Inactive [MECH] MagnetBlock v0.4.7 - Movable Structures controlled by Redstone [1060]

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    Your 3 posts give me the idea to make multiple types of magnets.
    Yep, that has been fixed a long time ago.
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    1.can u fix the dispensers and chest move WITH items :)
    2.fix for movement... i cant look out at my elevator its lock all my movement and make it some....lag view? *phew* i mean can u make it smoth in the movement?^^ i need a elevator that have same movement at waterfall.... :) Minecraft must be have a soft move commands for players there change "Y Axe" in water ... can u use this? :) (haha strange analogy :p)
    3.great plugin :) and i dont run my server without it

    Yeees Please more magnets!
    push / rottate

    some of.... Contact magnet? Structure 1 and Structure 2 move connectet with 2 magnets and loose the connection with redstone wire on :)

    my english is selflearnet and... hehe bad... hmm no its unsound :p
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    Great plugin :)
    But I got a question:
    Since Pistons are able to move blocks smoothly... Did you think of applying this to your plugin? May be there would be a future method to do so in bukkit. If not planned someone could/should request this :)
    I want to make a big moving door, but I want it go smoothly and it is difficult to move more than one or two blocks with pistons.
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    Is there a way to turn an already existing structure into a magnet? Maybe compatibility with worldedit pastes or something?

    Also, I had a really odd error. While I was attempting to build my train, every time I'd add a block it would say 'air added to structure' or something of the sort. Regardless of if I was using wool or wood or glass or chests or furnaces or other things. It would occasionally say the right thing, but not very often.

    Before I could see if it actually worked with the errors it was displaying, I had a 2 AM brainfart and typed /mbrs instead of /mbes and suddenly my magnetic train of some amount of blocks and 2 hours of construction for the rails and the train itself was suddenly very non-magnetic and I was suddenly very ready for bed. lol.
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    I've seen that AIR added to the structure, the plugin still works ;) It's just that it displays the type wrong.
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    I got it working indeed! Sort of.

    I have quite a long train track, wireless redstone, switches in the train, movecraft, multiverse, worldborder, worldedit, craftscripts, essentials, craftbukkituptodate, and that's it. (I may have Commandbook still, I think I chucked it, doubt it's what's causing this issue though)

    I'm having trouble, it just scrolls [SEVERE] Block has encountered AIR Type! the entire time the train is moving, up until the point it thwacks into the train station. Not too bad a problem except for log spam. My big issue is that if I'm riding on the train, everything's fine for about 10 seconds, then there's a period where my entire screen blanks out except for blue void and sky. Then I 'wake up' in my train station with a "can't keep up, did the system time change or is the system overloaded?" message simultaneously popping up on the server log.

    I get the same message about encountering air blocks if I fly alongside my train or if I'm inside it, however if I fly alongside it I don't 'black out'. Distance between the magnet blocks is X/Y/Z
    49, 102, -25 to
    49, 103, -628

    Known issue? If not, need anything?
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    Glad I could help :D Keep up the awesome work
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    Your plugin is great! Can you update it for new bukkit plzzz!!!
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    GOOD SIR. I just got an account to tell you how AWESOME your plugins are! I have them all!
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    Thanks :D
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    dude can u plz update it to cb 1000?
    i wanna use ur plugin!!
    but i cant :(
    plzzzzzz update!!
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    Why can't you? Did you even try?
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    is it for cb 1000?
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    It should work with 1000 though I didn't test it recently.
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    ok ill try :D
    thank you :p
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    Hey, could you add a function, with you can rotate the structre with redstone?
  17. There is a bug with this version (0.47) : not compatible with RB 1000 (probably), no structure moves when magnetized or moved by feather, stick, /mbch.
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    plz update? :)
  19. Hm, now it works, sorry, it just did not worked the first time.

    BUT, when I'm using magnets, it stops at about 3-4 blocks above the magnet... (in vertical moves only)

    Any idea ?

