[MECH] Hungry v0.3.1 - Yet another hunger plugin [1060]

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    Authors: jonathanyc and tr4656
    Version: v0.3.1

    Hungry adds immersion to Minecraft! There is a reason to actually eat food in order to survive making it more realistic - so gather your food and actually eat so you won’t go hungry.

    • There is actually a need to eat food (like real life)
    • Custom Language support
    Download Plugin
    Contribute at Bitbucket!
    Github Mirror

    Instructions, Permissions and FAQ:
    Our wiki is hosted at Bitbucket, and is available here.
    Quick Links
    To-do list and Known Bugs:
    See our Bitbucket issues page.

    • Fixed eating events not registering when right-clicking on air.
    • Thanks to Fullwall, for his Gastronomic plugin (off which many parts of this plugin were based!)
    • Thanks to chernobyl360, for maintaining Gastronomic after Fullwall stopped (until he got hacked)
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    is this Compatible with the latest build (928)
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    To remedy this, do "/stop" ingame. It soft reboots the server and ques all plugins to save their settings before actually rebooting. Basically do this to reboot your server, or do it before actually shutting your server down for something. It's really helpful and prevents inventory rollbacks as well.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    That doesn't reboot your server; it shuts it down. And you need to be an op to use it as well.
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    It reboots my server. And wouldn't you be an OP if you're making edits to the files in the first place?
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    Any further work?

    Maybe some features from Tiredman ?

    Thanks for plugin, its great!
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    oh thank you.
    I modified config.json after shut down my server.
    and it doesn`t overwrite config.json anymore.
    but I dont know why XD.
    Is there any differences between 'stop' and 'reload'? heheh
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Not automatically. You might decide to make no-one an op. And the only way /stop would reboot your server is if there is some script or something running on your server which automatically starts the server back up again when it detects it is down; in other words, it may be true on your server, but it's not true in general.

    @alfskan – The /stop command stops the server completely, while /reload just reloads all the plugins without stopping the server. The /reload command can cause problems with some plugins, though.
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    My bad. Was just trying to be helpful.
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    I will be trying this plugin, but just a tip, Make a video. it helps lazy browsers, (Like me when i'm bored), get an idea of the GUI and general programming.
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    I might do it when 0.3 comes out and I get more time.
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    How fare are you already or are you waiting for Update 1.7?
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    Really looking forward for update. :)
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    Same, I hope the old gastronomic "effects" come back, it made raw pork poisonous. Its exactly what I want for my HardCore survival server. I hope you can get this up soon!
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    Alright, first off:

    1) Sorry the "compatible build number" in the title isn't changed - we're holding this off until we release v0.3 (forum moderators please note ;)
    2) I don't think we'll be able to stick to our planned release schedule, I've unfortunately been busy with some things and tr4656 has been too

    Once again, sorry, but note that Hungry is most definitely not dead (we're using it on our server right now ;)
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    How can i add color for hungerLevelNotifications? Thanks..
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    until when could we count with 0.3? would you get it finish on first August?
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    I can't change anything in the configuration file. If I try to, the minute I restart the server, try to reload hungry, anything, it will revert back to the default settings. Very *very* annoying.

    EDIT: Nevermind, it was stupid Microsoft Office Word 2007 formatting it every time I saved it, causing it to become corrupt. Wow I hate that program.
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    yeah so use notepad++. It has a specific setting for YAML files under the language tab.
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    You can use the color character - it should work for those. If it doesn't, I'll try to get in a patch for v0.3. :p

    Definitely by then.

    Thanks for your patience!
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Where "the color character" means §.
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    Can somebody post a working Permissions globalUsers.yml file for Hungry? Watching that horribly mumbling, confusing Permissions tutorial video was not helpful at all. I have two users: gravyface and shera, they both can be admin, my only use for Permissions is to get Hungry working. Thank you.
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    Permissions says in they post that globalUsers.yml shoult not be used at this time.
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    I figured it out; all good.
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    How goes things?
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    would be good to have a compatibility with Vampire
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    does it work with [953]?
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    Works fine on 953-977. Also, a question: Can you have the hunger increment be .5 or does it need to be a whole number? Players are complaining that even an increment of 1 is too fast. (I don't want to increase the cap to 200..)
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    how do i edit the config file without it resetting on me? id like the hunger to be alittle more annoying for players ;) it seems to happen to slowly on my server, and wheni edit the config, it just resets to default
  30. Suggestions:
    1. A balanced diet: Reward the player for eating a variety of foods.
    1a. The Plug-In would keep a running tally of the last 'x' amount of foods you ate.​
    1b. For each different *type* of food consumed within the last 'x' time period (In Game Week?) you gain a small bonus to (configurable):​
    1ba. Hunger Recovered. (Each new food gives an additional x% hunger, or x% of the hunger of the new item).​
    1bc. Reduces how quickly your hunger decays (starts skipping ticks, or adding less hunger for each tick)​
    1bd. Increases health recovery from configurable health levels, and/or allows you to continue healing longer. (IE ~ You keep healing when you're hungrier if your diet has been varied.)​
    2. (Configurable) Turn off health recovery from food, make player heal slowly over time if hunger levels are below configurable levels.
  31. Hey, uh IDK if this is the plugin for the issue i haz.... I was making my Minecraft house and it kept telling me I needed to eat so I just ignored it. Like 10-5 Minutes later it said "You are in hell, maybe you'll get another chance" WTF ! I can't even tp to spawn, go to my house, tp to anyone [etc.] CAN ANYONE HELP ME !?!?! BTW: If anyone can help me I will make them a Signature for any forum :]

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