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    SecretSwitch - Create a hidden switch on any block:

    This plugin will allow you to create a hidden button or lever on any block, this is very easy to do and can be useful in many ways. I'm not sure if I'm going to add permissions to this but if someone requests that i do i will. Please post any (constructive) suggestions and ideas here.

    1. Place any block where you want your switch to be.
    2. Place a sign on the back of the block, on the second line of the sign put "[SecretSwitch]", on the third line put the word "Button" or "Lever", if you did this properly you will get a message saying you created a SecretSwitch sign.
    3. Connect redstone to the sign and to your piston / door / other block.
    4. Right click the block to activate your switch.
    • Create a hidden Button on any block.
    • Create a hidden Lever on any block.
    • Allow hidden switches to be used by some or all groups.
    • SecretSwitch.create => Allows you to create a SecretSwitch.

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    you plugin don't seem to work.
    i do it jsut like it says
    but it don't seem to work
    []= block
    := sign
    _= redstone
    i'm using bukkit 1337 and i get no errors just when i click the block nothing happens
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    You right click the block, not left click.
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    i did right click still wouldn't work
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    Its been working for everyone else so your doing something wrong.
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    I have exactly the same problem, have essentials and world edit on the server, but that is all
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    I have the same problem. I set up the switch, and get the message that a switch was made, but no matter what I do the circuit will not turn on.
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    I just took a look at the source again and i found the problem.

    I was doing:
    if (block == block2)
    When i should of done:
    if (block.equals(block2))
    The problem has been solved, re-download the plugin and it will work now.
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    its says i dont have perm to place secretsign even if i am a op
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    Make sure you've added the permission node to your user / group. I'm going to add the check for op right now (Don't know why I didn't add this before, I thought I did :p).


    Updated, re-download the plugin.
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    Thnxs it works now :D
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    hy, is it possible to get an option vor a Pressure Plate ?
    an example: i wrote in the third line "plate" and then your plugin look at the block over the sign and look if a player stands on it or not
    [ ]
    =__________ Do somewthing

    § = Player
    [ ] = Block
    = = Sign
    _ = Redstone
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    I could maybe add something like that.
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    that would be great. let me know if you do this and if you do it, when i can test it =)
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    you should ad add a secret redstone block, because it's really hard to wire with the sign in the way of the redstone..
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    Thanks! This helped a lot.
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    i used your plugin and disabled half of my plugins i had :L
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    would any one be able to up load this to adfly or what ever because i disabled both adblock and the anti banner in kaspersky and still can download
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    Adf.ly isn't allowed here and its worse, some of its ads have viruses.
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    i cant download, link off!!
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    Its on and working, try again!
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm can't access the link you posted either
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    Strange, just tested and its working fine, ill check it out after school...
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    Don Redhorse

    now it works...
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    download not working....
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    I can't get the download to work either. I click the link, it opens a new tab, but it is a blank page and it isn't downloading anything. I have Firefox and NoScript, and yes I allowed the script for the page. Help please?
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    Hello Paulpkyou, :)

    can you Update SecretSwitch for CB 1818 ?
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    Sorry my website was down, its up now.

    Sure, it should work but if it isn't ill fix it.
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    How up-to-date is this? Will it work with CB 1.1-R3?
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    The reason why it hasn't been updated is because it hasn't been reported broken, I've tested it and it works with the latest version.
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    Oh, good! Thank you very much. Nice plugin. ^_^

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