[MECH] Lift 45 - Command/Config free elevators [1.7.2-R0.1]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by croxis, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Hey, your plugin have a big bug. It doesn't works above 128 block. Can you fix that???
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    You must be using Bukkit beta
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    I just uploaded version 12. It will be posted when the bukkitdev mods ok it.

    This fixes (or tries to fix) some "paper-cut" issues.

    A block is no longer placed when you right click on a sign with a block in your hand.

    No more being kicked for flying

    Ladders can now be placed inside a elevator shaft. In case the power goes out or if there is a fire ;)
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    Does it work with the new 1.2.4 up date
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    I dunno if someone posted it here but I see a little bug over here. After you use elevator you can double jump to get into flying. Just use elevator, get somewhere else and double jump. Now you can fly around. Will you fix this in future?
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    Whoops. Looks like I didn't think though my no-ckick for flying code well enough. This will be fixed for 13.
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    Nice! No more annoyingly hard Redstone contraptions for elevators.
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    Hey, i noticed, that your plugin is crashing redstone. I'm using this great plugin you made, but please fix it, because in my hotel there is no lift! :p
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    Uploading version 13 with flying bug fix
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    I made a 3x3 elevator at a height above 128, in fact, slightly lower than 256. But when I try to activate it, a huge line of glass just explodes from one side, the upper right side of the elevator, to be exact. It seems to extend for as long as you set the default lift size. Another thing worth noting is that it only made 2 blocks of glass disappear, as opposed to the entire lift.

    So I set the lift limit back to 1 and it worked like a charm, no errors or anything. But I switched the limit to 9 to accommodate my larger lift and this:


    It only opens a one block long gap in the lift, which if you go through it works, but it seems I'm not able to adjust anything to make the lift larger :/

    I tried reinstalling the plugin than restarting the server and the old bug decided to rear its head once more



    Oops. That fixed it :D
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    When i right click the empty sign above the button, it doesn't do anything, other than stay blank. Any ideas?

    **EDIT** Upon reloading, the sign's text appears, wierd...
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    It Tells me theres an error in the code im trying to put this in my giant and I have no idea where to find the log (I'm kinda new to bukkit.)

    I've put the screen shots here
    Show Spoiler
    and there pretty much the same after the second one

    I derped my friend realized the problem and fixed it but now I have a new problem i cant name the lifts I put the sign with the name below and refreshed everything and it did not work
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    Make sure the name is on the second line, not the first. If that doesn't work, try rebooting the server again. Let me know as it will help me troubleshoot any issues.
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    Quick question: Does it work with any other block beside Glass? Like planks?
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    No just glass.
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    Why hasen't anyone ever thought of this? You sir, are brilliant.
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    I'm retiring! This plugin should work as is for quite some time. It is open source if someone else wishes to take it over.
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    wont work if i use different blocks beside only lapiz and iron... can you set it so any blocks can be used for an elevator???
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    You will need to make that edit in the config file.
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    Waooo.. what a bad new. I think you have your reasons so good luck in your life and thanks for have updated and pushed this plugin on the top since a few months. ;)
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    Dose it have to be iron and glass
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    It has to be glass for every floor above the bottom, but the bottom floor can be whatever you decide to put in the config file. Also you can have different speeds for different blocks: iron is slow, gold is medium, diamond is fast. But with number values.
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    If You Still Have The Coding? I'd Love To Take Over This As Im Looking For A Good Plugin To Start Off With (I Have No Idea's) So Im Looking For A Simple One To Take Over :p
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    Code is in the repository link on the bukkit dev page
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    If you ever need me to update the video or add a custom thumbnail feel free to ask ;)
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    Thanks Man :p
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    Deleted user

    Have you found someone to take over this plugin for you yet?
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    I'll probably get back to it when the school year is over. I've been working a lot of 12 hour days and the last thing I want to do when I get home is code.
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    oO, then I will remove the Plgin yet.
    currently unktioniert everything with the latest Bukkit.

    Thank you for your work

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