[MECH/FUN] Wireless Redstone 1.8.6b - Get rid of those wires ! [BukkitDev] [1.5.2-R0.1]

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Is this plugin useful?

  1. I cannot live without Wireless Redstone !

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  2. Yes, I often use it

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  3. Sometimes...

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  4. No, I do not need it, I prefer make long wires

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  1. Wireless Redstone 1.8.6b
    Moved to BukkitDev !

    Craftbukkit 1.5.1-R0.1 and earlier
    Original project by WMisiedjan on this thread (broken).

    Beware, I'm not sure that 1.8b will work fine on all the servers, especially if you still have WRedstone in an older version, so make a backup before to get it, or download 1.7b

    Plugin : Download it on BukkitDev ! (or <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Sources : Github

    How to use it?
    Informations on BukkitDev page

    You have an issue?
    Please report it on Github
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  2. Up !
    Can you please validate it?
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    Can you put a little more of a 'about' here? That might help..
  4. I added more informations, but the main page is on bukkitdev.
  5. Updated for new RB !
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    Two things:
    1) does it work with 1.2.4?

    2) how does it even work? You should add like a changelog and list the nodes and list the commands, as well as how to set it up and even use it
  7. So... Can somebody put it in Release section ?
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    Sure thing, approved.
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    what happened to the old plugin where you didn't need anything other than the two things ur using to connect the signs is just annoying as the redstone
  10. I just updated the plugin, i didn't remove anything, i add some new functions, i add some new signs, but i don't remove any of the basics, because it's very simple and that's why this plugin is popular.
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    Hello! Great plugin ! The players of my server are so happy!
    But... he can't use ><
    I've Permissionsbukkit and have add the first wireless permission at my moderater but... don't work :s

    test 1 :
        ExtraFlight.UseFlight.Others: true
        bukkit.command.gamemode: true
        WirelessRedstone.*: true
        - modo
    test 2
        ExtraFlight.UseFlight.Others: true
        bukkit.command.gamemode: true
        WirelessRedstone.createsign: true
        WirelessRedstone.commands.wrr: true
        WirelessRedstone.commands.wrt: true
        WirelessRedstone.commands.wrc: true
        WirelessRedstone.commands.wri: true
        WirelessRedstone.commands.wrlist: true
        WirelessRedstone.commands.help: true
        WirelessRedstone.commands.wrremove: true
        - modo
    And nobody other have the permission with false. So there are no other permissions who can blocked.

    Know you the problem and have you a solution for other player can use plugin?

    there is just me can use because i'm op... so it's normal. And i don't turn all my player in op ahahaha.


    (PS sorry for vocabular i'm french :s )
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    I'm not sure if I'm having the same problem as moulecake or not, but I have WirelessRedstone.* added for everyone, but I'm still being told I don't have permission to create signs. For good measure, I also added WirelessRedstone.createsign for good measure, and still nothing. Any idea why?

  13. Et..., moi aussi :p
    Conçernant votre problème, ça provient peut-être du fait que vous n'avez pas Vault, ce plugin est nécessaire pour avoir les permissions, sans lui vous n'avez que les permissions op/pas op.
    Lien pour télécharger Vault

    As i said in french to moulecake, I think you haven't Vault installed, you can download it here, it gives you permission support for all the permissions plugins, without it you just have op/no op permissions.
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    Would like video in english please.
  15. I'm french so I cannot make a video in english, i think it won't be very... great
    But if somebody want to make it, he can.
    Actually, if I don't take a video on youtube, that's because they are too old, for the old WirelessRedstone, or I prefer to have a new video.
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    Bah j'ai re-télécharger la dernière version de vault (que j'avais déjà) j'ai retesté les 2 manières + en l'autorisant depuis le groupe defaul rien. ça me dit :"[WirelessRedstone] You don't have the permission to create this sign"
    Peu être qu'il est en conflit avec un autre plugin? j'ai sortal ( ) qui utilise des panneaux pour faire des téléportations. (ne vous inquiété pas j'essaye pas de mettre un wireless sur un panneau de tp ^^)

    PS j'utilise permssionsbukkit la derniere version vous inquiétez pas non plus. Donc c'est pour ça que je ne vois pas du tout de où ça peu venir.

    Si vous voulez plus de détails demandez moi je posterai.
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  18. Yeah but this error happens because of the metrics server. it will be fixed by Hidendra soon, but I cannot fix.

