Inactive [MECH] MiningTNT v0.4 - Choose what TNT destroys [1.2.4]

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    Mining TNT v 0.4

    What this plugin does:
    This plugin simply changes TNT to affect only what you want it to. This is so that people can use TNT to mine without the worry of greifing.

    - Causes TNT to destroy only stone by default
    - Other blocks can be added to what can be destroyed by TNT.
    - Allows height restrictions for TNT.
    - All settings can be found in
    - Creeper nerf can now be toggled on and off.
    - Adjustable block yield.
    - TNT can either set off other TNT or destroy it.

    Download MiningTNT (.jar)

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    - Initial release.
    - Added ability to select blocks dropped.
    - Added height restrictions.
    - Fixed creepers acting like TNT.
    - Fixed block destruction system.
    - Indestructible blocks such as Adminium can no longer be destroyed with TNT.
    - Creepers can act like TNT.
    - Updated for beta 1.3
    - No more stupidly long constructor message.
    - Fixed all ore/mineral drops.
    - Fixed a conflict with HigherExplosives.
    - Fixed TNT chaining
    - Added more options to the config
    - Moved config file to plugins/MiningTNT

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    To my knowledge, you can't change the resistance of a specific block type, rather each block is referenced as its own object. So as far as I know it would have to be changed at the time of the explosion. I could be wrong though, and I'll keep an eye on that topic to see where it goes.
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    If you give permission only want to put a TNT.

    Creeper to damage the player, does not destroy the block.
    I want to add the setting.

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    Is this working in RB818?
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    Considered inactive.
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    Works in 818. Just finished testing.
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    Then maybe it shouldn't be considered inactive.
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    It got moved back to the release section :p
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    Hi there, i like the plugin, great idea
    Did u nerf the tnt damage to players?
    Can you make this configurable?
    It would be great if i could have tnt the exact same..and just choose what blocks it damages
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    Really nice plugin.
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    @Taco : Text color is wrong (Must be black for easy readability), title tag is wrong (Must be uppercase, MECH), adfly links are banned, remove your adfly, changelog must show two most recent changes visible, rest in spoilertags.

    Moved to unsupported until you fix your plugin posts.
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    Does it work with CB 860?
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    It should.
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    I hate to seem a fool, though at least I'm not alone by the looks of it... the download above has the .jar and a .zip with the .jar in it... the jar doesn't auto-generate a file. Am I missing something basic here? Sounds like a handy plugin if it was clearer how to setup the config
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    It generates the file in same folder that craftbukkit.jar is in. I forgot to move it after I finished this plugin. I'll try to remember to do that later today.
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    So, from what I'm gathering, this simply provides a whitelist for TNT damage? My goal is to destroy obsidian with TNT. Does this mod let me do that? Quick response appreciated.
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    Yes; you can choose exactly what blocks are destructible.
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    Okay. I just downloaded this and set it so TNT can destroy number 49 (obsidian) and it didn't blow it up ... So this mod does NOT allow me to reach my goal.

    Mkay. I would actually use this plugin because it solved another problem on my server ... unfortunately, due to the TNT update, you can't chain TNT with this plugin active (I.E., TnT will just destroy other TnT blocks, rather than light them off and start a larger explosion.)

    Any possibility of this being fixed? Thanks!

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    There is a possibility, but I can't fix it today. I'll look into fixing this tomorrow.
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    Much, much appreciated. This plugin allows the explosive destruction of protected chests from LWC and Lockette - a feature that eluded me for a while. Keep up the good work.
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    - Fixed TNT chaining
    - Added more options to the config
    - Moved config file to plugins/MiningTNT
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    Hey Trying to blow up Obsidian and things that are in water would it be possible to add these 2 things?
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    Check out the plugin ObsidianDestroyer for your first problem. Worked for me.
  26. I like the idea of this plugin. But where are the sounds? :)
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    I like the concept of this :) thanks for it.
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    There are no sounds because the tnt doesn't truly explode. The explosion is read by the plugin, canceled, and then the appropriate blocks are broken and the tnt is removed.
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    i muss the kawumm sound when i use mining tnt with cb #1000 DO SOMETHING :O
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    I'll look into seeing if there's something I can do about the sound.
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    it's run my test server.
    but real server is not run.

    test server is win7
    real server is linux.

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