    (I restarted server 2 times)
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    mine done the exect same... ive been using this plugin since 800 CB odd but latley it just breaks down and the gates wont open or anything...and when they do open they only move about 3 blocks and not the whole way to the magnet...there is defently noting blocking the magnet and structure...would love for this to work the way it did before :)
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    have u moved the structure bevore u finish it? i have the same problem

    if i build and move 1 block before i finish the structure reload server... then it move only for 3-4 block and are blocked...

    u must build, finish and RELOAD then it will work
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    hi how do i get it to roatate i tried using a bone and nothing happening
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    Sorry, rotating isn't implemented since I recoded something.
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    great plugin! could you please update for 1000? :)
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    Great plugin. I think i have some ideas to add to this: 1) improve the MOVE or FIND magnet algorhythm (not as much as a rat finding its way in a maze, but there are a few simple things you can do to simplify the movement which would improve it); example: i place 2 magnets, 1 bottom and 1 top, but at an angle, NOT directly above each other; if my structure starts at the bottom moving up, the path it would need to take would be UP, FWD, RIGHT, till it reaches the top magnet; ok, but if there is a pillar or block about half way into it's path/journey, and the structure happens to want to move against it at the right/wrong time, then structure stops; easy fix is to NOT to stop before trying to move in the other directions; so if the MOVE loop always CYCLES thru all 3 move directions, it would keep the structure moving in one of the other 3 directions until the structure is surely stuck, meaning there are no more moves in either of the 3 directions or ofcourse til it reaches its target magnet; so there would always be 3 directions, let's call them d1, d2, d3; the move loop would cycle thru all d1-3, until none of the 3 moves in one single loop are succesful, or until target magnet reached. I think this way the structure does NOT get stuck on anything it finds in its path. Loop example: LOOP START. try up, if not up, try right, if not right, try forward, if not forward either, then stop and end loop LOOP END and if one of the 3 TRYs was successful, the LOOP keeps going.

    2) another idea i had was this: it would really add to the functionality and simplicity of using the plugin i think; it would involve moving the structures without red stone, or even magnets; i'm not sure how the code works in detail, but hear me out; for up/down, left/right, fwd/back movements only you would not necesarily need magnets; while for moving structure at other angles which involves multiple directions at the same time, you could use magnets, but for both ideas above you would not neeed the messy and cumbersome red stone wiring; ok, here we go: (A) example for moving straight in only one direction (vertical or horizontal) user could type command: "/move struct UP 20 Bounce" easily translated as "from its original position, move struct straight UP by 20 blocks - Bounce means struct will keep oscilating between original location and final destination forever; struct will start moving up, and when it reaches the 20th block destination, the structure returns back to original location, and then goes back up to the 20th block, and does this repeatedly forever... even if it encounters blocks, or a barrier on the way the struct will BOUNCE and go back towards the target it came from (the two targets being 1=original location, 2=20th block as specified by user); The NoBounce flag would let struct stop when it reaches destination, or when it hits something on the way there. (B) for multiple direction/angle movement, you could use the magnets again (u may need to name the magnets, and i'm sure even now the magnets do have their own id, could just name them m1, m2, m#); so place/add magnets, then the command line would read "/move struct mag1, mag2, mag3, magNTH, REPEAT" which would translate into "move struct from original location to mag1, then mag2, then mag3, etc, and keep repeating this process infinitely" (C) to do this without magnets, command would look like "/move struct UP 20, RIGHT 9, DOWN 5, LEFT 3, REPEAT" which would mean "first move up 20, then right 9, dn 5, left 3, but when it reaches LEFT 3 position, this would become its NEW original position, so that when it starts repeating the cycle, structure starts the same cycle from THIS NEW POSITION" i think 4 directions are good, so user can make full circle (D) want to complicate it a little more with custom ROTATION and move? y not ... "/move up 3, left 5, etc rotate X/Y/Z 90/180/270 or -90,-180,-270" which means "move struct in specified direction while per every block it moves, it also rotates on the specified AXIS and at the specified ANGLE every time it moves one block"

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    @atamotua thank you for the detailed suggestions.
    The move alghoritm already separates movement on all different axes, but this doesn't work when the movement into that axis would be lower than 1 because it would make sense to move away from the magnet.