    Thanks for the video
    I'll add it
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    I registered so I could tell you that this mod is great, and saves a lot of time and room. I'm into building theme parks with rides, haunted houses, etc. I couldn't do it without this. Thank you.

    Small request: Since there is room on the sign, is it possible to add a delay option? That would be amazing. :)
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    I keep getting all these errors. And they only appear when I put this addon in. Any help?

    12:57:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    13:07:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    13:17:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    13:27:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    13:37:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    13:47:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    13:57:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    14:07:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    14:17:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    14:27:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    14:37:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    14:47:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    14:57:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    15:07:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    15:17:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    15:27:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    15:37:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    15:47:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    15:57:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    16:07:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    16:17:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    16:27:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    16:37:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    16:47:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    16:57:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    17:07:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    17:17:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    17:27:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    17:37:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    17:47:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    17:57:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    18:07:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    18:17:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    18:27:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    18:37:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    18:47:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    18:57:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    19:07:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    19:17:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    19:27:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    19:38:28 [SEVERE] [Metrics] http://metrics.griefcraft.com/report/WirelessRedston
    19:49:00 [SEVERE] [Metrics] http://metrics.griefcraft.com/report/WirelessRedston
    19:59:00 [SEVERE] [Metrics] http://metrics.griefcraft.com/report/WirelessRedston
    20:10:13 [SEVERE] [Metrics] http://metrics.griefcraft.com/report/WirelessRedston
    20:18:46 [SEVERE] [Metrics] http://metrics.griefcraft.com/report/WirelessRedston
    20:29:42 [SEVERE] [Metrics] http://metrics.griefcraft.com/report/WirelessRedston
    20:37:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    20:47:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    20:57:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    21:07:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    21:17:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    21:27:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    21:37:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    21:47:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    21:59:21 [SEVERE] [Metrics] http://metrics.griefcraft.com/report/WirelessRedston
    22:07:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    22:17:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    22:27:57 [SEVERE] [Metrics] null
    Are they also ONLY associated with metrics? Because thats just annoying to have one every 10 minutes.
  21. I will add this feature, I promised, and it's a very asked feature I see ^^

    Absolutely, it's only associated with metrics, WirelessRedstone just uses it, but i'm not responsible of this bug.
    You can temporarily stop metrics in the Plugin Metrics folder in your plugins folder ;)
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    hey i need some help, I am wondering if this is a bug and can it or will you fix it. when i have two transmitters reaching the same reciever the last one used over rides the other one so if i power a transmitter and leave it powered and then go use another transmitter on the same channel that is currently turn off i flick it so it turns on and then off and then my reciever stays off even though the first transmitter is still powered. can this be fixed? any help would be appreciated.
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    Quelqu'un aurait une solution ?
  24. Hi, I've got one question

    Is it normal that every time when a receiver switches a sign pop off from the receiver?
    Or is this a bug?

    Other "Sign involved" plugins we got:
    Sign Bank,

    Maybe one of them is causing the bug?

    My other idea was to check if NoLagg ItemStacker causes any problems with it.

    Actual active plugins:
    Chairs 1.4
    Dimensiondoor 2.0.2
    PermissionsEx (Permissions File was created manually)

    Sometimes Player couldn't create WRR / WRT's even if there's enough room.
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    is there a way that i can smash the sign in game?

    also i am not able to place one w/o using the cmd
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    The permissions don't seem to load at all. I have all nodes in there correctly. But only ops can create/break signs. I'm using PermissionsBukkit... is that not supported or something?
  27. Do you have Vault? You need it, it's the plugin that supports all the permissions plugins :)
    Don't think it causes that, but i'm sure it's a bug, and it does not appear on my server...

    New update, 1.6 !

    Est-ce que PermissionsBukkit ne serait pas la cause du problème? J'ai déjà plusieurs problèmes avec ce plugin... Peut-être est-ce Vault, peut-être pas.

    Bref, je vais donc faire en sorte que WRedstone le supporte nativement dans les futures versions, ce sera bien mieux ;)

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    May you please add PermissionsBukkit support? This will be very helpful.
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    Would it be possible to add a delay to the transmitter?
    Could count down like the hold sign from minecart revolution. :)
    This would reduce the footprint of some of my machine tremendously!
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