[MECH] MagicTorches v1.0 - Create Wireless Redstone Torches [BUKKIT DEV]

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    MagicTorches gives you a way to make wireless redstone torch connections. Each MagicTorch array has one transmitter and any number of receivers. When the transmitter changes its state (to on or off), that change is transmitted to all of the receiver torches.

    See BukkitDev for more information.

    Download here.
    Source here.
    Maintained at BukkitDev.

    /mt create <name> [direct|inverse|delay] - Creates a MagicTorch array. Receiver torches selected will be direct (default), inverse, toggle, delay or timer.
    /mt edit <name> - Edit a torch array.
    /mt cancel - Cancels a torch creation or edit.
    /mt finish - Finishes the creation of a MagicTorch array.
    /mt direct - Sets the next receiver torches selected to be direct receivers.
    /mt inverse - Sets the next receiver torches selected to be inverse receivers.
    /mt delay - Sets the next receiver torches selected to be delay receivers.
    /mt delete <name> - Delete the named torch array.
    /mt info <name> - Shows info for the named torch array.
    /mt list - lists torch arrays that you own.
    /mt reload - reloads MagicTorches from the database.

    magictorches.access- allows a user access to many functions of MagicTorches.
    magictorches.create.direct - allows a user to create a direct receiver.
    magictorches.create.inverse - allows a user to create a direct receiver.
    magictorches.create.toggle - allows a user to create an inverse receiver.
    magictorches.create.delay - allows a user to create a delay receiver.
    magictorches.create.timer - allows a user to create a timer receiver.
    magictorches.admin - allows a user to see, edit, list and delete all MagicTorch arrays. Also allows user to reload the MT db and other things.

    Change Log
    • So much. Just look at Bukkit dev.
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    Is there a plan to fix the pop off issue in 1.4.6? I love this plugin, and would have to need to find something different. Thank you.
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    I haven't tested with 1.4.6. I'll take a look.

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