybe some other plugins are outdated :/

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