    The other thing is partially possible, there's a command /mbmove structname x y z
    This doesn't include paths or repeating, that is a nice suggestion, I'll try to do that when I have some Showcase stuff done (finishing showcase is currently my highest priority)
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    Sure, no problem, i'm a programmer, and i like logic, details, algorhythms, conditions, options, etc...
    Another idea just came to mind (actually a few - call me the idea man): Since this is MINEcraft, how about some DRILLING options, since you can make blocks move, try this command: "/move FWD 14 DRILL NoRepeat" which would move my structure forward thru the mountain, destroying any blocks that it touches on the front side.... if you want to do it on rotate also, to simulate a spinning drill, ok "/move FWD/UP/DN/BACK/LEFT/RIGHT 14 ROLL on X DRILL NoRepeat" ....

    And what i meant by rotating the structure on an axis, i was talking about the STRUCTURE's OWN axis, like earth spinning on its axis (i dont even know if you've misunderstood me or not ;) )

    Also, i dont know if you want to add some features of World Edit, but since you already can define some structures, y not let user place 2 delimiter blocks which would define the outter limits of a structure they want to create, and that would take all the blocks included in that 3D area, and create a new structure, from EXISTING blocks.... (right now you define struct, then build it, which is fine, that can stay... but it would be cool if you let the user define an existing structure, with which they can play with later, as in MOVE, ROTATE, etc)... i know there are plugins and mods for this, but i'm the type of ALL-IN-ONE type guy, besides, the more mods you add the chances of breaking one or more are very high... ...

    thanks for reading...

    Just wanted to add a small detail to the DRILL option... for example if my struct is a CIRCLE and i drill with it, the outcome wuold be like sticking a pipe thru cake ;), meaning the drilling would leave a FULL cylinder thru the mountain.... now if my struct was a DISC (filled in circle), then my drilling hole would look like a tunnel thru the mountain; again, destroy only blocks that my struct touches on it's FRONT side, meaning the side that moves towards the mountain...

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    @atamotua very nice :D
    Drilling would be possible very easy by turning off the block collision detection :D
    Not sure about rotating while drilling, it's just safe in 90 degree steps because otherwise the small step rotations could make some interference effects with the original structure.
    Also, I think about a nice format for the command, to apply a queue of actions it has to do.
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    Cool... now that you mention those things, i thought of another small detail (are you saving these notes? i hope so, cause they are pretty detailed ;) )... you said you'd turn off the block collision detection in DRILL mode, ok, ... would that still remove the blocks that the structure/drillbit touches??? that was the idea, to remove the blocks it touches so that you can easily create holes in the mountain and the ground without having to mine manually, nor have to TNT the place in all random shapes, DRILLING would be Controlled, nice, smooth CUT and demolition, and quicker than manual, just create the struct/drill, set it in motion, and do something else while the struct does its drilling... AND the other idea that came to mind, related to all this, and even earlier posts, if you make it an option for the structure to GO THRU objects without colliding (NOT just in drill mode), even in normal mode where struct moves from magnet to magnet, having COLLIDE=OFF, then struct would move freely from place to place, not getting stuck in any of the obstacles it encounters in its path... i'm not sure if this is possible, u know better, as in, if the struct goes thru an object/obsticle, does that object/obsticle HAVE TO DISSAPEAR ??

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    When making that it doesn't "clip" there are 2 possibilities: either temporally remove the original blocks at this position or remove the blocks of the structure until they can become visible again.
    I think I'll opt for the second possibility, because it's easier to understand.

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