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    Authors: jonathanyc and tr4656
    Version: v0.3.1

    Hungry adds immersion to Minecraft! There is a reason to actually eat food in order to survive making it more realistic - so gather your food and actually eat so you won’t go hungry.

    • There is actually a need to eat food (like real life)
    • Custom Language support
    Download Plugin
    Contribute at Bitbucket!
    Github Mirror

    Instructions, Permissions and FAQ:
    Our wiki is hosted at Bitbucket, and is available here.
    Quick Links
    To-do list and Known Bugs:
    See our Bitbucket issues page.

    • Fixed eating events not registering when right-clicking on air.
    • Thanks to Fullwall, for his Gastronomic plugin (off which many parts of this plugin were based!)
    • Thanks to chernobyl360, for maintaining Gastronomic after Fullwall stopped (until he got hacked)
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    Sweeet. Finally something stable to work with. Thanks a lot!
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    Will you be adding cake and cookies too? Also, when do players get hungry, and how do I change that setting? I want them to get hungry every 24 minutes from when they last ate.
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    If you need somebody to translate in french and German just ask me.

    I hope you get the posibelity to implement that food dont heal, it would be great.

    Thanks a lot for your work.
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    Cake right now is glitched as cakes aren't getting smaller and smaller when you eat them. We are trying to fix this for the next release.
    Cookies will be added.

    You can't change the setting of when to get hungry yet but we are working on that.
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    Hopefully it will be. ;)

    Haha, forgot about cookies - adding those should be a piece of cake (pardon the pun) - I'll test to see if they work.
    Cake'll be a little more complicated, as it's a "special" block - one of us will work on that, too.

    About players getting hungry 24 minutes after they ate, if you want them to go from 0 to 100 hunger within 24 minutes, you'd use the "checkInterval" configuration value. Assuming your "incrementAmount" is 1, you'd divide 24 * 60 (to get how many seconds are in 24 minutes) by 100. This comes out to 14.4, so you'd round it down or up - depending on how you want it. (Gives me an idea for a new feature - decimal hunger levels!)

    Thanks! As soon as custom languages comes out, we'll get in touch with you. ;) Food that doesn't heal will probably be included when we add configurable effects (all effects of food will be just another configurable effect, so you would be able to make an effect that doesn't restore health, but restores hunger, etc.)

    Thanks for your interests, suggestions, and bug reports. ;)
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    What does the "APPLE": 100, "PORK": 20, etc mean?
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    Apple replenishes 100 hunger and pork replenishes 20 hunger. That means that apple replenishes more hunger than pork.
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    I'm in the process of switching form gastronomic to Hungry right now, but I'm quite sure that is the amount that food gives in reducing hunger. (lol ninja'd)

    Also is there a config that lets raw pork poison the player like the original?
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    Not yet. That's coming with the "Effects" configuration. ;)
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    What does the foodblock thing do :confused:
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    Actually, what I meant was that the interval is every 24 minutes. So, if you don't eat in 1 minecraft day's time (24 minutes), you get 20 hunger. Basically how Gastronomic worked.
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    Currently, nothing - trying to find a "clean" way of implementing it.

    Alright then - "checkInterval" is in seconds, so just set it to 24*60 seconds (1440).
    Then, if you want the user to get 20 hunger if they don't eat in 24 minutes, set "incrementAmount" to 20.

    Hope this helps. ;)

    And note, just discovered a bug wherein some configuration values are unchangeable - working on it, should have a fix (along with cookies, thanks to tr4656) very soon.
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    So isn't this a total copy of Gastronomic?
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    Nope, this is a complete rewrite of Gastronomic. Gastronomic, as it stands, is dead (its first creator, Fullwall, went to work on grander things - its second maintainer, chernobyl360, got hacked). I needed a hunger plugin for my server, quick and simple, so initially I tried to patch up Gastronomic.
    This proved near impossible, so I wrote my own plugin (from scratch, as you'd be able to see if you looked at the repo).

    So depends on what you mean by "total copy."

    Alright. Updated to fix some issues with configuration files being overwritten, and added cookies to the default configuration file.

    Note that Hungry will respect your existing configuration file, so if you'd like to add cookies either delete your current configuration file and reload hungry, or modify your configuration file's food section like so:

      "foods": {
        "APPLE": 100,
        "PORK": 20,
        "GOLDEN_APPLE": 100,
        "MUSHROOM_SOUP": 75,
        "GRILLED_PORK": 35,
        "BREAD": 25,
        "COOKED_FISH": 35,
        "RAW_FISH": 25,
        "COOKIE": 35
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    Wait, does this have hunger notifications like Gastronomic had as well? I really liked those. The ones that said things like "Your stomach rumbles", etc, for the different hunger milestones?
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    Well I was thinking of the current Gastronomic:
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    Note the author of that post, and the link to this thread. ;)
    The thread contains the story I posted above. :(

    That's "Issue #4": https://bitbucket.org/jonathanyc/hungry/issue/4/add-more-notification-messages

    That shouldn't be that hard to finish. :)

    Also, plugin updated to v0.1.2.3 (tiny bugfixes). In theory, cake should work (issue #5 resolved), so change the "foodBlocks" configuration value to look like this if you want to enable it:

    foodBlocks: {
        "CAKE_BLOCK": 15
    In the near future:
    • Resolution of issues #1, 2, and 4
    Issue #3, "effects support," will take a little bit longer to "do right".

    Hungry v0.1.2.3 is available, as always, at http://icebrg.us/dl/Hungry.jar, and in the repo it's available as commit 0c9ca37c0ed1.

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    I'll make sure to get this when hunger notifications are in. Watching this thread!
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    Does hunger stop increasing when God Mode is on?
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    can't wait for Custom language support!

    Have a 300+ server :)
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    It doesn't stop increasing.

    What language do you want?
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    Just tested it with 70 players online.

    For many of them (all with the same permission) the plugin works OK. For other the plugin simple stalled in random hungry levels. (20, 30, 10.. even 0 for some ppl).

    Hope you can solve this before I put it online for 300+ players.

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    Yeah, that happened to me too.
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    Heh, funny that that problem'd show up. I thought it was just our test server.
    This appears to be a problem with the Bukkit scheduler.
    Thanks for the report. ;)
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    For the idea, thank @fullwall. ;) He came up with the original Gastronomic plugin - we merely continued it with this plugin once Gastronomic became no longer maintained.

    Testing the new Timer right now. ;)
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    If you want help testing just let me know. Have 80 users online right now.

    Ah, and please, please, please add custom messages if possible :D


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    Yep, working on that right now. :)

    Version 0.1.3
    • Moved from Bukkit scheduled tasks to a standard java Timer
    • Fixed the annoying bug with hungers not being incremented if a player before that player in the Hunger list was judged non-incrementable
    Available at the usual location: http://icebrg.us/dl/Hungry.jar.

    Please report of this doesn't work. :<
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    Pretty sure it works :)

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