Inactive [MECH] MineVehicles v0.6 - Use your boat as submarine and minecarts as aircraft! [1.2.5-R1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by atlan1, Dec 9, 2011.

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    Yes , spout is updated but not set as "recommended build" , and my stupid players are too noobs to update their spoutcraft ...
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    Alright perhaps I can find an old file in one of my backups...
    EDIT: there we go: link

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    Is it possible to add minecarts as lava boats in this plugin (with a permissions.node of course) ;)?
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    I think It would be possible but hard to make because minecarts are already flying ! (fly on top of lava ?)
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    it is possible, but as Devintelo mentioned they are already the 'planes'. But nevertheless it would be a cool option!
    Perhaps I will add it when we can make our own vehicles with spout...
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    Cant you use a scan event to scan if the cart is in lava.
    In lava = LavaBoat
    On land/In air = Airplane
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    Yes, but for that , the spout's EntityAPI is needed , whithout it , it's impossible to create entities (mob , vehicle) it's only possible to modify them (bad english , I'm French)
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    Why isnt it working on 1.2.4?
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    what about normal cars...?
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    Sorry, did it now.
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    Thank you
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    I'm sort of spazzed out of my server height because the minecart glitches, and now i can't reconnect because whenever i join, it respawns me out of the world, so I'm booted for an illegal move. anyone have any ideas how i can fix this? i need ur guys' help!

    does anyone know a plugin that'll increase the maximum build height? maybe that'll fix it.

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    Perhaps delete the player data in the world folder...
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    does not work.... although i have many severe errors in colsole meaning things go off page, i see no errors or warnings or even things saying initiating.... is this cos i am 1.2.5? cos i am useing 1.1 plugins.
    i would very much like this plugin, even a development version, of 1.2.5, as i would really like to try, use and find out about this plugin.
    could there be a way to add guns for the "planes" and torpedoes for the "submarines"?

    if you give one half complete of this plugin that wrks for 1.2.5, i would be happy to report any bugs!

    this is the closest thing to planes, and i think it is a very good idea!!

    i would also like to know, could there be like WASD to move around (or is there already)?
    and also, if u could make it move like a plane and lick up speed and go up or down (with W-D like power so more pwr up less pwr down)

    i would like to be able to have wars and shoot each other down!!
    i am most interested in the carts.

    thanks! please quote me so it will come up in alerts!

    oh! does this plugin RELY on pex!?!?
    i do not have it, as i do not know how to configure it.

    come on my server if u want!

    or.... could you have it so W gives u power? when at certain speed on cart u press W and u lift off.... then u point mouse where u want to go?
    also, could we be able to see from 1st person without minecart in the way?

    i am incredibly interested in this plugin. if i knew javascript, ( i want and need to learn) then i would help you myself!

    also, that would make guns on the carts being of more use..... u could make it fire-charge, so, like the cannons plugin, you do not have to make custom block.... or arrow? yes, i think arrows would be better.

    something like that would make the plugin TOTALLY AWSOME, but that WOULD take a lot of time.
    please could u do what u can, but i dont expect miracles!

    some of the things i am saying might be complicated to program, while others might be simple to program!
    i am in terested in the futre of this plugin, and i think it would be VERY good if something could be done of this sort..
    with taking off, i am thinking that traintracks can be used ad runways, then when u fast enough u press W. i do know that there is a plugin called hawk... so i know mouse directing is possible!

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    lol! he wans earlier verstion i would like latest version!

    i mostly quoted that post so it would show up in ur alerts!
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    Oh, yeah I didn't get your posts because of that.

    So does it actually work or not for 1.2.5 (I guess it should)?

    I like your ideas very much, but unfortunetly I haven't enough time currently to work on this plugin, because I am also developing Guns+. Yeah this takes almost all of my time because it's a very big plugin.

    Also you should learn Java instead of Javascript ;)
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    i am learning now and thinking on developing shooting first and then flying... i sucseeding in making a big mess that broke all my other plugins....
    my server has also been hacked.....
    most plugins gone...
    wont be able to try it and give u a deffo awnser cos it could be the server going wonky again....
    dam hackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i dont find it working right now.... but i have 2 boat sinking plugins... carts definitley do not work.

    also, what is the difference of java and javascript?

    EDIT: plugin does not work....
    could i have a 1.2.5 development version?
    i would like to try out the plugin#
    i would be happy to report any bugs...

    i cant rly program well yet, so i will try and do somin of this sort when i am better

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    Ah , I found some small bugs, I fixed now. The new version is online.
    Also JavaScript is a scripting language and focused around web development, but Java is a real programming language compiled before runtime, while JavaScript is compiled at runtime in an internet browser.
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    dunno wat u mean ill ask dad tomorrow
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    Awesome Plugin! Still works for Minecraft 1.2.5!
    i made a simple, easy review for your plugin! Hope you like it!
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    is it possible to not have to press shift to change direction and just have cart go direction i lookin? if u cant do this, that is ok, but please add a going down button!!
    if u did, u would not even need to make it move that way, just turn that way, the cart gliding plugin takes care of the rest!!

    me and my friends had a good time battling.. but it is not good steering, could u also please make it so cart goes EXACTLY to where mouse is? controls r jumpy, and it is very hard.

    to clarify, i mean that u dont have to press shift, or there is a config file (probably better) where we can change it, can you also make it so nonops can fly too?

    thanks! 2012-05-07_18.21.46.png

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    i am not surew if the bottom is even minevahicles.... i installed moarrows and the extra arrows pack, and now it wont work... ill try removing moarrows right now...

    although this 1.2.4 build of mine is compatibl for 1.2.5, i dont think is is very plugin-friendly! even PEX wont work on it!
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    Please make cart - car(use coal), aircraft(use glowstone or redstone)
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    can u add a command to toggle the plugin for each player? so like a player could type /mv off and /mv on or /mv toggle?
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    Can you change the aircraft and the submarine??? I know it is stupid but I would like the aircraft being the boat. I don't use the submarine so I don't NEED to have it. In 1.3 boats will be easier to control.
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    Can we have the source code?

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