[MECH] Lift 45 - Command/Config free elevators [1.7.2-R0.1]

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    Why I make it like this and it said that "There is only one floor silly.'? Would you mind teaching me how to improve it?Give me a picture.Thanks QQ截图20120628183017.png
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    your button and top sign are one block too low. refer to the first post. The bottom sign isn't required, but if you don't put it, let one block between the floor and the button :

    top sign
    (optionnal) sign

    Also, don't forget to hit the top sign to update it ;)
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    OK i have already done it but have a question: how to add the button like 3floor to 2 floor or 2floor to 3 floor?
    Btw,because of my server ,i use lift-6.jar.
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    Right click sign with hand
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    Version 15 is uploading to bukkit dev. It should be posted soon. It adds support for the AntiCheat plugin.
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    have a few ideas,

    1, add to you can give a tittle a tittle lige
    you are at 2nd floor

    2, add so you can give a specefic usergroups the options to make lifts that have more speed :)

    But overall, this is a god damn nice plugin!!!
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    Can you describe 1 a bit further?

    2, you can set up different base blocks in the config.yml file, then use other plugins to control which groups can place those blocks.
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    as it is now it looks like the one to left.. my idea is the one right. so there is one more space "name space" you can then chose to write whatever you want there, like Basement, Storage room or Attic
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    Just tried the plugin and really like it. It would be nice if you are an op and it could keep your /fly status after using the lift. Otherwise perfect for me. Thanks!
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    Great plugin
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    thank you!! But i have a new question that why other can't use this and say no permission?
    What should i do in bukkit?
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    This can already be done. Put another sign below the button and have the second line.

    I do not understand

    Done. It will show up in the next version
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    Awesome, thanks.
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    Is there any way to make an elevator "public"? Right now only I can use it... :(

    The message is like "You are not authorized" or something like that...

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    Are you using LWC or something like that ?
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    Yes, I have WorldProtect and WorldEdit. I have a feeling that it's something about the Sign... Hmmm...
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    Elevators are public, so it is another plugin that is preventing use of the sign and/or button
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    I have some problem, can you help me?
    It said 'There was error in the code please report bug, conditions,and debug log if possible'
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    awesome job, finally an elevator I can use, without having to create one with redstone, pistons, and such....great job.
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    yep... so just report bug, conditions, and debug log if possible (and Lift version). Here, so maybe we could help if it is related to a misconfig or something like, or on the croxis repo on github if you have an account. :)
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    Can u let me Translate it in German? Or just add option to change Current Floor and Dest?
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    I'll make a language.yml file instead for version 18!
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    But I remember him saying in the video, you can make the lift larger or smaller
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    Version 18 is uploaded, just needs to be approved.

    config.yml now has three new options that let you change the text.
    I am also now using http://mcstats.org/ plugin metrics to see how many of you are using my plugin :)

    Lifts can be any shape or size up to 16 blocks in area. This can be increased or decreased in config.yml
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    This plugin seems like a really cool idea but I have a problem, Every time I press the button my character just starts jumping and doesn't stop.
    I'm quite sure the elevator is set up properly but it doesn't seem to work. Please help ! [creeper]
    I would also like to add that this happens on both survival and creative.
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    What other plugins are you running?
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    Plugins which I am running :
    World Portal, Mob Stats, Orebfuscator, UltimateArena, StopLava, advHome, SWatchdog, WorldEdit, Build-a-Mob, Carz, SafeExplosions, Vault, PermissionsEx, PortalStick, Reporter, DogTags, LapisPortal, Pvp-Area, CustomNodes, fart (I don't know why I put this one in :p), Lockette, ModifyWorld, MobDisguise, Essentials, Chat Manager, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, Assassins, ChestShop, EssentialsChat, Factions, AntiCheat.

    And also, thank you for your quick reply ! I appreciate you seeing my post :)

    oh I forgot one ! ... I have dynmap too, sorry lol ;)

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    Shadezguy Any plugin that modifies player physics, which essentials might do depending on your settings, can cause the issue. I suggest copying your server, add in lift, and then add in plugins one by one to see the conflict.
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    1. One question: I don't see an option to change the language. Where is it?
    2. Could you add multiple floor blocks? So you can use, for example, glass and wood as floors. I mean like the bottom block.
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    1. make your own by changing this in the config.yml :
    STRING_oneFloor: There is only one floor silly.
    STRING_currentFloor: 'Current Floor:'
    STRING_dest: 'Dest:'

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