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    SecretSwitch - Create a hidden switch on any block:

    This plugin will allow you to create a hidden button or lever on any block, this is very easy to do and can be useful in many ways. I'm not sure if I'm going to add permissions to this but if someone requests that i do i will. Please post any (constructive) suggestions and ideas here.

    1. Place any block where you want your switch to be.
    2. Place a sign on the back of the block, on the second line of the sign put "[SecretSwitch]", on the third line put the word "Button" or "Lever", if you did this properly you will get a message saying you created a SecretSwitch sign.
    3. Connect redstone to the sign and to your piston / door / other block.
    4. Right click the block to activate your switch.
    • Create a hidden Button on any block.
    • Create a hidden Lever on any block.
    • Allow hidden switches to be used by some or all groups.
    • SecretSwitch.create => Allows you to create a SecretSwitch.

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    Awesome plugin! Works great! Is there a way you could include the possibility of using a block as a pressure plate? If so, that would make traps undetectable. Still though, good job :)
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    I try to use this and it says "You don't have permission to create a hidden switch." Help?
    EDIT: Added a screenshot.

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    Is there any ways to support RedPower2 wiring, I'm quite sure its just a matter of adding blockIDs to the SecretSwitch toggle options, tried to mess with the plugin myself but I don't understand java, a config.yml would be really awesome so people with custom mods could add the blockID they want the SecretSwitch to work with, the RedPower2 wiring is so much better than default Redstone... I'm using Tekkit right now, can't believe all of the stuff isn't in the default Minecraft already...
  5. If I'm using only one Block RedstoneWire and put it 1 Stage down it won't send the signal : /

    One nice thing would be using a "key" for opening the switches...I tried another plugin before but I won't get it working!

    But really nice and easy Plugin ;)
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    Are you using a permission plugin? If so make sure you have the proper permissions.
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    That would be awesome :D
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    :( the plugin broke with the new bukkit version. :( the signs work but you can't click anymore.
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    Does it give you an error in the console? If so please post it here.
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    For me, it doesn't give any errors. It's just that nothing happens. Like he said, making signs work, and is registered by the plugin, but actually activating the sign doesn't do anything. I also don't hear any clicking sounds. Maybe it's because it's not registering my right-clicking event?
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    No errors indeed. it's since 1.4.5. You create the sign and when you close it you can see that the plugin takes the [secretswitch] command and collor changes but when you click the block nothing happens anymore like it used to. So basicly it works but the click part to activate the button or lever does not work.
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    Oh, i haven't really touched any of my plugins after everyone started moving to bukkitdev. I'll figure out the problem and fix it.
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    ok so i have the worlds biggest headache from work but thats ok, I need your help for some odd reason unbeknownst to me but I cannot get your plugin to work with Essentials. I keep getting EssentialsProtect this block is locked by [username here] can you help me?
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    People have reported the plugin not working anyway, it's going to be updated very soon.
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    I took a stab at it and found the problem: It's in the PlayerListener, in the method where you check the block attached to the sign. The numbers don't match up with the directions anymore, it should be:
    2 -> SOUTH
    3 -> NORTH
    4 -> EAST
    5 -> WEST

    hope this helps.
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    This has been fixed for some time now.

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