Inactive [MECH] Minecart_SpeedPlus v1.6 - Make your minecarts go lot faster [1.2.5]

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  1. Minecart_SpeedPlus - Make your minecarts go lot faster
    Version: v1.6

    Have you ever felt that, your minecart transport system takes too much time for you to get from place a to place b? Have you wanted to do something funny with minecarts?

    If you answered yes, this plugin is the answer.


    • Set minecart speed with a simple command
    • Makes your minecart to change speed as you go past a sign
    • Makes you minecarts fly! (They glide through the air!)
    NOTE: This plugin does NOT make minecarts move on their own (atleast yet), it only set maximum speed. To get to that speed, you need booster tracks or something.

    Permissions/OP: BukkitPerms are supported

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  2. Thank you for building it! I have been having trouble with my development system... I made the fixes, but was not able to build or test it in any way.

    It is sadly the nature of the vanilla minecarts, that they fly out of the corners with almost any speed above the 1x. You can put signs to slow minecarts right before the corners and then accelerate them again
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    Yeah I can see why you added the sign part, a nice workaround!
  4. Actually the signs were intended to be a way do track- or section-based speedlimits... But they work as corner-brakes too :D
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    does not work
  6. Did you try the one posted by Nebual, or the download-links on the first post?
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    Perhaps update your first post with my link, to be clear.
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    Ok but how does it work
  9. What does it do/How to use it?
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    whats the best speed?
  11. The fastest speed you can set it to is 50 times the normal speed. But it is extremely unlikely that your server can handle that speed(chunks cant load that fast, I haven tried with a plugin that keeps chunks loaded). You have to experiment yourself. It also depends on how big is the distance you are trying to travel. The bigger the distance, the more you can see the problem with chunks loading.
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    what should be the speed for the minecart here?
  13. Sorry, I can't really say without experimenting with it. It seems that your are is pretty small, so there should not be any chunk-loading issues, no matter how fast you go.

    The more limiting factor is that, as annoying as it is, minecarts get off-track if they go too fast into corners, and just bump back if you try to get them to go uphill fast.

    Its been a while since I really played with my plugin, so I can't say any exact numbers, but I'd think you can't go to corners faster than 1.25, and to uphill I think it might be something below 2.
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    Thank you for the update! It works perfectly :)
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    Is there a Update for 1.2.5 ?
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    i set the msp to 2 - but its kinda buggy, if the track goes upwards from straight, sometimes the minecart stops and changes the direction :confused:
    At msp 1.5 everything is fine, but id like to set it higher...
    hoping for 1.2.5 Update (maybe bugfix? :p )
  17. That is a known issue, but it would be really hard (maybe not impossible, but still), because that behaviour is coded in the minecraft itself. The same goes for the corners. :( I can't think about anything else that manually "moving" the minecart by moving it to new coordinates. That might easily be a performance or "laggy feeling" depending on how small the distance between the moves is.

    I'd like to get it fixed, but I think there is too much work to get anything even half-good. For now everyone has to slow down for corners and hills.
  18. Graberboy I have just done a 1.2.5 "update". It is quoted because there is not really anything new. I cleaned it up, and tested that it should work with 1.2.5
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    Holy Gamer

    hello varesa, would you mind if I made a video demonstrating how to use Minecart_speedplus? plz and thnx :D
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  20. That would be highly appreciated!
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    Holy Gamer

    1) i would like you to join the server i am going to make the video on( this is the server ip
    2) i am constructing everything about it like the sign demo and msp demo as well so i would appreciate it if you would help me do so :D
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    I've found a bug: On long roads, minecarts stop at determinate random points. I don't know why this happens, but there is no way to avoid it.
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    I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but Bukkit doesnt seems to recognize your plugins exists after I put into the plugins folder and rerun. For instance if I type "plugins" into bukkit it doesnt show MSP also there is no generated folder for MSP. I noticed this because ingame the command /msp 3, said command not recognized. I really want to try out this mod because of its simplicity and my preference for Minecrafts original minecart system. Thanks for any feedback.

    FIXED: The issue was that the dl site is very confusing, by right-clicking on the file name and downloading as "save as" it still shows the file name as MSP, and the filetype as JAR. I instead just left-clicked on the name which lead to a separate download. Very weird.
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  24. I know the site is not the best, and it is only temporary. I hate that kind of "extra steps" too. Just try to wget something from a site like megaupload or rapidshare... You never know which step has the "final URL".

    I have also found that it is impossible (unless there is some workaround) to wget java from Sun's / Oracle's website. They make you accept some kind of license-agreement, that is hard (but possible, I think) to "accept" with wget.

    (To those who don't know: wget is a cmd-line file-downloading utility found on most of linux-distros)
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    My carts always stop in corners at 1.5 speed. is there a fix? This mod would be awesome without the sudden stops sometimes.
  26. That's strange. The bouncing off of up-slopes and flying out of turns are known issues I have experienced, but I have not experienced the carts stopping on their own... Maybe this has something to do with the issue noted by agubelu few messages earlier.

    If the issue is only with corners at high speeds, you could slow the carts down with signs just before the corners, and the restore the speed. You shouldn't be going too fast to corners any way, since there is a high change of the carts getting offrailed.

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