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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by John McCarthy, Sep 3, 2011.

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    John McCarthy

    My idea for a plugin world be auto working NPC's, similar to Millenaire for single player but less RPG and more auto building capabilities.
    Imagine playing on a server exploring, and stumbling apon about a dozen NPC's building little homes in the forest. Gathering wood quickly and building in an almost "human" like nature and speed. Making amazing towns which turn into great cities.
    With most NPC mod's like Millenaire, the NPC's take quite a bit of time to build homes, have some silly glitches [like being unable to make doors] and have a good bit of RPG, which is glitchy.
    I was thinking of a simple pure building plugin.
    An idea I had is that you have templates of home's that can be built and then the NPC's go gather the required materials and make the required space.
    For example:
    House1: 50 logs
    Area: 10x10x8
    So the NPC(s) would go get the logs and go back to the area where they are going to build. They would clear the area then begin to build. Lets say they use 80% of the wood for the actual house and the other 20% for furniture, doors and such.
    I don't know how the single player od works, but this seems like the most simple way to do it.
    Obviously, there would need to be more in the mod like if the NPC can't find all the wood in x area it does something else like gets the remainder of the material by digging or something like that.
    Another thing is that there would have to be a config for the NPC's spawning. If you want one every few miles or them packed in sardines taking all of the supplies of your world :p

    Here is the video that pushed me to post this idea here.
    Haha ignore the destruction lol

    Hopefully somebody can help me make this plugin, becuase it would be really fun :)
    Thank you very much for reading this!
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    so how is this going would be nice to have a plugin like this
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    This is coming in 1.9, additionally, nobody would code this because what you want them todo is to complex. You can't just say to clear the area, gather materials, and build houses. Coding doesn't work that way.

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